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  1. I know you excluded Brian Laws but the fact he gave us the double over the filth makes him worth a mention for me.
  2. Happy birthday Jack, we will never forget what you did for us. A true legend.
  3. I had the privilege to shake his hand at the BDM reunion ( had a tear in my eye ) what an absolute legend loved by all. He gave a friend of mine who grew up with his son in Barnsley his 66 winning shirt it had just been hanging in his wardrobe.
  4. Andy Mac scores a goal, everybody rock n roll na na na na..........
  5. I think Tommy Tynan had the Travellers next door to the Gate at one time
  6. Only if he brings Corbyn’s money tree
  7. Hi, I have one adult ticket ( £26 ) for Saturdays game for sale
  8. Way too young to go, RIP John
  9. It wont be long before he’s walking on water
  10. Gutted, i am away it would have been a new ground
  11. Sad news Lee, thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.
  12. That is depressing kivo but sadly all true
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