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  1. Love the man Thanks once again Milan WAWAW
  2. Anyone else think that...

    Could be the turning point in the way we play and in doing so get everyone back on side

    It was a joy today watching Hooper his first touch is sublime
  4. The Massive today

    i believe that performance from the fans that day led to an episode on Murdoch Mysteries being devoted to The Wednesday. ( cheers TC )
  5. Bullen and Carlos

    Arnt some things best left in house?
  6. Went past Derby's ground a few weeks ago, they were advertising all sorts of things on their two screens outside the ground.Thought at the time we should be doing something similar.
  7. Rare Photo, Tango with his shirt on

    don't think so
  8. John Terry

    A Mick Lions? but those were the days before money changed everything
  9. All in, thanks again mirodo
  10. Hardest Wednesday player ever

    sam scoring at Brenford sorry aint got a picture
  11. Can't bloody wait

    Reet enjoyed that
  12. Brilliant!! Well done lads. UTO
  13. Wonder if the lettering on the roof lasted as long as presto on the west stand
  14. Yeh like did i see you on a street corner wearing a red n white scarf ffs