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  1. Sultan_Pepper

    Sign him up!

    “I would like to stay here but it’s not for me to decide that. It’s up to the club.” That translates as "Please give me my new contract offer"
  2. Sultan_Pepper

    FF Song

    Singing Fernando to the tune of Fernando, who would have thought it? Well if I had to do it again, I would my friend
  3. Sultan_Pepper

    Owl too young for Hillsborough?

    Baby harness and some headphones and you should be golden
  4. Sultan_Pepper

    Championship stadiums ranked

    Slate Reading, Hull, Swansea and Bolton for having carbon copy new build bland stadiums and then claim Pride Park is a good stadium. They're all the same ruddy stadium, just coloured in different and in a slightly different car park outside a slightly different town.
  5. Always think it's odd saying that a team shouldn't underestimate an opponent or stay humble. Even saying it implies that you do feel you are superior to them and are doing the exact opposite. That said the correct attitude is to apply effort and work rate whether you are humble or not, if we do that then we'll be alright
  6. Sultan_Pepper

    Hutchinson at CB

    His best position is centre half, hope he plays there this season
  7. Sultan_Pepper

    Looks lik Palmer and Baker for RWB.

    We've gone three seasons without selling anyone apart from Wiggins. Our squad is too big and needs to be smaller and fitter, Jos appears to be doing that so no complaints from me. Owlstak: "Our manager never gives new players a chance, Jack Hunt is bobbins and can't cross, we need to sell players" Manager sells one player to give youth a chance and gets another top wage earner off the books in Rhodes Owlstalk "Waaaa waaa he's doing it all wrong, we've not signed another 15 premier league players to add to our already bloated squad, this close season has been a disaster"
  8. Sultan_Pepper

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    He was a good signing. The summer after Wembley the one position we all wanted to improve on was a striker to improve on Nuhiu. Owlstalk pretty much as a whole was convinced he was the final piece of the puzzle and the good old HMS was about to set sale. Life gets in the way of good ideas sometimes though. Doesn't mean he's a bad player all of a sudden
  9. Sultan_Pepper

    What they up to?

    The secret is to pretend to be taking a picture of something high up above them, then bring the camera down to point towards them but put your other hand over it like you are shielding it from the sun to look at the picture you just took, which you didn't really take. At that point you can take the real picture without them noticing Or alternatively you could let them have a coffee in peace
  10. Sultan_Pepper

    Fraser Preston & Alex Hunt

    Ignore me, I'm mixing up my youth players :)
  11. You've got our in out and Birmingham's transfers have been cancelled by the football league and they are under an embargo now, other than that it's clear a lot of teams are not doing a lot of transfering in this season so far
  12. It's a friendly, there may be training niggles, players on different stages of rehab etc. Line up could be absolutely anything. Don't read too much into it either way.
  13. Can't find it but when he left Marseille his strike partner (whose name has escaped me) did an interview saying Fletcher was the most natural finisher he'd ever seen. Not saying he was right but Fletcher is a very good striker with an excellent all round game and I don't think we're near to having seen the best of him
  14. Sultan_Pepper

    U23s at Hallam tonight

    Crouch's game was never about headers and being a target man until he got near 30 when he finally seemed to figure it out. He was a much better player with balls to feet for years when he was at Villa, Liverpool etc