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  1. A pretty poor record - good to see the men’s and women’s teams at the club are aligned though.
  2. Correction - It will take years. The club needs change from top to bottom ..it will continue its downward spiral if nothing happens
  3. He should have gone after the Norwich debacle - never the same again and injuries started to become a consistent feature, as with so many others. Only one game after that really stuck in the memory ironically was a faint Norwich, scoring a worldly. A good player but clearly lost interest in us long before he finally went. Carbone and Di Canio a cut above, however it took BFR to get the best out of them.
  4. So predictable - that what happens when you struggle to score than one goal a game and miss pens. We should have no complaints when the inevitable occurs
  5. We’re more likely to be wound up before he comes here
  6. Sell up - he’ll destroy the club if he doesn’t change. Needs to ditch the so called advisors and get some genuine footballing people in to run the club. Sadly it just isn’t going to happen and I can see us sliding into L2 in few years or so and from there - who knows!
  7. DC has no plan and doesn’t learn from his mistakes. We have more chance of being in L2/wound up than getting into the Prem with the current incumbent in charge.
  8. Cant disagree with much of that Its such a shame tbh.. and disappointing too but always a possibility sadly. Just our luck tho! The Luton result was the one that did it for me, though I had very low expectations for the season in light of the challenges we had at the start.
  9. And back to reality - we are a poor side and have been all season. We’ll be down in a few weeks time and no one can really have any complaints
  10. Can’t rely on others - we have to for the job ourselves. If we are good enough we’ll be ok - problem is for most of the season that hasn’t been the case
  11. Pulling off a sneaky one sounds a little suspect but if you mean winning the game, yes it’s possible
  12. Tommy Miller was ok when he played and a cut above Potter and O’Connor, but like so many before and after the majority of his time here was spent on the treatment table rather than the pitch
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