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  1. Not doing He's another one like bitter pig Michael i don't like him, and his opinions are always bile fuelled with absolutely no humour in them at all
  2. I know he always does i just wish i knew what the ferk he was on about At least with BTB and 2-1 Ken you know what they are having the rise about
  3. Yes it was all my fault that DC kept Carlos on ...................... i'm his Chief Advisor Except if DC had taken my advice CC wouldn't have had his contract renewed in the summer as i've stated on here times many But as ever don't let facts get in the way of a good story
  4. Whats he on about now ? Who's the Lump up the front ? And what possible correlation would a player fouling someone ( allegedly ) have with Tufty flashing the imaginary card Thick as a blubber ommlette I thought Giddings shot him down brilliantly