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  1. A massively expensive ex-premier league player with a terrible injury record. Great plan
  2. If we end up spending more than we bring in this summer I'll be disappointed. We (DC really) must learn that we have to have player turnover. it keeps the squad fresh and drives us forward. Hopefully the couple of free signings we've been linked too are positive signs of Bruce doing the deals and we'll finally see some players sold for a good fee this summer to allow us to trade properly. If we have to sell the stadium in order to buy us time to sort out the clubs approach and finances then fine, but it can't just be a stop gap to carry on splashing cash on unnecessary signings like Rhodes and co.
  3. Reckon he should be given a chance but getting free transfers in and shipping squad players out for 1 or 2 million is a staple Bruce transfer window so I won't be surprised if he goes when we have more bodies in at the back
  4. Without him Jones or Abdi would have had to play 20 games this season. Money well spent
  5. He's the sort of signing I expected Jos to make but he never did. Presumably because of the embargo. As naff as Jos was he really did get screwed over by the ffp situation, not even able to sign players on frees
  6. Mummy told me to ignore the mean people. I'm beautiful on the inside
  7. Good luck to him, thought he looked very promising. Also that picture next to Wallace :)
  8. We looked a different side with Lazaar and Aarons fit and playing. Definitely agree that we need more players with pace and aggression in the wide areas
  9. Thought Hammoud was very highly thought of?
  10. We need better but he's been improving and getting used to the speed of the championship. A long way short of our worst player today in fact after Palmer I'd probably have him down as our second best player today. João had possibly the worst game I've ever seen from any player in a Wednesday shirt. Forestieri was dreadful, Fletcher did very little, Lee tired badly, Mathias was playing far too far forward. Pelupessy had to play as one of a two man midfield against a five man midfield and the other one hasn't played for two years but yeah by all means let's start s thread to pick on him. The poor sod, I knew there was a reason I normally stay off owlstalk after a loss. I assume with Boyd going Joey has now been picked as our scape goat. Morgan Fox will be pleased at least. Hope Westwood signs his deal because the same bunch of whining nobodies all seem to have targeted Dawson too. Enjoy your summer
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