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  1. And the penalty wouldn't have mattered had we taken the chances Gregory missed and the header that Berahino missed
  2. I said to my mate after the penalty miss that the narrative would be that Bannan needs dropping The abuse he gets sickens me
  3. I agree he had an off day but even on his off day he provided the ball for the goal, played an exquisite defence splitting pass for the disallowed goal put at least 2 great balls that Gregory squandered, oh and provided one of the worst penalty misses in years . We had enough absolute clear cut chances yesterday to be out of sight BEFORE the Penalty the majority of which were provided by BBs left boot
  4. If you're dropping BB and banking on Paterson then we are fuc'd
  5. Why ? Would 3 nil to Sunderland be less disgraceful ? I look at how a side is doing personally not at their name nor their history Plymouth have had a strong start to the season i was never confidant of a result there, chuck in a really poor performance and you lose 3 nil
  6. probably a disgraceful performance but result no Plymouth have lost 1 in 7 why does anyone think that we should walk into their place and expect them to roll over Reality check seems apt
  7. I got so sick of phoning about the last 5 games of 19/20 season and having no stomach for going the legal route that after reading in the disappeared thread that one contributor had gotten his back as a ticket credit i asked to go that way too even though i didn't want to. I had spoken with Trevor Braithwait about my frustration with the situation and he very kindly sorted me out I received an email telling me it was all set up just had to confirm whether i wanted a shop credit or a ticket credit, luckily ,as it turned out, i was in an area of Derbyshire where i had no signal when i noticed the email so couldn't immediately reply as i would have done. Just before i reached work where i was going to send my preference email reply i got a phone call from SWFC to arrange my cash refund just needed my account details, it was all sorted in about 2 mins, money back frustration over
  8. Nonsense He had the option of cutting the chicane like LH had to on the opening lap by going across the grass Hamilton avoided contact Verstappen CHOSE not to
  9. Find footage of the 1970 FA cup Final Leeds v Chelsea The pitch was basically sand painted green they had had the horse of the year show on it the previous weekend and the turf was completely kaput
  10. What a fantastic Tournament the US Open has been this year Not a Medvedev fan at all but it does feel good to have a different winner Radacanu was just astonishing throughout
  11. Spot on Look at the first Lap incident too Verstappen drove Hamilton wide because it was HIS corner and Hamilton paid the penalty having to get out of it and losing places The 2nd incident was a reverse it was Hamiltons corner as he was leading and imo and more importantly the stewards opinion, Verstappens responsibility to get out of it and avoid contact just as Hamilton did first lap I see nothing wrong with what Verstappen did 1st lap, i don't like this " he ran me off the track" nonsense that is always cited don't put your car in a closing wedge then, equally Verstappens line inevitably led to contact which he could have and should have avoided in the 2nd incident Other than that overjoyed that Danny Ric was back on the top step and great that McLaren get a long awaited win
  12. Aye with a bit of perspective We are playing a side who have started like a scolded cat and its 6 games in
  13. Oh dear the naysayers are out in force early Calm down its only football
  14. They have have made the Ticketing system really unnecessarily complex, a real example of if it ain't broke don't fix it I had this message for Hudds tickets but can't for the life of me remember how i stumbled through it to eventually buy tickets for myself and my nephew
  15. This is Radio Rowmish signing off well done Europe
  16. It's such a good win On their patch no fans to speak off and pillock Yanks screaming get in the hole after every shot
  17. They've done it Pedersen is guaranteed a half
  18. Now go on and win the bloody thing
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