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  1. I'd take either of them I think, obvious question marks over the loyalty and how Chansiri sees that but i think them leaving was more the clubs fault than theirs. The club messed up the contract offers, get them back on reasonable wages. Shaw especially with Brennan would give us a real future at the back and players that can play a ball forwards. Proper cover for the inevitably Luongo injuries too
  2. I think he's the most naturally gifted youth player we've produced tin about 15 years and the fact that we haven't given him more game time will ultimately cost us. Admittedly there's not a lot of competition for that title but there you go How we are once again 6 months from contract end for a promising young player is beyond me.
  3. if we cancel a season long loan like shodipo or lewis can we make further loan signings at the back? Just wondering if there's sense to bringing in available permanent signings up the field like Laing then bringing in loans at the back while we have injuries
  4. We got used to losing over the last few years, Moore seems to have made us used to drawing. If we can get in the habit of winning then that has a huge impact on performance and style of play and result. Confidence is a fickle thing. I'm more than happy to see a high tempo start and some attacking intent leading to a win.
  5. I know a lot of people might disagree but I think he's one of our better crossers of a ball too
  6. Not read the whole thread but I think I might be the only person that thinks he might come good. Really needs a run of games.
  7. I know a bloke who used to be assistant to the chairman at Cardiff for Sam Hammam His job was basically keeping the players happy and comfortable. This is going back a bit but his job was to make sure they had everything they needed when coming to the club and day to day to the point where I ended up on a stag do with Michael Chopra because he was bored and had nothing to do that weekend and tagged along. It's a very vague job title though and I can imagine any number of different job descriptions across the entire football league with people doing drastically different work under the same title
  8. So sorry for your loss. Donation made for you and those that the care unit can help.
  9. Can I vote for surprise option 3 where we start out doing 2 then gain confidence and go on to do 1 but really well?
  10. We need 2 up top, we haven't got a centre forward good enough to do it all on their own. To get 2 up top we have to either drop a midfielder or a defender from the numbers. If we go to 2 in the middle we have to find a way to allow Bannan to play, same problem every manager we've had for 6 years has had. CC managed it with him on the wing and Lee covering 90% of the pitch. We haven't got Lee. Can Dennis do that job? If we go 3 at the back instead we have better personnel in midfield and in Hunt and Brown have what I think are ready made wing backs but it basically means dropping wingers of which we've signed a few. Personally I'd like to see us try Iorfa, Dunkley, Palmer as a back 3 with Hunt and Brown as wing backs, That frees up Hutch to do the sitting role for Bannan and Dennis to do the running. We could put Berahino up top with Kemberi or Gregory then. Really our issues stem from the fact that we're getting out-fought in midfield every game. Doesn't matter who is up top if we never have the ball to give it to them.
  11. All officials come to Hillsborough worrying that they'll be swayed by such a large crowd compared to the division we're in so are desperate not to give us too much but as a fanbase we're beaten down and negative and don't make the noise of a large crowd so them then compensating for a noise that's not there means we get absolutely naff all.
  12. Every sign writers I've ever seen always has an out of date and damaged shop sign. Never worked out why
  13. Or google maps with the typical set off time drop down.....
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