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  1. But he did distract a defender, Lees reached for the ball and made contact with it purely because the offside player was there. Should have been given offside in my opinion. The very fact that we have to have this debate shows that the rules is not fit for purpose, if we can't decide after 48 hours, replays and still frames what chance have linesmen and defenders got?
  2. Sultan_Pepper

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    Joey had a good second half. First twenty minutes he was man marking Joe Allen who moved out the centre leaving our central midfield completely empty. Presumably it was a deliberate tactic from the management team but it didn't work. We looked a damn sight better once he started playing as a normal central midfielder. Reach ended up doing the marking from then on and nullified his own game so now we've got threads about how Reach did nowt.It's almost as if dedicating your play time to a defensive marking role prevents you being an attacking force, who knew?
  3. Sultan_Pepper

    Onomah And Reach.

    Jos will make changes. I'd expect at least one of Joao or Mathis to make way on Wednesday and Onomah to be in the centre along with Joey and Bannan. Reach probably wider
  4. Sultan_Pepper

    Blame for their goals

    I agree with that bit. We do have a tendency to have players too far forward. We should move forward with the ball more rather than starting from up there. Used to happen all the time under Carlos, it's been better recently but we need reach, Mathias and João to have a starting position 10 years further back when the ball is in midfield
  5. Sultan_Pepper

    The playlist for this weekends match

    Water Front That is all
  6. Sultan_Pepper

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Whether it happens or not wasn't the question. Whether or not it is wanted was the question. I'll never win the lottery, but I want to. That's why I buy a ticket. Abdi may never play for us again, but we want him to, that's why we pay his wages
  7. Sultan_Pepper

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    We've never seen a fit Andi in a Wednesday shirt. If you're asking if I want to see the Abdi that played for Watford in our side then the answer is yes, yes I do. And you should too.
  8. Sultan_Pepper


    It said the same about Hooper and he was in full training in Sheffield within a week, I'd put it down to translation unless we hear otherwise
  9. Sultan_Pepper


    "Man with long term knee injuries goes to see his regular knee consultant during two weeks down time from matches"
  10. Sultan_Pepper

    17 Years ago today

    Wikipedia says he's 6ft 6. Surely not?
  11. Sultan_Pepper

    International Round-Up of sorts

    I clicked sad face. Not because I disagree with you or it wasn't funny; but because it was too depressingly accurate.
  12. Sultan_Pepper

    The Championship just got all serious

    They lifted the Birmingham one a week before they lifted ours
  13. Sultan_Pepper

    Forestieri banned

    Is that the end of all investigations or is the alleged racist comment still being looked into?
  14. My dad is from Wombwell but I was raised in Hull and now live in Brum. My dad is from a Barnsley supporting family but I think they had a lodger who was a Wednesday fan that took him along in the 50's. Dad took me when I was little in the 80's