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  1. Good, maybe Bristol City would be good enough to refund me for two away tickets then?
  2. Was this the game where some fans paraded a pigs head on a silver platter with a red and white scarf wrapped around it ?
  3. Away to L***s singing to Brian McDermot on the touchline ( to the tune of Reda Johnson) humpty, humpty dumpty humpty humpty humpty HUMPTY DUMPTY!
  4. On Twitter Izzy deal done official
  5. R.I.P. Sammy, a big name in the Wednesday family.
  6. Our name is unique, utd’s and city’s are ten a penny but there is only one Wednesday. Back in the 70’s and 80’s when i started supporting, a big chant of THE WEDNESDAY! would start on the north and reverberate all around the ground it was brilliant.
  7. Such sad news, there is no one more deserving of LEGEND than big Jack for me. What a wonderful character the world of football is a poorer place without him he touched so many peoples lives. RIP Jack.
  8. Rotherham owls have a coach
  9. Nowt new, back in the 70’s we hit 7or8 thousand for a league game now that was dire. We would drive up to the ground at 2.55 and still find a parking space in charlie browns outside the kop.
  10. Choose a chant, we get to vote for a song that could be interesting
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