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  1. It’s clear he doesn't know what to do/ have a plan. ..just seem to be ignoring it and hopes it just goes away. Which of course it won’t! It it could only happen here ..
  2. Bang on - which means a likely middtable finish and another season wasted if the status quote continues.
  3. The sad reality is we are starting to get worse by the game. ..need a manager ASAP - my concern is that our chairman is just hoping if he ignores the issue it will just go away. Which of course it won’t - time now just being wasted.
  4. Predicted 9 points in August at the outset, taking into account in our current situation. We’ll go nowhere with Bullen - middtable, thats it. Maybe a good coach but he doesn’t have the nouse, experience etc to enable us to get results from games like this. if DC has any ambition he needs to get someone in with some pedigree and stop prevaricating, just hoping for the best. The longer this goes on, the more time we will waste. We need to get this resolved ASAP.
  5. Thats scenario is not beyond the realms of possibility
  6. I cant outside the current crop doing the rounds - Hence the word if at the start...
  7. At last, a proper test. ..we have an awful record here so will be interesting to see how we get on
  8. Based on the matches and results so far under his charge ..put it this way, if someone becomes available/found who has a decent record at this level with a promotion(s) elsewhere then it’s a no brainier for me.
  9. Happy - who wouldn’t be with our league position? ...enjoying it whilst it last as I don’t think it will. We haven’t played anyone decent yet and Bullen still hasn’t proved he is the man to get us up imo. 10 matches in will give us a pretty good idea of where we are going
  10. Borner is a good signing and a snip vs Hector. ..give Lees a decent partner and he will play well.
  11. Got Norwich up and could do a job here imo. Probably taken/ing PNE as far as he can. Based on what he has done wouldn’t be a bad appt. ..however the level of compo would be key.
  12. The players are pros and know he has what it takes. He’d soon drum any dissent out of them. ..they’d be fine - it’s some section of the fanbase who wouldn’t be able to get past his departure and return that would be more of an issue.
  13. Bang on - we have been stuck in the wilderness for so long. ..emotion and decisions based on who is liked or not liked etc need to be set aside. Its about going up - the manner in which it’s done on the pitch is pretty much irrelevant.
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