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  1. Got to be through the automatics - we seem to have forgotten how to turn up for the semis.
  2. Add it to the list - only had ourselves to blame as we didn’t turn up for either semi game..like the Huddersfield playoffs earlier. ..last time we did was vs Brighton away.
  3. To stop being too nice and dropping points by by conceding silly late goals would be a good start.
  4. Emulating many a player who struggled here and then went on to better things elsewhere Doesn’t alter the fact his signing was unnecessary and represents one of the worst bits of business in the clubs history.
  5. Probably not, but we ain’t in it so it’s of no real importance/relevance sadly.
  6. Would be happy with something like this…have a feeling it was a proposal back in the 60’s but only the North Stand was completed - pity. Kop and Leppings Lane ends need a rebuild for starters and something along the lines of the recent proposals would be good. ..but it will cost a fair whack and thus bottom of the list at the mo. If/when we get to the Prem will it be on the table.
  7. Similar sentiments - We are simply too soft and too often unable to defend properly for 90 mins. That combination will not get us promoted. I think he will get another season but if we don’t start well there will be no excuses and I have a feeling DC will make a change. Longer we hang around in this league the harder it will be to get out and I have a feeling it will ultimately take an Alex Neil type manager to instill the grit needed to get us up
  8. We made it easier for you by not turning up - again. But you fans were right to be confident - Neil knew what to do and Moore.didn’t. Wr also had no Plan b and failed yet again to avoid conceding in injury time - so no complaints tbh. Enjoy Wembley
  9. Problem is, we’ll lose the better players. Why will they want another season in the 3rd tier? We’ll end up like Portsmouth - mid table
  10. Out to a goal conceded in injury time - fitting I suppose. What a dismal pair of ties - we didn’t turn up as with Huddersfield. Frustrating doesn’t even come close.
  11. Well, that’s probably that - another season of L1 and it will be be even tougher to get out. We may have the better players but Sunderland have been the better side. We have been poor in the playoffs since beating Brighton away and it’s cost us again.
  12. S**t, game on! Didn’t think we had it in us based on this performance so far. up for grabs now!
  13. The playoff final was worse and the semi final games against Huddersfield run this close
  14. Sunderlakd fans before the game were pleased with the matchup as they knew Moore didn’t have a Plan B They are being proved right Its so frustrating
  15. The belief has gone - Sunderland have weathered the storm and believe they can win it. We are being put out by the better team and the more experienced manager.
  16. Really? He is doing his job and helping his team get to Wembley, something that we are struggling with at the moment.
  17. It was always a distinct possibility. Neil far more experienced in these games and knows what it takes to get the job done. So far it’s proving to be the case. 45 mins or so to turn it round - tick tock..
  18. Its going to be goalless is t it - Sunderland’s plan is very simple, waste time and slow everything down. We can’t get going. Neil is a canny manager and has made them very hard to beat - he knows how to get this type of job done.
  19. We have better side than them - but we have to turn up and be positive for it to count. Friday could have been a lot worse but there really is no margin for error now.
  20. Could have been a lot worse and they won’t be feeling as happy as they feel they ought to be. Providing we turn up we should be able to turn it round.
  21. Need to show much more in the second half - in a perverse way it maybe what we need to get going
  22. Doing better than we did last time here but very low bar. We could do with some possession for a bit just to slow things down a little.
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