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  1. Two things in life are certain - one is death and the other is SWFC conceding a goal in injury time. Something clearly is wrong under the current regime - hate to think how many points we have chucked away due to an inability to concentrate for a duration of a football match.
  2. To wake up one morning and for the 99/2000 season onwards to have just been a bad dream..
  3. Get him in - Got one last big club in him
  4. I think we will too - total shell of a side. Monk out of ideas too..
  5. It went down hill after the Stoke game - conceding late, yet again, after having got back into the game. its going to be very hard to turn it around - players have lost either form or favour. Such a pity after a relatively decent start. He may get a few more weeks but I have a feeling DC may be a bit more ruthless this time around.
  6. Something has clearly gone wrong and we have completely lost confidence and form. ..continually conceding late goals, silly mistakes being made etc etc We are heading the wrong way so a change may need to be made before it’s too late.
  7. He hates but is professional. ..probably get us up despite himself. That would be good enough for me
  8. What’s becoming clear is Monk has a collection players and no idea how to set them up or use them. there is no structure at all. odd after what was a decent start - but it’s all clearly fallen apart at pretty much every level of late. worrying times ..
  9. Monk needs to be careful here.. We have totally lost form since the beginning of the year and are only really heading one way at the moment. he needs to sort this out and quick. I expect nothing from this match tbh - it’s the sort of game we lose time and again. ..and so far it’s delivering on expectations
  10. Written off having barely got through the door... only on OT
  11. Can see us losing these. Both teams are fighting and their desire to win will probably be stronger than ours. We are stuck in no mans land. ..no doubt late goals will he scored - probably against us.
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