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  1. Makes a change him being able to stand on both legs.
  2. Anywhere else on the pitch the ref gives a foul for that. Sunderland player nowhere near winning the ball.
  3. I get that you don't like him but at least insult him in a way that makes sense. You've called him a mercenary despite the fact that we are his second club and he's played close to 200 games for us.
  4. Wednesday fans spent years slating Nuhiu and yet how much did McBurnie cost? Never a footballer.
  5. I'm assuming that most harking back to the 90s are somewhere between 30 and 50 now? This is just your standard nostalgia. Give it 30 years and some bloke will ask if everyone misses the excitement of the 20s, the VAR mess ups and the days you could still get a league 1 player for under £100m. Hate to be the bringer of bad news, but this is just called getting old.
  6. I actually quite like the Barca top. Also, are their women sponsored by Stanley?!
  7. The way some people go on about the players Messi has played with to detract from him you'd think Maradona and Ronaldo play(ed) with pub players, rather than some of the top players around.
  8. Chelsea's third shirt looks more like a Palace shirt than the Palace shirts do.
  9. Why would anyone put an offer in for someone they can get for free Soon? If he leaves then he'll end up playing for a team that finishes above us next season.
  10. Strangely, regardless of what stats say (and it seems wrongly in this case), I've always imagined us to have terrible record against them; particularly down there.
  11. Probably goes along with everything you hear about him being a bit of a d!ck. Means that when it's going well everyone can laugh along but when things turn against you it makes situations spiral and get harder to recover. Aside from this, anyone who loses to us probably deserves the sack.
  12. Best you could give to Umbro is that maybe they didn't get what it was when Linfield suggested it? Although I'm pretty sure these larger companies use local contractors in the design process. At some point of this process someone should have realised at least. And if they did then that's beyond shameful.
  13. Surely action should be taken about this? It's so blatant that it goes beyond a joke!
  14. Thanks all. As I say, starting slowly now to build up and will be keeping a tracker of how that goes along with weight. As a rule I'm generally pretty fit between 105kg-115kg but just wanting to bring that down a bit as I don't think it'll be much fun dragging so much weight along the hilly bits of the course!
  15. Signed myself up to do the Auckland half marathon on 1st November in a moment of madness and I've started my training now for it. While I am active I'm not a huge runner and have been playing mostly power-based sports throughout my adult life. I'm therefore 110kg and hoping to shed a fair amount of that over the next 4 months, while gradually increasing my morning runs from 15 minutes to 20 to 25 and then be doing 30 minutes each morning as well as a longer run each Sunday, having still played rugby on Saturday. With that as a rough plan will I be looking at being alright for the half in November? I'm an experienced sportsman but absolute running novice and I feel like I may have bitten off more than I can chew.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/football/the-agony-and-the-ecstasy/2020/jun/01/crystal-palace-relegation-liquidation-10-years-ago Written by a Palace fan, looking back at their miraculous escape... We were absolutely rotten at this time and truly deserved to go down but I still have a special hatred for clubs such as Palace and Leicester who took the administration route before returning to spending beyond their means and now live it up off the back of that.
  17. It was pretty entertaining watching most of that - him and Nuhiu seem like a proper double act. All of a sudden it became genuinely touching when he was in the cemetery. Also, give it 3 years and his kid is gonna be taller than him.
  18. People keen to put an asterisk next to Celtic's title were less keen to talk about the actual tainted titles given out in the 90s. The title isnt the main thing here; not sure why someone was going on about Sevcos performances against Celtic, have you looked at the league table? The main issue is the relegation and I do feel for Hearts. Flip side is that someone was always going to lose out and why should that be a promoted team missing what they earned? It's a tricky situation and honestly my gut instinct for all the leagues is that null and void would be the only way to go, but we still see teams losing out in that case too.
  19. Is that how you would choose to headline an article with him? Or would you mention the club he's most known for playing for and with whom he won the league?
  20. "Former Man City goalkeeper"; he played 8 times for them and won the title just 4 years ago with Leicester.
  21. You should all cancel your memberships for them somehow allowing this through. Ironic they mention "lazy punditry"; this is shocking journalism aimed at those for whom life revolves around the "top 4/6/whoever has the money"
  22. The Simpsons SPFL page and Scottish Football Memes accounts are gold. Take the Mickey out of the play all you like but some of the self deprecating stuff Scottish fans come out with is pure gold. And, for what it's worth, I'd rather they divvy up prize money as per current standings but with no titles/promotion/relegation.
  23. Beheadings, public executions, a devastating war in Yemen in which innocent civilians are being slaughtered, the export of the ideology which has given us modern Islamic terrorism and the murder of a journalist, among other things, are one thing but...RENAMING A STADIUM?! Outrageous behaviour.
  24. This is what I mean about the selection; it's the first console in years that I just cant keep up with all the quality games to be played. Will keep these recommendations in mind! As for FE:TH. I love it, I think it's a magic game with fantastic battle mechanics, keeping the grid based strategy stuff varied as you move through and a great storyline which is truly influenced by your decisions. I dont know if you've played Fire Emblem games before but its certainly an easier route into them than many last games have been; permadeath is still there but there is more room to adapt your players and their classes. I accept that for some people it just might not be their thing, but if it is even close to being your thing then it couldnt have been done much better.
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