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  1. Played his fair share though and been more than good enough at both right and left back in recent seasons
  2. This place was starting to be a hell hole during the season and now you'd gott no matches to watch I can only imagine it'll get worse. There's a reason most of the wednesday fans I know don't come on here. You all sit in your little negative bubble hating all our plaeyrs and festering in despair. Going round and round in circles hating eachother and everything about wednesday. I'm more than aware of Palmer's flaws but also of his role in the best defensive records we've kept over the last half decade and how he's stepped up along with thel likes of Fox when the likes of Forresieri, Abdi and co have shirked all responsibility and taken an ever increasing share of your money. Wish we had more Liam Palmers at our club. It would be in a much better position right now if they all had his attitude and drive to improve.
  3. He's quicker and stronger than most other full backs in this division and his defensive positioning to cover for his centre backs is excellent. Easily good enough for a top 6 championship side, just the usual boo boys think he should be cafu
  4. The whole question is very indicative of the problem. Higher costs and higher wages are not the same as building and investing for the future. On Saturday we we're shown up in every regard by a squad of youth investment and promising development. All the high wages and silly transfers have lead us down the garden path. You drop prices to get fans in the stadium, you get young hungry players in and you build. We cannot compete with parasite payments because we're not allowed to and in hind sight we really shouldn't have tried. You have to do something different and hats off to Brentford, they're the model we should be following not attempting to do a Man City when we've got our hands tied behind our back
  5. Most of us couldn't care less but the idiots on Twitter and some from other teams would hurl abuse. Can understand why players don't feel they can come out publicly
  6. Fairly sure he's Van Aken in a wig
  7. They'll send us all a bill so can pay more for the privilege of not watching that shower that we've been served recently
  8. He was arguably man of the match playing centre of midfield against Man City. Ran Toure ragged for the first half
  9. Best player in terms of attributes I think Reach but he's really struggled for form in the last 12-18 months. Worst... This is where I struggle. They all do have good qualities but our problem is we lack complete players so I'll say all of them one way or another.
  10. https://www.liverpool.com/liverpool-fc-news/features/liverpool-wolves-firmino-henderson-salah-17623868 Semi related. Leave no stone unturned and all that
  11. We'll not get better that Fox for his wages. No brainer to extend his contract.
  12. We know you can't judge a player from YouTube (Pecnic ahoy) and I'm not talking about his talent here but does anyone else think his gait when running looks like a young Michael Owen? The way he kind of sits into his stride when he runs just reminds me of him a bit. Either way welcome aboard and if he's been signed by the people that brought in urogohide (spelling anyone?), Borner, Harris and Iorfa I've got some faith in their judgment
  13. If there's a chance of a loan with an agreement to sign in the summer it's a very good way to improve the squad.
  14. You'll be reet, you've got that painting in your loft
  15. I swear to god he looked like Booby Moore reborn on his debut with some of his defending. Really thought he had the makings on that showing. Not seen enough of him since.
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