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  1. Any relation to Sit Frank Whittle of jet engine invention fame?
  2. 2001..which season was worse football wise - this one or that one? It could be close.
  3. Infuriating manager - lots of shouting, no feel whatsoever..managed to get a talented Belgian side to play some of the most turgid football of the 2014 WC
  4. Cook - knows the league. Fink wouldnt know the Champ from a boiled egg. We don’t have the time etc to mess about.
  5. He will go wherever he thinks is the best/right option. I doubt he is in a rush either. All I was saying is that I didn’t think we would be what he is looking for but it now appears he has already been contacted - so we’ll have to see what happens next.
  6. According to Wiki he is our new manager
  7. Still a big club Remove the stadium and there isn't much else about us in our current state that could be classed as big. Cook will have other options and with clubs that are going somewhere other than backwards - which is the current direction this one is heading in. We are not an attractive option which is why the list of prospective managers is not an appealing one.
  8. Here we go..remind us, why on earth he would come here? And even if he did he’d end up on the ever lengthening list of managers who come in, get chewed up and spat out again. We are a total mess of a club and heading for very troubled times.
  9. Displaying all the hallmarks now of a club in a real crisis. Some will be happy but people should be careful what they wish for as DC is completely unpredictable. It’s a ridiculous decision - yes the football isn’t great but Pulis has a good track record and I have a feeling we will quickly regret this.
  10. Get him/keep him fit and he’s as good as anyone in this league. ..the problem, as ever, is the first bit
  11. Gong from possible L1 candidates to almost guaranteed. Clubs in the basement over Christmas generally drop down.
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