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  1. Ok lets pick one player for example out of those and talk about Palmer. Came into the squad as a young attacking midfielder, was asked to play defensive midfield then moved to right back. Since then he's shown he can more than do a job as a left back and as one of a back three. Played regularly in our record breaking defensive seasons and is one of the best crossers of a ball we have. He's been dependable, avoided long term injuries and improved year on year. He's worked his way into the Scotland squad and now a current senior international with a very good shot at play
  2. Both got tagged with the "lazy" tag that the boo boys seem to trot out whenever a player isn't running round getting booked every 5 minutes
  3. Mostly proving the boo boys wrong. Woods Atherton, Thome, Fox, Reach Brunt, Whelan, Sheridan, Antonio Nuhiu, Hooper I'd add Helan as a sub but most people seem to have forgotten how good he could be on his day and it kind of stuck.
  4. I googled. Rocky and Leon Lekaj. Rocky made first team appearances but Leon only youth team I think. They weren't twins and I'm sure we had two more
  5. We had two twins in the youth team that played left and right back in the late 90's didn't we? Or have I imagined that?
  6. The main issue is that he wants to control every aspect of the club but then doesn't control those aspects. That leaves us with a club where nobody is in control of anything. No plan, no coherent decisions. Everything ends up being a last gasp panic.
  7. It'll never work. That's one more striker than we've got.
  8. Maybe we would have realised but at the time we were still in the "Tuna millions" bubble believing we'd finally had the investment the fanbase had been asking for for decades
  9. Because football fans are idiots. We all get upset if our club don't spend millions on players then wonder why we have money trouble. There isn't a user on here that was unhappy the day we signed Rhodes
  10. I don't entirely disagree but assuming it takes a week or two of training and matches for a new manager to know what he's got at his disposal and to make a good assessment of the players he will need to bring in then we're pretty much out of window time already anyway. Only way we get the right players in this window is if Thompson and Bullen etc are working with other staff behind the scenes to get deals done. Either that or a manager hoping to come in already having spoken to players he's worked with in the past about the possibility of joining too.
  11. Whenever we signed a player under MM they were "for the development squad" and owlstalk imploded every time
  12. Not sure how many players have tested positive. Presumably we took the bare minimum down to Exeter and then a few tested positive on arrival. If they all traveled separately it might not be too bad. If it was a coach the number infected is going to rocket
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