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  1. Earlsfieldowl

    25 years ago tonight !

    Does this have to be bought up? I do my best to forget it but Woods fumble will live with me forever. Watched the replay with a bunch of neutrals and 2 Arsenal fans - all the neutrals were for Wednesday. It’s still hard to quantify the depth disappointment afterwards and what we could have gone on to achieve. I still maintain we’d have won one of those trophies with BFR. I never had any confidence we would under Francis - it was just hope.
  2. Earlsfieldowl

    Westwood interview

    Whilst I wouldnt have an issue if he went - he has been a great servant and we have two good understudies - a fully fit Westwood could make the difference between promotion and another season in the Champ. He will instill confidence and command what is likely to be a fairly young defence.
  3. 86 also a missed chance - cheated by the Argies ..we’d have had a beatable Belgium in the semis and a mediocre Germany in the final. They weren’t the side they were in 1990.
  4. Earlsfieldowl

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    The best outcome for all parties
  5. We werent - we just couldn’t really get going when we really needed to. The victory over the Danes was the high point in 02. We looked so lethargic in 06 - everything seemed to be played at walking pace...bit like us last month under Carlos. The player moaned about the heat - it was Germany ffs, not The Gambia.
  6. I watched the first half in beach bar in Antigua - 45 mins of misery in paradise.
  7. Well let’s face it we haven’t done a huge amount since Euro ‘96. Erickson today banging on about the players being tired in ‘06. We were so lacklustre - devoid of any inspiration. ‘02 was a opportunity missed IMO - we could have beaten Brazil with a bit more belief.. then only South Korea and a very average Germany stood in the way of glory. Belgium in the last WC were similar - young team with some talent, hough they were hampered by a truly clueless manager. The worst effort had to be under Capello though - that game against the Germans stuck in mind for a long while after. Abject.
  8. Earlsfieldowl

    Big sam

    Everton will likely regret that decision. Cue foreign appt, money spunked, flirt with the relegation zone, old English warhorse to the rescue. repeat and rewind. Fans completely deluded in terms of what can be achieved at that club.
  9. Earlsfieldowl

    Have we forgotten Gary hooper???

    The club had also moved on and some players long forgotten/passed over by CC have proved themselves. Be interesting to see where the longer term injured players fit in.
  10. Can see then struggling again if CC stays there ..they will be like we were at the start of last season. if he stays I don’t see him lasting past Christmas.
  11. Results and achievements over the mangerial careers for both would back your last sentence up. Conjecture of course but wonder where we’d have ended up if JL had taken over from Gray.
  12. He had had a real chance with Swansea and did the hard work, but then when the pressure mounted he again proved he couldn’t handle it. The lives would appear to have been used up here in the U.K. But ad mentioned elsewhere - middling Turkish and Portuguese clubs beckon.
  13. Earlsfieldowl


    ..are we fans or customers? I’m still unsure
  14. Earlsfieldowl

    ffs Wednesday

    Agree with these but the ‘93 FA Cup will always remain forefront I’d add in the draws with Derby under Wilson and Palace to go down under Irvine. There have been so many - it’s almost impossible to chose
  15. Irvine and Turner were poor but managed the club during some of its toughest times - funding was virtually non existent and the club nearly disappeared altogether when Irvine was here. Conversely, Carlos had an extremely favourable environment to come into and a promotion push was the very least that could have been expected. The fact he left us worse off then when he started and players burnt out due to a desultory training and fitness regime emphasises his shortcomings as a manager when compared to the others.