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  1. Give him a polish and I'm sure he'd sparkle Joking aside though he looks direct fast and skilful what are the prime requirements for a wide man. Also I was impressed that he was always looking to go forward rather than play negative sideways and backwards balls to team mates.
  2. A team guaranteed to embarrass us on live TV and get us dumped out of the competition at the first time of asking. Why should this season be any different?
  3. Palmer, solid reliable professional always available, always gives 100%. Fills in in any position without having a hissy fit true one team man.
  4. You're saying we should stick to getting 30 plus year old sure things not potential?
  5. Somebody on here last week said "why do we need another striker, we've got Gregory, Smith and Windass" some questions just kinda answer themselves don't they?
  6. Get the feeling that Fizz would have been on the bench anyway even if fit? It fits DM's pattern of dropping a player after an outstanding performance (Unless your name is Barry)
  7. I've heard Hillsborough is to be re-named Hobbler's Alley.
  8. One is now suspended, the other is not really match fit, so we have half a forward who has hardly had any game time with his team mates.
  9. I see Luongo is still listed as a "free agent" on Wikipedia. I guess the stampede to sign him up has been delayed on route.
  10. Mainly cos they defended for 85 minutes a game using every snide tactic available and got the odd goal on the break. They were awful to watch.
  11. We still need time to gel, it's something we'll have to work on in training.
  12. And so another season begins.........................
  13. If he gets all excited and shouty you'll know Pompey are in our box
  14. Just a footnote: I've still got the home programmes from that season apart from one when I think I was on holiday. We were so bad that season , Man City tried to let us win that last home game except nobody told their substitute Ian Bowyer who came on and scored twice.
  15. The seat cushions from the Cantilever in the late 60's in the midst of our inexorable decline from the top flight.
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