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  1. Sultan_Pepper

    We've not replaced Wallace

    I don't disagree entirely but when Rhodes, Fletcher, Winnall, Forestieri, Hooper, Abdi etc were playing for other teams there isn't a fan on Owlstalk that would have any of them poor players. They've not all become rubbish overnight. I realise I've listed a lot of injry prone players there but we do have quality. Just need to find a way of making them play with some tempo and urgency for 90 minutes instead of 5 minutes a season when we're chasing a game
  2. Sultan_Pepper


    When FF isn't fit we're really lacking in players that can carry a ball forward or beat a man. I think we looked better at times with Mathias in the side this season. Think he's unlucky to get left out completely but with Boyd now playing, FF getting fit and Bruce bringing in loanees I think we're unlikely to see more of him in a Wednesday shirt
  3. Interesting but I can't shake the feeling the the graph goes up when we play teams at the bottom and down when we play teams at the top. Cause or effect is the question for me
  4. Sultan_Pepper

    Underlying Problems for SB to sort out.

    The Nando of 2 years ago would have been starting from a midfield position and going forwards. He's not a front man, needs to find a way to play in the space behind the front on accept a role on the left of midfield. I think that's Bruce's biggest issue to resolve and none of the last 3 managers have managed it. Carlos got the nearest to it playing him on the left of midfield and sacrificing shape and solidity for it. Then he tried to get stability by playing him up front and getting in behind but it always left that huge gap between a Hutch/Bannan midfield and a front 2. We've only ever really filled that gap when Hooper has been fit and in there and our win rate when he is is incredible
  5. Sultan_Pepper

    What the f**k is happening here

    I can see the logic in going to watch a local team to see a match, especially if you move to a new area for work etc but that's not saying you're a supporter of that team or that you no longer support the club you've followed all your life. Seems very odd to abandon Reading for Millwall for the sake of under an hour on the M4. Each to his own though I guess
  6. Sultan_Pepper

    Press Conference at 9am?!

    Yeah true, I appear to have gone off on one :) Sorry It's the atmosphere around the club and the players over the last few managers that's all. The little comments and boos and chosen scapegoats each season add up and sap the confidence and atmosphere from the club. If we get players like Reach, Hooper, FF and co confident and playing and looking forward to their football we're as good as anyone in this division.
  7. Sultan_Pepper

    Press Conference at 9am?!

    Do I think he's bothered about fans opinions on a forum? Yes. He's a human being. You read any of Hutch's interviews of listened to him about the shear hell of going through injuries and being away from the team? Add in being insulted in public while you're doing it and yes I do think Hooper could be bothered what is said on here. If we had a few thousand of us posting about your performance in your day job and mocking you for being injured or sick I imagine you'd be looking for work elsewhere before too long or at the very least less motivated to come in and work your hardest for the people who are mocking you. It just boggles my mind that we still have this section of our fan base who's first instinct is to assume the worst in our players. We never seem to learn. If you've had a long term injury gentle walking and exercise is a vital part of rehab, physios often recommend golf as a good course of action in rehab but we can't go one thread about Hooper without people chiming in taking the mickey about him playing golf for some reason. Is it a money thing or a jealousy thing? Hooper is one of our best players if he plays in that role behind a front man that we're desperate for some class in. If he's fit and links play we're so much better than without him but people line up on here to take the wee wee out of him.
  8. Sultan_Pepper

    Press Conference at 9am?!

    If I'd been injured for a long time, been through several surgeries and worked my ass off in rehabilitation for months to get back playing that's exactly what I'd want to read on a forum for people who are supposed to be supporting me....
  9. Sultan_Pepper

    Training Photo's

    Is nobody going to mention that apostrophe?
  10. Sultan_Pepper

    caption this

    "I've been more successful in my life than you ever will be and I'm enjoying a holiday on the beach"
  11. Sultan_Pepper

    Another owl gone

    Terrible news, condolences to all that knew him
  12. Sultan_Pepper

    Lucas - Goal Machine

    Don't disagree but I think Joao is better when he's not expected to be the player competing for high balls and clearances. He's better with a big man alongside him or possibly if we can find that ever elusive forward to play off him and get balls through a defence he could be great.
  13. Sultan_Pepper

    Bruce Bulletpoints

    Weird choice from the local press. If anything it gets fans onside with DC and loses them favour with both us and him
  14. Sultan_Pepper

    Sam Winnall to go on loan ?

    One month loan to get his fitness back with someone else I'd be happy with, longer than that and I think we should be keeping him
  15. Sultan_Pepper

    Dynamic Pricing

    I think one of us has a different definition of "pay on the day" to the other.