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  1. What did you want Fox to do ? He didn't get the shout from Westwood so had to try deal with the cross which he did That goal was all Westwood
  2. No you can offer existing players contracts but i think the size of them has restrictions over and above what their previous deal was ( dont quote me on that bit tho )
  3. Tom Lees is a very very very good player but our problems aren't Iorfa and Borner who have forged an excellent partnership while Tom has been injured I too would have no qualms at Tom lees playing but it has to be if one or the other suffers an injury or loss of form
  4. A classic "the player out of the team is the answer to all our problems" thread Iorfa and Borner have been the best Centre Half pairing since Lees and Loovens did so well under CC yet because we played poorly and lost to Blackburn we need to split em up Nonsense I've read on these august pages that FF is our best attacker ( he isn't nor has he been for 2 seasons ) yet another player not in the side who will fix our ills if only Monk will play him ...........................its a laughable philosophy
  5. No plz don't ill direct message you about how a truFan should react
  6. No it isn't that was last season and has no bearing whatever on this season
  7. Well stop being a diva Its 15 games in and we are 4 points off top spot no one knows how important these points will be so why ask and why would they be more important than those dropped v Hull ? Every win we are going to conquer Europe in 3 years every loss we are destined for the national league its wearing and pathetic
  8. Trying to win the game ? If he had put on say Obudaju for example and the result was the same the OT tactical genii would have slaughtered him for not going for it Your and my disappointment is all in about a poor performance and a crap scoreline ..................we lost away period as our American cousins say
  9. How ? He subbed FF on just like everyone has and had been asking for He subbed Atty on unless this is an Atty bashing post He subbed Murphy on who scored
  10. I used to play this sport I apparently don’t understand and enjoyed PLAYING it However how anyone enjoys watching it is beyond me
  11. I fully understand the sport but then its not my fault you're a patronising ******* but don't get down on yourself
  12. Well done a true egalitarian Ok ill drop back onto my 2nd reason Its stultifyingly boring and impossible to enjoy
  13. Or maybe the fact that lots of people have no interest whatsoever about crappy Rugby is lost on you
  14. Why is a total indifference to a posh boy game thats total shybo hard to understand ?
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