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  1. We'll not get better that Fox for his wages. No brainer to extend his contract.
  2. We know you can't judge a player from YouTube (Pecnic ahoy) and I'm not talking about his talent here but does anyone else think his gait when running looks like a young Michael Owen? The way he kind of sits into his stride when he runs just reminds me of him a bit. Either way welcome aboard and if he's been signed by the people that brought in urogohide (spelling anyone?), Borner, Harris and Iorfa I've got some faith in their judgment
  3. If there's a chance of a loan with an agreement to sign in the summer it's a very good way to improve the squad.
  4. You'll be reet, you've got that painting in your loft
  5. I swear to god he looked like Booby Moore reborn on his debut with some of his defending. Really thought he had the makings on that showing. Not seen enough of him since.
  6. We made 60m off the sale of the ground. We're not skint, we just might not be allowed to spend it
  7. I don't think the issue is Bannan, and it's not Hutch. It's when they are in midfield together as the only central players. We end up with an enormous gap between midfield and attack and we don't drive anything forward unless a winger goes on a run or Bannan pulls out at wonder ball. We have to have Lee or Luongo in there somewhere to carry the ball, to make the runs, to join things up and make the space for Bannan.
  8. Or he's bluffing to avoid his new deal being scuppered by an injury in the next 3 games ;)
  9. Not saying I believe this or the other one but a couple of things. Firstly how good is it that our players are doing well enough that they are worth other clubs being interested in again? About time I say. Secondly, if we have a scouting network that can find Borner for free and Iorfa for 200k. Imagine what they could do if we sold a few players for a few million each
  10. 5-0 in the last two games, Luongo keeps the shirt I think.
  11. Mystifies me that most Wednesday fans can't see that Fox is a good player at this level. A left back as good in the air as most centre backs, good defensive positioning and got a good cross on him. We go two decades with crap full backs, get a competent one and everyone hates him because he doesn't run forwards and overlap like like he's on FIFA all the time
  12. I brought two mates to that game, both Everton fans. Lee Briscoe never stood a chance
  13. If we don't sign some younger players soon we'll be Garry and the pacemakers
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