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  1. There are some good players in there but we didn’t need them..others CC just didn’t have a clue how to use - Buckley a classic example..totally wasted here. There was absolutely no strategy or plan after the P/off final loss - Identifying weak positions and players to fill them - it was just throw money and see what happens. It was downhill as soon as Semedo was kept on - I knew at that point we had no plan in place ..the signing of Rhodes down the line the apex. A golden opportunity to build on 2016 criminally wasted - such a pity but as Greenwood once said, disappointment is part of football.
  2. He would have taken us out of the Champ... into L1!
  3. Workmanlike...we needed better if we were to push in but it didn’t happen. Pearce was a terrible singing - symptomatic of where Francis was taking us at the time.
  4. Indeed - plus he’d have learnt a lot at Newcastle, an even tougher club to run and manage this us. He’d be unpopular as he make tough decisions but he’d probably sort out a lot of the issues with a ruthlessness that is/has been missing here for far too long.
  5. I’d say out based on current results/form but the problem is the current regime running the club, not the manager. Bruce showed what it takes to work at this club and the level of gravitas required to get results and cut through all the crap. Monk is struggling but apart from McCarthy (similar time Bruce imo) as things stand, I don’t see anyone else making much of a difference
  6. Would he though? Yes he’s unpopular but Ashley runs a runs a tight ship, is ruthless and he got Newcastle promoted more than once with the right managerial choice in place. He knows how to run a business and has a reasonable grip on how manage a football club with big expectations. Compared with what we currently have, I’d know which one I’d rather take ..
  7. In a heart beat so he can finish what he started
  8. Not sure what the people rejecting him would want instead It’s like Bruce all over again.. McCarthy has a very good record at this level and has a strong enough character to sort put the growing mess on the field this club is/was becoming
  9. He did but then ran us into the ground - totally unforgivable.
  10. It was personal with Richards where Atkinson was concerned. A terrible chairman and we have never really recovered from 1999 onwards.
  11. No right minded manager would touch us with a barge pole with the existing regime in place.
  12. Eustace was the worst in my time supporting the club - absolute dogger
  13. Not so much sleepwalking but more of a brisk trot.
  14. DC never sacks managers at the right time - so this will probably continue. tbh I have lost interest until the necessary changes take place. Either DC sells or he brings in some proper footballing people and puts a structure in place. Monk is proving to be a total disaster and isn’t the man to take us up. ..if the status quo remains we’ll be a L1 club next season.
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