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  1. Earlsfieldowl

    We've not replaced Wallace

    He didn’t deliver at Wembley but then tbf nobody did.
  2. Earlsfieldowl

    We've not replaced Wallace

    Bang on It went downhill from the moment Semedo was offered another contract, something a lot of people were happy with at the time - I wasn’t one of them. We had no plan in place at all and we are still suffering as a result. Bruce has a huge job in the summer.
  3. Earlsfieldowl

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    Us scoring twice at the death in ‘15 to beat them at their place was one of my highlights ..
  4. Agnews defensive tactics sucked the life out of the side after it looked ok under Bullen. Bruce need to reverse this and get us to be more positive. Starting with Pelupessy and Hutch in midfield won’t resolve it!
  5. Earlsfieldowl


    Hooper will be way off any match fitness and is more likely to pick up another injury. ..imo he’s done here sadly. As for Winnall - Bruce may give him a chance but another crock who’s heart probably isn’t really in it here and should be moved on in the Summer. These guys hardly play for us and we can’t keep retaining players who spend virtually all their time on the treatment table.
  6. Earlsfieldowl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Bruce so far seems to be combining the errors that both Carlos and JL made. Bannan on the left, FF behind the main striker (when played), no creativity at all in midfield. Certainly room for improvement!
  7. Earlsfieldowl

    Nando Number Ten

    If Bruce persists with this it’s not going to end well. He is a left sided player who cuts and support the front two - that’s when he has been the most effective. Whenever he has played in another position it generally hasn’t worked.
  8. Earlsfieldowl

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    All that chat about three winnable home matches, shooting up the table blah blah Prople really should know better - This is the Wednesday way ..disappointment.
  9. Earlsfieldowl

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    We didn't have the right managers to maximise his talent. Only BFR got him and Carbone playing properly but he was moved on all too quickly
  10. Earlsfieldowl

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Swap Joao for Firestieri and it’s not a bad lineup. FF is best used out left and cutting in, anywhere else he struggles and we lose balance.
  11. Earlsfieldowl

    Steve Bruce in one word

  12. Earlsfieldowl

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Excellent start for Bruce - just what the doctor ordered
  13. Earlsfieldowl

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    No real surprises as Bruce will want a look at the current set up. A chance for the players to prove their worth. If fit, FF needs to be starting Be interesting to see the lineup a few weeks from now. Hopefully Winnall will get a chance - just think Bruce may get him firing here.
  14. Earlsfieldowl

    Bruce comments in the telegraph.

    Agree re Bullen - he’s no Fergie but got the team playing reasonably well. Agnew wasn’t really up to it - talked a good game but too defensive and couldn’t get the team to deliver. Hope he isn’t too close to things when Bruce gets going. Bruce was also still under terms with Villa too so it’s all largely academic. Personally I’m glad he has had a break and taken the time he needed - he’ll be fresh when he starts wich can only be a good thing.
  15. Now it comes back - I had blocked it from my memory