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  1. ViolaOwls

    Saturday 3pm KO

    next year our sell out crowd will dropped to less than bumhole stain. so shouldn't be hard to sell out on sky or not
  2. ViolaOwls

    Early skybet odds

    I didn't mean on budget, I meant there not been talked about. Just my tip
  3. ViolaOwls

    Early skybet odds

    Derby will be a force but this years Huddersfield will be wolves for me.
  4. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    Yes he has to a degree, and like its been stated on here already. our 100 years kit was all blue with white sleeves. Very unpopular at the time I might add
  5. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    This sun is getting me. Bring back cold Tuesday nights in December
  6. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    When you buy a club you buy into the history and the fans that actually are the club. Theres certain things you shouldn't Pi$$ about with. I don't mind a commercial ploy for a couple of years, but other than that we are famous for blue and white stripes, not all blue shirts. Its our DNA
  7. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    I buy them for the kids mate. Colours nailed to the mast an all that. Kids today wear far too many barca, madrid tops for me, not my lads
  8. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    I was a joke dig mate. Chill out surf dude
  9. Springett Roland des dooley waddle fantham pearson-maybe sheridan I bet hirst wont make it as the club have gone all mardy with whats happened recently.....poor if this is the case Oh and lets not forget andy sinton
  10. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    Yeah I thought that but then the collar isn't right which you rightly point out. In fact its more v neck with a collar Look I'm desperate for stripes
  11. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    He doesn't like it. Wears the away one or the one from last season. Its crackers His bro to be fair only wears it 6 days out of 7 each week....the current one
  12. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    Stripes......could this be a clue? https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/june/dream-scene-des-joins-the-dressing-room Cant recall des ever wearing that kit? Or am I just living ion false hope
  13. ViolaOwls

    CC to become Scotland coach

    well they do play in blue and no stripes
  14. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    Even my 4 year old wont wear this seasons. Hes blue and white stripes only. I'm fed up of saying it but as a club we are that late selling shirts people would buy a Tesco bin liner as a shirt as they are that desperate to buy one. The club knows this and is getting away with it. But in a year or 2's time people will get fed up and crave the stripes back
  15. ViolaOwls

    Next season kit

    Im sick of fans that live the other side of the world telling me that it looks great, but when we go to home matches it should be nothing other than a sea of blue and white stripes. Its our identity