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  1. We’ll see - always maintained if we get him fit he can do a job for us based on what he has achieved before. Its likely JL would have sat and had a good conversation with him and stressed his value etc ..lets see what happens but if we can get him fit and properly integrated he could come good. but it’s a big if!
  2. Sweepstake on who will pick up the first injury?
  3. Earlsfieldowl

    Potential new signing...

    Rest away old bean..
  4. Your comment at the bottom sums it up - fair to say none of us really know what will happen or what JL thinks. the money situation is as opaque as ever but I expect things to start to happen once the WC concludes.
  5. If he finds his form and scores goals for us i’d be delighted for him to stay. so would most tbf..
  6. Earlsfieldowl

    Potential new signing...

    Can you categorically state you know all this? Do you work for the club? Unless you back this up with facts then your statements have to be treated with skepticism. ..as you say, there should be some element of truth in evey post.
  7. Yes - but it it aids Norwich at our expense then it’s not a great situation. ..if he starts to score I’d rather have him here doing it for us, this lessening the need to sell him.
  8. Earlsfieldowl

    Lessons from our neighbours

    There is some talent there but hanging on to it could be a bigger challenge than unearthing it
  9. And some people happy to see Vanancio go... As I have said before CH’s are not two a penny and now we are potentially taking risks like this. This is not an ideal situation
  10. If Norwich want him they want him fairly quickly as they will have other business to close, plus integrating him into the squad. Wherever he goes he will likely score - it’s the Wednesday way.
  11. Earlsfieldowl

    Potential new signing...

    On what point? Rhodes, Fair play affecting our spending? ..
  12. Earlsfieldowl

    Potential new signing...

    We can’t spend any money unless we sell some players. Looks like we are stuck with Rhodes - sadly one of the worst signings in our history. Plus we are now reaping what we sowed under CC - surely the worst transfer strategy (if you could call it that) in recent years.. So in other words - they will be no changes to the squad for next season.
  13. Earlsfieldowl

    Venancio not coming back

    But can we though? ..decent CHs are not two a penny. Venancio played pretty consistently in some very tricky situations and will only get better with age and experience. He’d have been a decent signing as a backup and for a longer run in the first team if needs be.
  14. Earlsfieldowl

    Venancio not coming back

    Did you ever see him play?
  15. Earlsfieldowl

    Venancio not coming back

    Classic Wednesday - rarely dissapoints on the transfer front. Longer it dragged, the more obvious this just wasn’t going to happen.