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17 Years

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Sorry in advance for the length of this...

After years of going to the odd match, then every other match, and finally every match, my dad got me a season ticket for the first time in the 1999/2000 season. That year ended in relegation but I kept on going.

I went to more and more away matches on top of that until I ended up watching Wednesday home and away, up and down the country.

I've seen some horrific times. For a while my dad almost blamed me as the bad luck that dragged us down. "Highlights" include the only away match I ever sat down at, Leyton orient when we lost 4-0 and the time when we left Highbury after a 3-3 draw saying that any other year it would be a great result but that this time it wasn't enough. Being beaten 5-1 at Stevenage. Failing to beat 9 man Yeovil.

Actual highlights have, luckily, existed. The double over United. Wycombe 2012. Antonio and his extra time goal against Carlisle. Cardiff 2005; king Paul sturrock, bully etc.

For personal reasons, and though I wish it wasn't, this season will be my last for the foreseeable future as a season ticket holder.

My whole life has revolved around Wednesday; where are we playing that weekend? Sorry I can't come, I'll be watching Wednesday.

Tomorrow, for one last time, I'll hand my card over to be scanned and take my seat in the north stand. It's going to be emotional from start to finish; the pints with my old man and his mates, the team's walking out, the result; whatever it is.

I will be screaming my lungs out singing and chanting; willing on the best team I've seen over these years, the team which has given me so much pleasure this season.

Whatever the result, there will be tears. Please, Wednesday, give me a good send off. All of those friends I've made sitting in this seat for 18 years, we want this so much.

For the first time since I've had a season ticket, non Wednesday fans talk about how well we're doing, the players we've got. Lets get over this line, all of us, fans included and make this a season to remember.

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So it all started going wrong when you got a season ticket.

Now you won't be having one next year we will be on the way back.

No offence but stay the fornicate away!

We all know it went wrong long before then. But, I knew this was coming.


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please tell us your not poorly mate and its for other reasons why your not going.

Nah not poorly. But it'll be a while until I'm there again, and for everything it'll mean outside the match I want this result so much.

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Nah not poorly. But it'll be a while until I'm there again, and for everything it'll mean outside the match I want this result so much.


Well whatever you've got going on in your personal life I hope you get what you want from it if it's job or a relocation, or it's not as bad as it sounds if it's an illness or marital issue. Good luck with whatever it is.


Thanks for your support of the club over the years, we've got some fantastic fans at this club and it sounds like you've more than done your bit. Lets hope the club can do the fans proud over the next few matches.

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Guest mkowl

I met the future Mrs MK in 1999/00 - I have always blamed her for our demise. I would have divorced her but for the cost - couldn't afford that and a season ticket. So thanks for saving me a fortune

But in all seriousness good luck with whatever the future holds - Wednesday will still be here - though I can't promise it will be at S6

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