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  1. I think give Marriot time to bed in and see how he goes along with Paterson and Windass could be the answer to our lack of scoring
  2. Just watch Gillette Soccer Sat at the same time Ifollow is always at least 3 mins behind Ifollow is a joke its so bad its untrue if i could get a decent FM signal i wouldn't subscribe at all and even then i missed our goal because it wouldn't come back on until about the 53rd min You lot moan about RS sit here wishing i could get RS clearly
  3. Ifollow is a crap service that we are paying through the nose for just get over it
  4. Well my prediction for wiping the minus 12 off was 7 games and we can achieve that in the next week so hopefully i'll be spot on
  5. This has an inevitability about it at the moment can see a late equaliser .............................hope i'm well wrong
  6. Man leverages debt against an asset ......................end of the world Happens every day Nowt to see here
  7. We made shedloads of Chances in the games so far and haven't put them away so your post is nonsensical
  8. No its not its a massage to your ego as an uberfan who calls for the managers head after every setback
  9. If everytime a team went on the park they played perfectly every game would finish nil nil borefests Stuff happens mistakes are made brilliant pieces of individualism occur which makes Football the game it is Circumstances conspired against us yesterday
  10. Look you bugger off trying to bring sense and facts to a hysteria thread
  11. Down to 10 men and the best defender of the game being the man missing but dont let facts get in the way
  12. Apparently the shorter Wildsmith would have been a better bet Where theres blame theres a claim where theres a goal the doom mongers have to stick it to someone usually Cameron Dawson make me want to puke sometimes
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