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  1. I'm not going to argue with you because i don't know for sure but my understanding is that the case was scheduled before covid shut the country down If i'm wrong then maybe a smidgen of understanding but only a smidgen
  2. Spot on the only way for a club to make sure of their safety is to do it themselves on the pitch and the top and bottom of it is that Charlton weren't good enough over 46 games to stay up . This decision gives them the chance as most football fans would to delude themselves that they have been cheated ...............................they haven't been
  3. Why ? They are trying to conflate 2 totally different issues Ours and Wigans The case against us was slated for July 3 months ( nearly ) after season end should Covid 19 skew the decision against us ? Not to my mind it shouldn't You can make a case for the length of time it took to get to court but Wednesday don't choose that, nor did the EFL apparently
  4. Just like Barnsley, Charlton were hoping that off-field disciplinary action was going to make up for their ******** poor efforts onfield Barnsley got lucky in that Wigan broke a rule that carried an automatic penalty with concrete rules that covered how that penalty was applied in that if they finished in the bottom 3 it would be applied next season but if they finished above the bottom 3 then its applied the current season . Our situation is in no way comparative and as i've posted and said before natural justice alone would demand that any penalty be applied from next season as the case was always going to be heard in July almost 3 months post season barring Covid . Its still been applied 9 days post season anyway I hope Charlton go legal as they are another club i have an irrational dislike of and it will just spaff more of their resources against the porcelain
  5. It was always going to happen its done with now we know where we stand
  6. Its still Bannan even removing my post ( why ? ) doesn't make it any less Bannan
  7. Its Bannan By a country mile but for some reason he's disliked by many on here
  8. Watching it back Borner for the 2nd goal was awful, pointing at Mitrovich instead of tracking him and putting a nothing attempted block instead He sold Lees down the river good and proper
  9. Everyone except Villa Fans knows that he's a diving cheat
  10. Watched that there were some crackers in todays programme Dave Watsons Header for City what a goal
  11. Drought, Draught is a different thing even to an Uberfan And not being able to attend Matches that have already been paid for is nothing like a drought as water rates pay for the infrastructure and delivery of clean and safe water not just a lack of rain I'm glad you can easily afford to kiss, in my case £125, away but as Covid has bitten my wage has decreased substantially and £125 is a helluva lot of money to me at the moment
  12. I didn't slag off any of those players including Reach and Bannan It was painfully obvious in Antonios las season with us that he stopped caring and was "injured" seemingly all the time What a stupid thread this is If it had been entitled that a promising player we had SIX years ago is fulfilling his early promise then it might be less stupid But some fans won't move on
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