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  1. Nuhiu

    He's 24, will be 25 shortly after the start of next season; hardly a prospect. This is him.
  2. They've made a long journey for a cup replay they'd expect to lose, against not particularly glamorous opponents, in the snow and you're taking the píss?
  3. Paddy Miquel Nelom

    Man can't decide whether he's Irish, Spanish or Israeli.
  4. Bovver??

  5. Bovver??

    Owl Capone. Reyt gangsta.
  6. Bovver??

    A bunch of middle aged men sitting on the internet bragging about fighting.
  7. The soft free kicks they've had (and only Wednesday players booked, with one off) and yet nothing for Wallace there?!
  8. I know Joao is doing well today but Nuhiu is the right man for the situation. Make yourself a hero now.
  9. He's a cheating, dirty little sod. Suits them just fine.
  10. Pigs throwing bottles; classless cúnts.
  11. Full house of 31,000 Can only hear our lot as well.
  12. Anyone noticed how good Reach is at plucking the ball out of the air? Even in congested midfield areas he just seems to have it on a piece of string.
  13. What a save! Could be crucial that...
  14. Feel for Venancio there; had to take him down after field watching him walk through. Could be trouble here.
  15. Ref starting to give them a lot of soft free kicks.