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  1. The manager we should've got from Germany

    The concern would be the focus on what’s going on up front, rather than the key area - in the middle.
  2. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Aren’t they out for the season? Doubt we’ll see Lee again tbh - think he is finished sadly. Id take an offer for Hooper, he can’t get though the season without a long layoff at some point. We need as many crocs off our books as possible
  3. He’ll last 20 mins - either injured or sent off
  4. Talking up the oppo - advantage Leeds before a ball is kicked. So fed up with this sort of thing
  5. Thx George - It’s the least I’d expect from League 1
  6. Can we really blame our chairman?

    He is the decision maker so the buck ultimately stops with him
  7. Mick McCarthy

    I’d have him here - advocated him for ages based on what he can do at this level. But there will be many people who wouldn’t want him because for some reason or another, they just don’t like him.
  8. Jos the joker...go now

    This - the attitude of some fans to managers with a proven record in this league is amazing. Dont like them so shouldn’t be our manager etc. Crazy
  9. andy pearce

    Who cares what he does now - it’s about making a living in what are increasingly difficult times, unless you have pots of cash. Limited player but always gave 100%
  10. 9 games left

    3-5 - don’t see us winning another match this season. JL’s system isn’t working with the players he has and like so many managers, there is no plan B. ..we’ll stay up by 2 points due to the dross below us
  11. Jos the joker...go now

    At least 5 points better off under Carlos ..he’s gone pal, get over it
  12. Who has blamed him for today’s draw?