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  1. Earlsfieldowl

    Well this is awkward

    The rarity of Wednesday recovering from a 2-0 deficit has clearly driven these fans to celebrate in ways that are not often seen at football matches.
  2. Earlsfieldowl

    Team at Forest

    We are scoring goals to cover the ease at which teams are cutting through us. ..thats largely what is getting us the points. Lees has been nothing special this season and like eveyone else, shouldn’t be guaranteed a starting place.
  3. Earlsfieldowl

    Where can this team finish?

    Bar FF - How often have they played? Forget Westwood, won’t feature again here. We need players that can play 35 games+ a season...How many did Hooper Abdi and Lee play last season? Answers on a very small postcard..
  4. Earlsfieldowl

    Where can this team finish?

    8-12th Still look a bit too soft for top 6, but too much firepower to be at the lower end. ..we’re still about 2/3 players short of a being a top side.
  5. Don’t quite agree we always do it - when we do its not often enough. I think we are fairly predictable tbh - through there have been exceptions under certain managers over time. ..too often we susbside when we concede - days like today against decent opposition are not the norm.
  6. Conceding after 2 mins made it very difficult. ..if we hadn’t your bet would have been a reasonable one considering how average Stoke have been under Rowett
  7. How did you think we were doing after going 2 down after 22 mins? I’ll bet probably the same as everyone else. We improved and got the draw - a great effort - which enabled you to make your short statement. But it’s not often we recover from a start like that.
  8. Yep - devastated. Really unhappy to see us improve and earn a well deserved point after a shocking 20 mins start, giving them a 2 goal headstart in the process.
  9. ..bit like the quality of our football and effort majority of the first half!
  10. Knew we’d come out the blocks at a snails pace. Game over?
  11. We’ll probably put in a shocker tomorrow but they have been nothing special. 1-1
  12. Earlsfieldowl

    Worst Signing Ever

    There have been so many ..but it’s Abdi and Rhodes for me. ..based on the money spent and the return, unfortunately they transcend pretty much everyone else. Through no fault of their own, just should never have been signed. People mention Jeffers - yes he was poor but cost £700K...an amount almost unheard of these days.
  13. Also, what has Onomah done so far at club level to get into the starting lineup? Lets see see how he gets on first..
  14. I remember Barrick too - here’s his cracker against Liverpool. In the rare hoops too..
  15. Earlsfieldowl

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    David Billington has to be in there - cost a million and never played for us. ..retired at 21 due to knee injuries.