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  1. Att has got it right

    2 reight goals as well Tommy Spurrs was such a brilliant strike then Tudders goes and tops it
  2. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Never, good boy me
  3. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    I better chill out and not use twitter then apparently
  4. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    I don't think there's any bias from any of the presenters past or present
  5. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Way to miss the point I don't believe that Gage was suggesting that they go and smash stuff up but the idiots will take it as a cue His tweet was unbelievably crass and ignorant
  6. Nope i block any followers
  7. Im on twitter but don't have followers matey i only use it to interact with certain causes and stuff i'm interested in
  8. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    They would just say that i'd been on tonight and they have a large amount of callers
  9. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Bet they dont let me on
  10. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    I've got nothing against your right leg ............................unfortunately neither have you
  11. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    I know the lengths the club will go to to keep secret that he's sulking and will be sold in Jan is amazing innit
  12. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Thats my view but in these days of XBox football hyper critical reviewing is de rigeur Im not so sure about it being offside though and would always prefer the balance of probability to go to the attacker
  13. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Bit harsh on Westwood The ball has come over a wall is right in the corner and he's to get across the entire net almost indeed he ended up inside the net He could maybe have palmed it round the post but to call it a poor effort is harsh IMO