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  1. Don’t recall us ever playing in grey and white.. ..but I can picture the colour version and it looks decent
  2. He scored some crackers last season. He is a good player - and a decent manager who uses him properly will get the best out of him. ..however I think he will leave us at some stage sooner rather than later.
  3. Every player has his price. Wilder only likes British players so it’s not such a surprise. Prem footy... Considering our financial position, for a good price he would go.
  4. Zidane was a great player who generally delivered - though that header he missed in 06 WC final so costly. Beckham a good player on his day, though never has so much noise and fuss been made in disproportion to actual deeds. A great right foot but absolutely no pace whatsoever. ..however his performance against Greece to get us to the 02 WC was phenomenal and always sticks in the memory - rarely can one player drag a team over the line as he did that day. though if memory serves he did let himself down pulling out of the tackle that led to Brazils’s second in the quarters. ..if we’d have got though that game we’d have won it that year. Turkey and an awful German side in the final..and we blew it. A better manager than Sven would have got more out of that side. ahh memories..
  5. How much he can spend is the key factor for Bruce at Wednesday. Interesting summer coming up..
  6. Drive him there myself for £14m ..he’ll probably spend 60-70% off injured too.
  7. Could we get Cheech in too as part of any a loan deal?
  8. Probably some talent in there but has been managed poorly by both CC and JL. ..not the first to suffer here in this fashion and probably not the last, though I have some confidence Bruce will be able to buck the trend.
  9. Not suggesting Van A is the answer but there must be something in there for Bruce to work with. Others will no doubt come in during the season. As for Hector, as much as he, we, whoever else may want him back it will come down to wages and unfortunately we will struggle to compete here.
  10. Highly unlikely Hector will be coming back here - so we need to ensure we have the necessary cover. Joost has had a miserable time here but he’s young and a proper manager may be able to get him up and running.
  11. Who? Hooper was quality but wasn’t up to it physically.
  12. Whatever it is it can be better spent elsewhere. Hopefully someone will come in for him but I have a feeling that won’t happen.
  13. ..so he ticks all the boxes then
  14. Fulham have parachute money so far more likely to get him than us. ..good old parachute payments eh! This will come down to money - always does.
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