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  1. As ever with these things, I will only believe it when the ink is dry and it’s formally announced
  2. Classic Wednesday effort after a long period off this - most teams get themselves organised, we look like a team that has never played together before.
  3. Should be tearing this league a new one but just doesn’t look interested, up to it. So frustrating but we have seen it so many times before with strikers.
  4. When it comes to injuries, anything is possible at this club.
  5. Jones is an odd one - likewise, very glad to see the back of him by the time he left ..he had clearly long since lost interest, as had I by that stage. The footy was abysmal and we were just sliding away. Losing Terry Burton was a real blow which I think was underplayed at the time - he did a lot of the heavy lifting for Jones. If Burton had stayed we’d likely have performed a lot better which in turn would have got more out of Jones.
  6. Eustace always sticks in the mind - abysmal. Controversial but I think Pulis would have got things moving in time but the stats done lie. There have been many but a lot have had to manage in difficult circs which hasn’t helped.
  7. Probably - there will be so many teams getting points deductions, so by default alone we’ll be fine.
  8. Never knew about Strachan - he would have been a great signing. Wilco of course managed to get him to Leeds and the rest was history.
  9. He was decent at Coventry, got badly injured and then came here. Clearly past his best and we never got value for money Quintessential Wednesday singing.
  10. He is being helped by the return of decent core champ players from last term They really need to stay fit.
  11. Providing the quality in the squad stay fit. Luongo and Windass are key
  12. Could have been worse /better but based on this I expect us finish the higher of the two sides come crunch time
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