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  1. I reckon the best way to do it is like Rugby if a player is down ( not in the box tho ) then the physios can come on while play continues I'm sick to death of seeing players go down 50 yard behind play and the Ref blowing as soon as they hold their heads and then giving an uncontested drop ball once the cheating gets side have all got back in position As an aside id also make it an automatic bookable offence for any player running up and across a ball to stop a quick free kick Pritchard did it on loads of occasions the other day and nothing done
  2. I am a huge Hutch fan but no two ways about it he screwed up big time and cost us the game thru it You trying to say a journalist shouldn't do his job and give the facts ? Hutch may well end up MoM on monday and make up for his horrendous rick tonight and if he does im certain Joe Crann will report that as well
  3. You got a ticket for Monday ? i know a lad who needs one i mean you seem to hate Wednesday so much you obviously won't be going
  4. No he wasn't fit thats why Moore kept him on for 95 minutes ....................he's a closet Sunderland fan yer know
  5. They didn't create that much one piece of brilliance from Pritchard and couple of decent-ish shots
  6. Needs his ice bath first Only for BB they don't use a wheelie bin a kitchen bin is deep enough
  7. Sometimes and i know its a difficult concept but sometimes the opposition play better
  8. For all their possession its needed a screw up by us for them to score This isn't done yet
  9. Dele has been watching at least if in doubt chuck thissen to deck and you'll get a foul
  10. They just chuck themselves over and he blows this Ref never a foul that
  11. Yet he was the 2 nd guy charging out of defence that last attack 2nd only to Windass
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