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  1. Earlsfieldowl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    The conditions to manage here are light years from those as Watford and Fulham. I don’t think changing the manager at this time will help to any great degree - The new man in will have the same to work with. McCarthy is the only man i’d make an exception. We just have to plough through this, get shot of all the dead wood (all of it - no sentimental retentions) at the end of the season and start again.
  2. Earlsfieldowl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    What he will be able to do with a team that is lower Champ/L1 and the remaining quality players persistently unavailable?
  3. This site isn’t big enough to house all the turkeys we’ve had.
  4. Earlsfieldowl

    An Ode To Gary Megson

  5. Earlsfieldowl

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    Based on recent performances and form I wouldn’t be so sure.
  6. Earlsfieldowl

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    He’ll probably have the last laugh if they get promoted or we go down. Deep down I doubt he’s that bothered with the result. ..Either way it’s unlikely we’ll play them again next season.
  7. The top side in the league vs one with lower Champ/L1 players. In the circs a draw was a good effort. Only real positive was the clean sheet. We are still in a bad place though and a lot of work needs to be done.
  8. Earlsfieldowl

    We are also guilty.

    I think Basil sums it up perfectly https://mobile.twitter.com/fawltytowersfan/status/967310444800061440
  9. Earlsfieldowl

    Mick McCarthy

    If JL were to go who would you favour to come in?
  10. The money is practically worthless if the club isn’t run properly.
  11. Earlsfieldowl

    Mick McCarthy

    ..Who knows how to run a business and appoint the right people to work under the parameters in place.
  12. Earlsfieldowl

    Team for Blades

    Hutch would last 20 mins - either get sent off or pick up an injury. ..our options are about as limited as they were yesterday and another defeat looks the most likely outcome.
  13. Earlsfieldowl

    The Big Positive from Today

    We only conceded just the 4 when really it could have been more
  14. Earlsfieldowl

    Mick McCarthy

    No decent manager will come here with the current regime in place.