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  1. I did but only very late on in career when he was just going through the motions because of money but obviously watching games he played in on telly he was a wonderful footballer
  2. Spot agree with every word Its always brought up that Pele couldn't live with todays athletes i'd maintain that Ronaldo (s) Messi et al couldn't live with the 60s and 70s hatchet men. Pele was hammered out of the 66 WC also if you want great players that barely get a mention how about Eusebio and an Englishman again never gets mentioned Bobby Charlton Having said all that its impossible to compare eras i'm not surprised that people under about 50 pick Maradona and people under about 40 always pick Ronaldo or Messi its about who you grew up idolising Pele
  3. So why did his team tell him to give it back because the Stewards had said he had to They played out the radio traffic during commentary Hamilton was brilliant
  4. Thats what a Champion does Fabulous drive by LH
  5. How do you think i felt i backed the ********
  6. When on TalkSport Murray and Holloway were the only ones backing Wednesday to make the Play - Offs in 2016 when everyone else was suckling at the Teats of Fulham ( the form team in the division even though our form was better ) Holloway used to be on Murrays show quite often around that time He went to a few games at Hillsborough when the Ice Hockey was on and Belfast ( i think ) were in town . He always raved about Beres pulled Pork BBQ sarnie and usually referred to Wednesday as a proper club I've always liked him as a presenter and miss the run-down of the weekends
  7. Honestly ? The "sport" of Cycling is rotten to its core and no one seems to want to change it Will the knighthoods be going back i wonder ............................maybe in a Brown Paper Parcel
  8. End of an Era Legend is a word thrown about too glibly these days but Murray was deffo a legend Murray was the sound of F1 when i was growing up and definitely enthused me about the sport .He always claimed to love Motorcycle Racing more than F1 his father Graham being a very good TT Rider and Murray used to have a BMW R90S in Sunburst Orange Such a sad loss RIP Murray Walker
  9. My Nephew who is 14 (and on his 11th st) started coming with me when he was 5, he asked to come to matches and i made sure i always took stuff to distract him if he got bored The 1st season he didn't take a lot of notice but it was in the time of the free STs for under 8s so nothing was lost but he couldn't wait to go the next season Obviously he didn't go to Midweek games at that time
  10. He fell out with Lee Strafford by being churlish enough ti ask that he was paid commensurate with Darren Purse Strafford then proceeded to chuck both Woody and Laws under the bus The way Woody was treated was a disgrace
  11. Oh stoppit with the conspiracy theories you'll be claiming Trump won the election next Mason is just a poor Ref he was the VAR when Soucek (sp ) got sent off for elbowing Mitrovic because he saw a clenched fist
  12. I've just watched Quest and no one on there agrees with your "controversial" suggestion all 3 said a ridiculous Red 1 said maybe a yellow especially in context of his first yellow that all 3 agreed was a ridiculous card Mason is a ******** worst ref in the game today Wasn't even a yellow just rank bad officiating
  13. Well we won after a Pen in midweek just do it again
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