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New SWSWSWS Flag arrived today!

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No mate I was enthused by the performance against QPR and a loss in the League Cup isnt going to change my mind.

I was reminded last night of when we played the pigs when Laws was in charge and they had Robson , Laws was bulling up the game something cruel and Robson played it down as just another game and we went at them from the first whistle as Rovrum did us .

Win against Burnley and last night will be forgotten I can't believe tho that some are calling Saturday a must win game.

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£106 including the postage! Took a week from payment to delivery! 10' x 6'

That's good is that, is it 10ft x 6ft?

I'm going to start a thread to get some ideas for a new one, or know there are a few of us who'd like to put in to get a big'un.

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