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  1. Bpmber

    The Sheffield Wednesday pie

    Is it in the guiness book of records?
  2. Bpmber

    Ricky Moate Update

    Good news mate, wish you all the very best for your recovery
  3. Bpmber

    Jack Hunt statistics

    As much as liked Jack he was no Lewis Buxton
  4. Bpmber

    Harthill Owls

    Wonder if they rembered to close the gate when they left
  5. Tin pot, no beer throwing
  6. Bpmber

    Spot yourself?

    Bug Ron on the left in a grey jacket?
  7. Ok, but could they play twice a week?
  8. Bpmber

    Joey Pelupessy

    He needs a song
  9. Possibly to do with fact that bannan was playing in the back four ffs.
  10. Bpmber

    Big Ian

    We are saddened to hear this news, he was a lovely fella. RIP Ian
  11. McClaren is only good at one thing, job interviews that’s what scares me.