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  1. Even the picture you've used to try and prove your point, where the ball is yet to drop, shows that the defender is always getting across to block that. As a centre back I'd be kicking myself if I wasnt in the way of that shot, from the positions shown.
  2. Haven't read the whole thread because I got the page 3 and was sick of people saying things along the lines of "at that level" who seem to forget we're a second division club. Move is good for him and the club and hopefully he does well there.
  3. I think what's happening is the media types are trying to get in just in case Bullen does a miracle job so they can say they called it. Otherwise it's just a puff piece on a team who have started faster than expected.
  4. That's where you need Nuhiu as no feckers gonna get in his way if he takes a run at that drop ball.
  5. The press have been saying Rangers have loads of money ever since they were formed. Funnily enough it's never materialised.
  6. They couldn't afford him to pull pints in the stands.
  7. He's 24, will be 25 shortly after the start of next season; hardly a prospect. This is him.
  8. They've made a long journey for a cup replay they'd expect to lose, against not particularly glamorous opponents, in the snow and you're taking the píss?
  9. Man can't decide whether he's Irish, Spanish or Israeli.
  10. A bunch of middle aged men sitting on the internet bragging about fighting.
  11. The soft free kicks they've had (and only Wednesday players booked, with one off) and yet nothing for Wallace there?!
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