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  1. Megson Propaganda

    3rd and not looking particularly convincing. Jones gave us the the extra bit of sparkle that Meggo couldn't find and the rest is history. He didn't deserve the sack but that doesn't mean he is the right man for us now.
  2. Megson Propaganda

    Because they keep delivering Why has Megson not been rehired since 2012? For or the record I don't think he deserved the sack but it was personal between him and MM so always on the cards, but he isn't the right man to get us out of this League.
  3. Megson Propaganda

    He never reallly looked like getting us out of League 1 He hasnt managed a team since he left us The game had moved on since Meggo left and so should everyone else who keeps calling for his return - it's pure fantasy.
  4. Megson Propaganda

    He would be a disaster but I'd have him in charge for one game ..The match at the Sty later this season.
  5. If CC is still here then it will be a disaster - more players signed on big wages who will play for 20 minutes before dissappeaing into the ether
  6. Craig Shakespeare

    Maybe, maybe not None of us know what would motivate him. But I find it hard to believe a manager would turn us down with a generous and over loyal chairman and a squad that has enough talent in it to get this club promoted.
  7. Matias / Boyd

    Do they even exist? CC has no clue how to use them
  8. Craig Shakespeare

    Why not A club with money and ambition vs one struggling in the Prem. All to gain here and everything to lose at Leicester
  9. Vote of confidence

    Well it's either his ego or for what's best for the club. Big decisions for DC to make soon - let's hope he makes the right ones

    He was very quick to remove Gray.
  11. Irvine's record has held up - only just behind Trevor Francis and Big Ron. ..and ahead of the likes of Laws - and Big Jack. Granted all sorts of caveats though. Be good to see how much money each one had to spend too. Sean MacCauley clearly the one that got away
  12. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    Not really bothered as it will largely be the same as Bolton and we'll play pretty much the same too.
  13. The Signs are here

    Reminds me of the lib dems in '81- David Steel (for it was he) classic comment at the PC that year: 'Go back to you constituencies and prepare for government' The Ginger One is probably very far down the list, that's if DC even has one.
  14. Not interested anymore - same old nonsense and the same Jeckyl and Hyde performances. It wont get us up and I am completely over CC as a manager here.
  15. I wouldn't go that far - the rag itself isn't the most reliable so I'd be wary. As with all these things, I dont believe it until the manager/player is sitting in the stands with a scarf round his neck.