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  1. Honest question for anyone on here, Tory voter or Labour or whatever. Can you name 3 good things the Tories have done with 9 years of government?
  2. Got to love the comrade Corbyn name now it's been clearly proven that the Tories and leave campaigns are both funded by Russian oligarchs and Corbyn has nothing to do with Russia at all.
  3. Why thank you, I'd hate to be normal. One was player of the month and the other has been out most consistent performer. I'd put Borner up there but he's missed two games. Who else you going to offer up above them? Maybe Iorfa but that's about it. Whole front half of the pitch has been wobbly and both keepers have had their moments. It's almost as if you've got a preconceived negative image of Palmer and Fox in your head, along with the fans that boo Reach, got on Nuhiu's back for years and were the same ones that used to boo the likes of Brunt and Whelan. If only our fans could actually watch the games and judge the actions of the players instead of deciding who they think is having a bad game before the match has even kicked off.
  4. So Palmer and Fox have been our best two players for the last month and we can improve things by choosing a formation that removes them both from the field? Seems a little odd
  5. Him and Odubajo were laughing and joking during their half time warm up, he looked like he was loving life. Not a hint of being unhappy with his current lot.
  6. :) If that late lapse hadn't cost us yesterday and we'd come back from a late win owlstalk would be full of posts about automatic. You lot being instantly negative as soon as we drop points is just depressing. Cheer up
  7. I thought he was the best player on the pitch yesterday. Funny thing opinions
  8. Take a small child and a rucksack with the chutneys in and put spare nappies on top in the bag, worked for confectionery for a couple of years for me. You may need to borrow a child though
  9. I said the same thing last year but nobody believed me
  10. Yup. I'm loving that Monk has two distinct formations and ways of playing. Against a team he thinks we'll struggle to outplay he goes with the two big men to keep more possession in their half, something we've really struggled with in recent seasons. Against teams he thinks we can play through Luongo or Lee get a start.
  11. Thank you for your input. I'll let you off because of the Joe Strummer avatar, we'll just have to agree to disagree on Joey I guess. I'll keep on supporting him while he gives his all.
  12. He played alright, he's more mobile than Hutch and much better than he gets any credit for. Absolutely no coincidence that the first time Leeds really got through the middle of our midfield was about 90 seconds after he'd gone off. Quite why people feel the need to belittle our players is beyond me. Did Adthe, Palmer and Fox finally prove you wrong? did Reach have a good game? Was the next one on your list Joey? If he didn't play would you have gone back to Palmer or maybe start trotting out old "Iorfa's too wreckless for CB" line? They've all proven you wrong, get over it and support them.
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