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  1. Sultan_Pepper

    Todays training...

    Looks on their faces suggest that was some serious running. Treating the international break as a mini pre-season maybe?
  2. Sultan_Pepper

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Hang on a minute. Are you telling me everybody is dead?
  3. Sultan_Pepper

    Atmosphere today

  4. Sultan_Pepper

    Nuhiu and Joao

    I love Nuhiu, one of his biggest fans but him and Joao have been well off the required standard this season. If we had Hooper fit the ball would stay when it's played up to him and Fletcher and we'd be top 5 or 6 at this point. As it is we're just not keeping the ball up front and the defence and midfield are being over worked.
  5. Sultan_Pepper

    penney may be off

    Players agent leaking linked clubs ahead of contract talks, big shock!!! Heard from someone at the ground who claimed to know Penney's parents that he's going nowhere
  6. Sultan_Pepper

    Pay As You Play Contracts

    Who says they're not already?
  7. Sultan_Pepper

    Team for QPR

    That would be my preference as well I think we'll see Nuhiu and/or Joao involved in the starting 11. Jos has dropped players after making mistakes in the past so we might see Lees sitting this one out
  8. Sultan_Pepper

    reach vote gotm

    OK own up, who else voted for Maguire and Mayor in the lower level votes as well because we had them on our books before?
  9. Sultan_Pepper

    How many are out injured now?

    Seems to be his regular position with them now. Like an inverse Liam Palmer
  10. Sultan_Pepper

    Hull FC U18s 0 v 2 SWFC U18s

    Can I just say how refreshing it is to see not just the club showing interest and dedication to our younger age groups but seeing the obviously dedicated fans (and parents) in this thread. You're a credit to the club
  11. Sultan_Pepper

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Oh no a typo
  12. Sultan_Pepper

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Hillsborough Nilson Hirst
  13. Sultan_Pepper

    Premier league 2

    We all know they'll stop parachute payments the season after we go up. They'll have been there for everyone that came down after us and they'll be there until we can't be shat on by them. I'll go and fetch my tinfoil hat now
  14. Can't deny that our shape is better when FF isn't in the starting 11, or has been under Carlos' time with us at least. I suspect that has something to do with the stats. I think Jos has shown much more willing to try different formations and find ways to build our play so hopefully we can sort it out. As a team we looked better with him on the left in Carlos' earlier seasons but I reckon that if he could learn to love that space behind the strikers instead of playing on the shoulder all the time I think he Fernando could be international class.
  15. Sultan_Pepper

    Almen Abdi

    Our main problem in the last few weeks has been an inability to keep good possession in the opposition half. If Abdi is fit and on form he really could be the answer to that problem. Him and Hooper actually. Hell of an if though