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  1. The nature of monky was irrepressible
  2. Reach and Hunt really looked on eachother's wavelength last week. I think I'd keep the same team unless Monk thinks Kachunga has done enough to start the next league game in which case it's Rhodes or the new lad
  3. Always said he needed an old experienced leader alongside him like.....erm.....Van Aken and Iorfa. Maybe I've been doing him a disservice all these years, or he's become the leader now with the captaincy shackles off.
  4. I don't like the gamesmanship and I wish it wasn't in football so much but it's been very good seeing how willing Brown and Luongo have been to make good fouls at good times to stop the opposition getting momentum up. We've been a naive side for too much of the last 30 years. Glad we're competing in more ways than just effort this season
  5. We might see Dele-Bashiru in there, or Bannan sitting deeper, or Shaw in his prefered position. Palmer looked like Baresi when he played that role for 45 minutes against Yay Toure and Man City. We've got options
  6. Iorfa and Borner have both changed how they take throw ins recently, and we've been moving a lot more for them in the games this season. I think the coaching staff are trying to improve our throw ins and it's a work in progress
  7. The last few rounds of recruitment have all looked positive. Borner, Harris and Iorfa were very good signings for very little money. This years signings are looking good too. I know Bruce brought in some recruitment people, looks to me like they know what they are doing.
  8. He did more than some. He covered more grass than anyone other than Keiran Lee in a Wednesday shirt in the past 20 years
  9. He covered so much ground it was incredible. Linked up very well with hunt throughout. He's just desperate to score, snatching at chances a little. A goal will do him the world of good
  10. I think he'll go on and have a very good career. Got a lot of talent, just wasn't up to speed with British football
  11. We didn't get a point after lockdown without him did we? But got some while he was playing. He's been out best player for years and we're worse without him than we were with him.
  12. Life can be ruddy awful att times and I'm looking forward to having the football back to bring some hope back into things for a change. It may all go wrong but if you can't enjoy the dawn of a new season I don't know why you would follow a football team in the first place. New season, new chance. If you're not willing to give the squad a chance you don't deserve the time it would take me to read your posts. Had enough of "supporters" like you.
  13. Yeah I bet they do. Would you move for a job without googling the company first?
  14. I thought he looked ok after a couple of games then picked up an injury. As usual for us and for him
  15. If we'd made 66 million in sales the playing field would be a lot more level
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