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  1. On the positive side it frees up Sammy H to go flying into yellow card tackles in midfield again. If Sammy doesn't break your legs Massimo will
  2. Same old Storey with this manager. Players don't need intensive brainwashing for a fortnight to be be capable of playing football. These people have been playing football for years Darren, just let them get on with it ffs.
  3. Josh, get out of this sxxxhole while you've still got time.
  4. How come the Green Un used to be on sale in Skegness before it got to the newsagents in Sheffield?
  5. Does he have a pair of those?, if he does he should wear them to play football.
  6. Only some of Darren's tactical substitutions can screw this up now.
  7. At least Burnley won't want BPF back as he's unlikely to be anywhere else and be more involved in all our games very regularly.
  8. For 6 games in the 1970's?, blimey even I was a young un back then
  9. DC firmly believed promotion was still possible this time last year
  10. We only get a points deduction if we get into the top 6.
  11. "We also haven't had a manager poached by a bigger club in god knows how long." I take it you were busy when Steve Bruce went to Newcastle?
  12. Our rudder has been fixed up by a swordfish ( not a tuna) One for the historians*
  13. Pointless, pathetic, passionless and an utter embarrassment to it's own name. Tried to cheat the rules and failed and now fighting like an old punch drunk boxer with one arm tied behind his back in the crumbling remains of a once magnificent stadium.
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