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  1. Will they ever learn?

    Not for a second.
  2. Will they ever learn?

    Oh FFS. Just realised there are going to be idiots hoping we lose to that lot.
  3. Will they ever learn?

    I remember that after the bank holiday weekend the season we came up weren't we second or something silly like that?
  4. Are you on the juice? If England build a team round him they'll not be qualifying for tournaments.
  5. Away shirts

    I was willing to give it a chance when I thought it was yellow. Gold is horrible though.
  6. Sam Winnall

    Confirmed not in squad.
  7. Zulu Dawn...

    Thought this was a South African centre back we were looking at.
  8. Lucas Joao vs Jordan Rhodes

    Joao couldn't even get in the Blackburn team when he was on loan there. He's clearly not good enough for us and yet even as he approaches his mid 20s people still want to talk about his potential as if he's some raw kid.
  9. Lucas Joao vs Jordan Rhodes

    Joao is so lazy! He walks around like he's a luxury player when he's at best a championship clogger if he actually gets moving.
  10. Lucas Joao vs Jordan Rhodes

    Aside from the majority of his career? You seem to love using Joao as a reason to bash the management of the club when the fact is that he's just not good enough.
  11. Lucas Joao vs Jordan Rhodes

    Some people have short memories of just how bad Joao was outside of that couple of months two seasons ago. I'd back Rhodes to find the form he's had over many years again rather than Joao to recreate the one good patch he's ever had.
  12. For pushing 20 years we've either been out of the top flight or dogger in it at the end; Bullen is absolutely a legend as he gave us some pride at a time when we had none. Some people need to remember that we're not Manchester United.
  13. Lucas Joao vs Jordan Rhodes

    We need a win on Wednesday just so people stop asking stupid questions like this.
  14. You've quoted a post which is putting across the same viewpoint as you, but without feeling the need to be a little beat about. Try learning from that.