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  1. Sick of all these bread puns. Ruining owlstalk, I'll take you all on. This means war, but on second thoughts maybe it's not worth it.
  2. Owls U18s end the season in style

    I read the video title on youtube earlier and thought we lost 1 nil :) Don't expect to see a 10 there really
  3. Any other wee wee coloured kits? Wolves: Dehydrated Norwich: Had a Berocca an hour ago Blades: Kidney Failure - see a doctor
  4. We got a player on our hands!

    People criticising Reach for "Neshing tackles" then suggesting Junior Hoilett in the same thread. The world's gone mad
  5. We got a player on our hands!

    Yeah reach is one of those players that just moves like a footballer, he can play multiple roles and just has class. You could see it when we signed him, he's got so many assets. Yet he's one of those players that some fans just don't seem to see the value of. Brunt was the same and Whelan. They focus on the fact that he's not a muscle bound power house or really aggressive. Not sure what it is but a lot of fans were slating Hooper for 6 months when we signed him and just don't seem to see how good he is either, bewilders me.
  6. Has there been something new since the original piece a month or so back? I would put the whole article down to his agent leaking made up interest to negotiate a better deal but I could be wrong
  7. He chased people under Carlos because his starting position was always on the wrong side of them, worked well some times to nick possession but he was notably further back on Saturday I thought, moved forward as the ball went forward much more, a lot less staying up on their back line like he did in previous seasons.
  8. Jos has tried a few formations this season and I think the 5-2-3 he tried on Saturday might have been an attempt to find the best position for FF. Interesting to see him and Reach swapped over after about 20 minutes and then pretty much stayed there until later changes were made. It worked quite well, though FF and Reach had good games but Rhodes was left isolated with them both being wide of him, Joey and Bannan were both quite far back which left us with just one in the box competing for crosses against 3 or 4 defenders some times. Showed promise but they need to work on the movement of players where the ball isn't if that makes sense. If it's on the right the left winger needs to tuck in and vice versa and there's scope for Bannan to get to the edge of the box more I think. I did think Forestieri was being much more disciplined in covering his full back on Saturday, was along the back line a good few times and seemed to be looking along and playing it like a traditional winger covering back as opposed to his more free role under Carlos
  9. Exeter did didn't they?
  10. Guess the year for this one..

    Coming in with the knowledge. Have an upvote sir/madame
  11. Well it had to happen one day. Newsome has said something I agree with
  12. If we can somehow get money for Rhodes and Fletcher I'd happily give Winnall a chance in the squad. If we can't and/or by some miracle Hirst signs a new deal I would think Winnall is one of our players most likely to bring in a return on investment and could help avoid FFP
  13. #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Pelupessy has played centre half in the past apparently. Would allow pudil to left wing back and reach in the middle with Jones and FF. I think it's reach at left wing back though
  14. Simple......."We did what got us and our client the most money"