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  1. "Too good to go down"

    And so you should - it’s a real possibility with the current management in place. If we got into a dogfight I wouldnt fancy our chances of surviving it one jot. CC not the man to keep us up in those circs. Teams at the bottom maybe poor but they are far hungrier and CC’s tactics would play into their hands. What would be interesting would be DC’s reaction - owning a club in that scenario won’t be so much fun..plus he have to make some tough decisions, something he is shying away from at present.
  2. Bakary Sako

    CC would ruin him - not a clue how to use him.
  3. Interesting comments.

    They had amost zero to spend and the club was on its knees. Not saying they were any good mind you but some perspective needed. Eustace always sticks in the mind - probably top of the list ...nearly destroyed eveything Wilkinson built - hopeless manager
  4. Interesting comments.

    He isn’t the worst, but in relation to what he has had at his disposal he is certainly up there. Said it before, once this is all over the truth will out and we’ll see the scale of mismanagement on every level. It will be substantial. Bringing players back too early and then jeopardising their longer term careers is a cause for dismissal with immediate effect imo.
  5. DC not doing his job

    I can’t work out what he wants tbh. He clearly seems to enjoy owning a big famous old club. Who wouldn’t? He either doesn't have an issue with our current performances or cant/won’t deal with it. It’s very odd which leads me to think other factors are in play we don’t know about. I think if we get close to the drop zone he will realise what’s at stake and act. The buck stops with him, it’s that simple - time for some leadership please.
  6. People seem to be ignoring this but the longer this situation continues the more it will creep into the reckoning. CC didn’t have what it took to get us up and I wouldn’t back him in a month of Sundays to keep us up in a relegation dogfight. Be interesting to see what DC does if this starts to happen... Not sure he even understands the impact relegation would have - a little worrying. It’s clearly all just a big jolly at the moment but reality could start to hit sooner than he thinks
  7. Doesn't deserve Sack after that

    No sensible chairman would give CC a penny in the Jan window.
  8. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    When this is is all over people will see the staggering level of mismanagement, financial wastage, casual disposal of players and talent that has gone on here. The next man will have a mountain of issues to sort out.
  9. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    Another hard luck story - not interested. We have been shti all season and a fresh start was needed at the end of last. But our Chairman couldn’t do it and we are paying the price - just sliding and sliding away. We could have played all night and still not scored -
  10. Morgan fox

    He isn’t awful - he is in a team that play like strangers. fitness & conditioning or lack of it is clearly an issue at the club. Players look out on their feet. Just another aspect of the game CC doesn’t believe in.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    Yep - Like crossing, pace ..fitness isn’t important to CC. Clearly doesn’t seem too bothered about it. We are lower Middtable and going absolutely nowhere under this manager and chairman. No leadership at this club at present.
  12. Another hard luck story - not interested. Its irrelevant what CC thinks - we are a goal down and much better is needed in the second half.
  13. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    We have no pace and no width. Without those two fundemantals we are going nowhere. CC just doesn’t ever seem too bothered - it’s so odd. What sort of football did he used to play?
  14. I think this is the case If so it’s diabolical management at senior level. Does DC have any concept of where this could lead us? As I have said - there is no leadership at this club at present...The required decisions aren’t being made. Its a concerning time for fans of this club.
  15. Heading to League 1 Carlos