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  1. Goal of the Season Competition

    1. Bazza awesome goal 2.Nuhiu v Preston 3. Either of Reach'goals though possibly the goal v Forest is slightly better
  2. Never Don't mind Derby but cannot abide that arsehole Rowett
  3. Pre season in The Yemen?

    We could go Salmon Fishing
  4. Terminally ill chezzie fan probably not going to be around for next season ............... sad call
  5. It was ok I chanced a couple of beers and thoroughly enjoyed em but two and half quid for a coke for my nephew .................robbing barstewards sprang to mind
  6. That Noise

    Think my mate called it right someone had left a mike turned on and it was feeding back the crack when it stopped was it being turned off
  7. Almain Abdi

    Im still convinced he was fetched in to replace Kieran Lee but Lee did what he always does ( when fit ) showed his absolute class
  8. To be fair he says the exact same thing with 2 exceptions 1. If we win Mr Chansiri should give the current manager a chance 2. If we lose Mr Chansiri should maybe sack the manager and get someone like Mr Warnock
  9. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    And then have to sub a sub when his biscuit legs crumble
  10. Good luck with that And have you ever wondered why some clubs think us Wednesday Fans are arrogant ............................no thought not
  11. next seasons captain

  12. Heard his story on Fosters show this morning very poignant
  13. Illustrates the point perfectly they name the stations after the cities in which they are based doesn't mean they restrict their coverage to just those cities which is why each station has a mission statement I can pick up Radio Sheff almost to Chester for example on FM
  14. Their charter is to cover South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire tho so in reality calling it Radio Sheffield is whats wrong not their coverage because by definition its not radio SHEFFIELD its BBC Radio South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire
  15. Wildsmith would have been Reach but he’s been pants the last few games Honourable mentions to Nuhiu, Joao, Venancio and Pudil