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  1. Get him fully fit and I agree with you totally At the moment he’s running on empty at about 75 mins which is understandable given his lack of games That ball for the Hutch chance was pure poetry
  2. John Terry and Carragher made careers defending like that 6 of one half a dozen of the other
  3. Palmer for me but any of the defence really I thought all four were excellent
  4. You have got to be joking FF had an excellent game he was full of beans and harried and chased every ball
  5. I wonder if the op is going to start a thread about Hectors over hit pass just now
  6. Someone tweeted footy heaven the other day about how Bruce wasn’t the manager he wanted Don’t you believe he’ll be given next season , if we aren’t winning this season the usual suspects will come out the woodwork ”I knew he was wrong for us when he wouldn’t start reight away” I hope I’m wrong but experience of this site has shown me better
  7. Hope they do Doesn’t offer near enough often enough and neglects any defensive duties
  8. I bet you believed Bill Shankly when he said football was more important than life or death too Football is a game, losing both parents in quick succession is an absolute tragedy, one can only imagine the effect it has had on Bruce himself but what about his kids and grandkids ? I don’t blame Bruce putting his family before football at this time
  9. Oi turn it in 

    Squonk is a default account I mistakenly cleared all my passwords on my laptop and the recovery system requires the flipping password I can’t remember on Owlstalk I can access off my iPad my proper account but don’t like using Owlstalk on it .

    i have messaged for help to reset my password but no one got back to me 

  10. If you listen Mark makes the same call every time he calls
  11. Well done you are doing so well in life that in the run up to Christmas you have disposable income enough to spend it on football I on the other hand, obviously not a real fan as im at home, waste all my money on frivolities like rent, bills and taxes, oh if only i'd listened in school Are you going to the Luton Cup Game perchance ? i'm assuming as an UberFan you will be, i am too maybe we could meet for a drink and you could help me mend my ways and lead me to the promised land of superfandom
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