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  1. Their 2nd goal was taken well but dear me what was Bazza doing ....................... not tracking his man thats what
  2. Why would Steve Bannon be interested in Wednesday ?
  3. ...............................Rainbows or maybe Cars
  4. Still hanging onto to that Carlos Fixation then
  5. No going to tell me ? Id love to know how saying that i agree with what CP said and im not overly fussed that he's gone or maybe it was because i said that when you strip all the nonsense away its just a bloke in a job who fancies what he perceives to be a better job ? Not much holy in that lot and thou doesn't get a look in
  6. How plz tell how i was holier than thou so i can change oh guru
  7. Fact of the matter is that there are plenty of Managers out there and as long as we are out from under the embargo we should be seen as a fairly attractive proposition so shouldn't be short of interest Just hope it doesn't drag on I'd be happy with a few of those named Paul Cook or Hughton being the preferred but Holloway could be fun Never liked Rowett but if we go that way he'll get my support same as any other manager
  8. Well he's gone at least its fairly quick now let us appoint somebody and move on
  9. What were that you were saying earlier about getting over stuff Jeez he were 2 managers ago 3 if you count Bullys 4 games
  10. He hasn't any love for Love for Wednesday why should we expect him to have any
  11. Being a professional yes thats exactly what i mean
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