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  1. Yeah it seems an odd one re-encoding on an account by account basis especially if they've got any sort of caching or cdn style delivery to save on their bandwidth costs let alone the processing involved but I can't see what else it's doing. I'm assuming it's in the video feed and not layered on top in the web player which would make a lot more sense but is far easier to get around. If we get a really boring match v Swansea I might do some digging
  2. It's not a mac address. It'll be a GUID for the id of the user account you are logged in with so they can identify your account rather than your hardware
  3. That EFL statement though. Points first then see about the club surviving as a footnote.
  4. I did think the same thing. Full on tin foil hat situation if they know which other clubs could go into admin and what our efl situation might be
  5. Best of luck to them. I hope the club survives. If a couple more go into admin and we get docked points we may well have a mini-league of docked clubs fighting for survival.
  6. Sadly the way FFP works it doesn't matter how rich your owner is. To avoid the mess we are in you have to have turnover of cash in to the club to match what goes out and the best way to do that is to sell players and we never do
  7. Should never have played for us again after refusing to get on the bus for Norwich. Most talented player we've had since we left the premier league but he's child in a man's body and has taken millions of pounds from us for very little return and we've gone through 4 managers who've all tried to reshape a playing system to fit him in but never managed it. Thanks for the memories of the first season or two but not worth the hassle for me.
  8. If Nuhiu comes on for 15 minutes and grabs us a late goal once or twice in the run in his extension could be the best deal in football history. He's here to play from the bench and cover in case Wickham gets injured surely
  9. Start of our current predicament was not getting fees for the mid to late 90's squad. Never recovered.
  10. Odubajo won a free kick. Bannan played an awful set piece and they broke on us. Meanwhile you blame Odubajo instead of Bannan. Unbelievable
  11. If I've got a bladder problem that's nobody's business but me and my doctor but if I urinate poisonous wee wee water on a bus seat that can kill everyone else onboard I think I should probably mention it to the other passengers
  12. I've spent 50% of my working life getting apps and sites to work in all browsers apart from Microsoft ones and the other 50% crowbarring workarounds in to get IE to even vaguely attempt to work.
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