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  1. Fairly sure he meant you, not Paterson
  2. If we'd gone into administration at a similar time I suspect we might be in a much better position now.
  3. Yeah, the season we let Semedo go he was shaping up to be a very good centre half
  4. Blimey, gonna bring out Magical Trevor next
  5. My dad was a really good welder. I expect I'd by **** at it
  6. We are, but only if we keep our outgoings so high. Stop paying stupid wages to failures and we'll be fine
  7. To add to your list we also lost Semedo and Nuhiu. Maybe not the most gifted players in the world but we lost a lot of personalities and players that drag others along with them.
  8. As much as we massively overspent on him and overpaid him, every other strike we've had in the last decade has failed a much as him so at this point I'm quite resigned to the fact that he's not the problem and will do well elsewhere
  9. nil nil at half time with Palmer in midfield if memory serves then it all went to pot with a red card as usual.
  10. He played there against Yaya Toure and looked very very good. Long time since he's played in there though and I think I'd rather Hunt get some game time or let Brown get minutes under his belt.
  11. I stand by what I said. We had found a way of playing, the defence was looking solid and the teams wouldn't have wanted to play us as we were. Then we Wednesdayed it. As usual.
  12. If I watch it then it will be ifollow. I keep deciding not to have my night ruined then giving in just before the kickoff and paying for the match anyway
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