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  1. Any premier league job will come with a team down on their luck, otherwise the manager won't have been sacked. We're in the black financially, had a great run at the end of last season and look to be on a much better footing with injuries. We're a very very tempting prospect for the season compared to a team at the wrong end of the premier league I would think
  2. I did check it wasn't a weird translation of "Terrence Flotte de poule"
  3. It's obvious that all of our managers have struggled find a system and a role to suit him but I think we're all forgetting quite how good Forestieri can be. A fully fit FF going into a championship season on form can be the difference between mid table and top 6. If I'm trying to think of a starting 11 I struggle to put him in it but he's better than 99% of the players we'll face this season. Don't envy any manager trying to decide on his future with us, would love to see him on fire this season.
  4. As much as well love to hate him Warnock's system for getting to the top of the championship always seemed to include amassing striking options. There's a logic in having different types of forwards and having a couple of each
  5. Nope. He's treated us badly but wishing bad health or death on anyone over football is over the line I'm afraid
  6. His Man Utd side broke the record for the number of crosses in a single match. We've got Rhodes and Fletcher and just signed wide players. You know it makes sense. I love some good wing play me
  7. Ashley has spent his entire transfer budget and Bruce. It won't happen
  8. Ok.... Who had "Newcastle appoint some French bloke and we get no compensation or manager"?
  9. I believe some things have officially happened. Births, deaths, marriages. That sort of thing.
  10. You might be right actually, but it all felt very fishy at the time
  11. Would have been a top choice a couple of years ago but he's burned his bridges with the fans and more importantly with DC. I get the feeling DC doesn't forget people who crossed him, especially for money
  12. Batman picks up a vase and hits the joker's henchman over the head. He shouts "T'pau!" Robin asks if he meant to say "Kapow" Batman says "No I have China in my hand"
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