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  1. It shows signs of a promising partnership and they both looked to enjoy it. I think we can only really go 442 when Lee is at full fitness. He does the work of 2 players in there and joins up as well as helping a Hutch/Luongo option. As much as I like bannan I think he needs to be in a 3. Would need reach on the wing too, he can tuck in to help out really well
  2. If you're an opposition manager an you see Nuhiu up front against you it gives you a set of issues to deal with. The people you use to deal with it at the same ones you'd need to stop Fletcher. Very few teams have the personnel to prevent them both
  3. OK, I thought the first one was bad enough but to see if beaten so resoundingly so quickly was really very impressive
  4. Ahead of Winall and Rhodes in the queue for me and best placed to both step in for Fletcher and to come on and change a game.
  5. Anyone know if Thornily available for selection?
  6. Sturrock was always a big proponent of competition for places. Felt our squad at the time played better when there was pressure for their place. I reckon bullen has a similar view. He knows Luongo is pushing reach and bannan and we've got pressure pretty much across the whole pitch. Long may it continue
  7. I swear Gary Lineker is doing an Alan partridge impression
  8. Odubajo had no problems physically against a fairly physical presence from Barnsley, more than happy for him to keep his place. I do think we'll see Reach wide and Bannan or Luongo in the middle and one of Murphy or Harris dropping to the bench for tougher away games. Guess we'll see if Bullen views this as a tougher away game or not.
  9. I do worry about the reaction on here when we do lose one. Toys everywhere, prams scattered around the floor, cries for Bullen's head
  10. Why has nobody mentioned Sturrock. I know his health issues have prevented him managing but as an assistant or adviser he'd be a great shout surely?
  11. I asked the ticket office, I had no idea either. It's the stripey one. New ones are the same as well, my daughter's new one is the same design
  12. Hopefully the likes of Baker, Penney and Thorniley can be loaned out for a full season if we can't move anyone else on. I still think winall and van aken are good enough for top half in this division but if having them on the bench keeps our youngsters out the team for a whole year it's not worth it
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