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  1. Carlos "Derby was an important game"

    The Derby game reminded me of the away game at Burnley in his first season, we really kicked on from there. Lets hope we can do the same again
  2. I was mocking the article and the agents, not defending the academy production.
  3. Doyen getting their contacts to write articles in crappy newspapers. Nothing to see here, move along
  4. Sexy Football

    He was more than a little involved in the build up so I think you can forgive him. We should get more goals from all of our defenders though
  5. Could it be that...

    How has this thread gone for 13 pages and nobody even mentioned the radio play that started the whole thing? Went down in broadcast history
  6. Rate the centurions

    Max Ray, Jake Rockwell and Ace McCloud. Best three players we've never had.
  7. Sky Sports to thank ... again

    They don't though do they? Every penny Sky puts in comes from fans, they just take a cut and pass some back into football where the agents and shareholders take their cuts too and then we get shuffled round the broadcast schedule to accommodate their whims
  8. The fact that some people have downvoted your post when you were being helpful and just not picking up on text based sarcasm is really quite depressing.
  9. Recognition for Adam Reach

    Not many and very few. Let me know if you need any more stats
  10. Cheers dude. Nice to see someone on here genuinely trying to be helpful. Good to see. Maybe I should press my sarcasm key first before I try to be funny in future, sorry to have wasted your time.
  11. Good camera work, if only there was some way of taking a picture of the screen on a PC
  12. Is Joao a must against Villa and JT.

    It would be a decent option but I'm not expecting it. I don't think Fletcher could bully Chester and Terry so it's either Hooper and Rhodes or Hooper and Joao for me. Maybe start Rhodes and put Joao on second half if we're not behind. Villa will start to push on and they have had a day's less rest than us so some pace might be the right choice
  13. Not going tomorrow,anyone else?

    I'm not going due to work commitments but my enthusiasm tank is also pretty empty
  14. Just watched the highlights

    First half I agree with you but we came out second half and looked either half asleep or terrified. Reach moving back when Pudil went off seemed to really knock us back
  15. 2 years ago today

    :) And since then we've signed a whole list of strikers that don't fit into the blueprint. Reach for Helan and that's a great side that we still haven't really improved on for style of play. Can't play it though because we have to fit Hooper in and he can't be up front on his own. That then moves the middle three around and it all falls apart. How many signings have we made in two years? 8 of the 10 outfield players still the first choice