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  1. Very true - it will be the Wednesday way if we let him go and he shines elsewhere. Its a tough one for Bruce, especially as he has little to go on
  2. Give him 20 mins with strict instructions not to go anywhere near any of the QPR players
  3. Bruce knows how to use him Wingers may have been an alien species to Carlos - no idea whatsoever how to play them.
  4. Didn’t he play quite well for a few mins in the last game of the season? a truly baffling signing
  5. Do we never learn? This guy has a shocking injury record.
  6. Been the odd bit about it and a few rumours..but it could have a severe effect on our ability challenge next season. Will we get punished and if we do, what can we expect? Points deduction, fine, embargo?
  7. The damage was done under JL - as such we had no real margin of error under Bruce, an almost Impossible ask given the level, availability and overall state of our squad. and it fails to take into account who we had to play and what those respective sides had to play for. ..so to focus on the last 10 or so games in isolation from the rest of the season really isn’t appropriate.
  8. The 2 WBA draws were the killers for me
  9. The defeat at Villa finished BC off imo. A solid Champ side who have overachieved - they are out of gas. ..always felt confident we’d win today.
  10. Think we’ll win this - no pressure as it’s pretty much over for us. They need a result and seem to be feeling heat a bit. 2-0
  11. He is much worse than Jeffers. Abdi cost £4m and has done zip here. Jeffers cost 700k and was starting to look like he could get some goals before Shawcross finished him off. Yes Jeffers was poor but there were some mitigating circs and we have had other strikers who haven’t delivered when coming here. Abdi has been shocking on just about every level.
  12. Take his goal against Forest out, he is the worst signing in our history.
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