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  1. First Champ game tonight and a little reminder..Looks pretty grim there in black and white! 21st, last day victory keeping us up by a point.
  2. Opposition attacks would surely melt away with him as part of our defence.
  3. I am trying to ignore it all and hope it goes away ..
  4. Amazed this thread even exists. Why on earth would he even consider coming here? We have just effectively had a relegation sentence passed on us and we are run by someone who hasn’t the first idea how to run a football club. We can’t spend any money and we have a team that needs massive restructuring - a paradox that cannot be solved. ...but aside from all that I can see the appeal!
  5. The crime? Fiddling the maths book numbers? Or punishment finally catching you up for gross incompetence from the word go?
  6. I’d settle for fourth from bottom tbh - next season is going to be grim.
  7. They should be more annoyed with their own team for not winning more matches. No sympathy whatsoever - the club only has it self to blame for being so awful on the pitch where it really matters.
  8. Palace is the one that gets me - just shows how fortunes can change so quickly as a result of one game in isolation.
  9. Kit from 2000/1 - in recognition of our 20 year anniversary being out the Prem. ..being released 20mins after midnight, signifying the lights well and truly going out for us
  10. He’s missed loads - what’s special about this one?
  11. He has the sort or record that’s fits the bill here..
  12. A whole host to choose from but Blackburn at home the standout
  13. Another manager who will get swallowed up and spat out here. As Bruce proved, its needs a strong experienced manager to succeed here.
  14. There have been worse - but the second half must rank near the bottom results wise.
  15. No he hasn’t - the truly dismal form we have shown since the back end of last year is what has done for us.
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