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  1. Vote of confidence

    Well it's either his ego or for what's best for the club. Big decisions for DC to make soon - let's hope he makes the right ones

    He was very quick to remove Gray.
  3. Irvine's record has held up - only just behind Trevor Francis and Big Ron. ..and ahead of the likes of Laws - and Big Jack. Granted all sorts of caveats though. Be good to see how much money each one had to spend too. Sean MacCauley clearly the one that got away
  4. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    Not really bothered as it will largely be the same as Bolton and we'll play pretty much the same too.
  5. The Signs are here

    Reminds me of the lib dems in '81- David Steel (for it was he) classic comment at the PC that year: 'Go back to you constituencies and prepare for government' The Ginger One is probably very far down the list, that's if DC even has one.
  6. Not interested anymore - same old nonsense and the same Jeckyl and Hyde performances. It wont get us up and I am completely over CC as a manager here.
  7. I wouldn't go that far - the rag itself isn't the most reliable so I'd be wary. As with all these things, I dont believe it until the manager/player is sitting in the stands with a scarf round his neck.
  8. He is uninspiring but if he can replicate what he did at Norwich here I'll drive him to the club myself

    How would you feel if he took us up and kept us there?

    Wr are big enough and have more than enough backing. The big problem is he would want to control everything - anathema to DC and unless our chairman changes his approach I can't see him coming here. Mentioned it before but I think he'll end up at somewhere like Forest - who he will no doubt take up.
  11. BELIEVE!!!!...

    You just know it's not going to happen though .. He will go somewhere else and get them up, Forest be my bet. I doubt DC even knows who Allardyce is. the last time we took advantage of a quality manager becoming available was snaffling Big Ron - over 25 year ago.
  12. Carlos Carvalhal until January SO....

    A scenario that doesn't bear thinking about, but could become a reality quite quickly if we aren't too careful. I have as much faith in him keeping us up as I do of him getting us up - nil. I think if we are in trouble come Jan DC will finally come to his senses ..lose at Derby and he may just see the light there and then.
  13. Agreed Only if the structure changes - he will want complete control and imo that is where the problem lies
  14. You should put this question to DC. So quick to dispatch Gray yet CC remains immovable
  15. Fans falling out today

    I think those that are happy for CC to stay are also content for us to stay in the champ ..can't think of any other reason tbh. Its the only place we'll be with CC in charge. People wil counter with progress, stability etc - all very worthy. But the fact is we have plateaued and a change is the only way to get us moving again. Its strange people still can't see this.