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  1. Lawrie Madden

    2nd Quiz

    got 2 right
  2. Lawrie Madden

    Abdi Transfer

  3. Lawrie Madden

    If hooper and fletcher are not goin to be fit..

    You're right only people with no brains would suggest this unless you're called Colin and have 6mill hanging around
  4. Lawrie Madden

    NAC Breda

    was it what was the score ?
  5. Lawrie Madden


    And Norwich might not
  6. Lawrie Madden


    Good i hope he scores a hatful for em We might recoup some of his transfer then
  7. We could end up rueing these chances we're wasting
  8. Yes he was miles away for that tackle
  9. Lawrie Madden

    Sean Clare

    Only interested in players that want to be at Hillsborough the rest can gettyfuck
  10. Lawrie Madden

    Would you prefer

    England to win the World Cup
  11. Lawrie Madden

    Venancio not coming back

    According to Bullen he scored in the behind closed doors friendly with Bury so must be back in training
  12. Lawrie Madden

    Venancio not coming back

    Not a position we need to spend money on if its as tight as some say Van Aken is going to be a big player for us this coming season imo
  13. “Average price” There is nothing average about the price of merch at Hillsborough it’s all shockingly expensive
  14. Lawrie Madden

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Thorough misunderstanding of VAR given by Danny Murphy there moaning about where the Ref was standing and saying " i don't care where he stands to give it " The VAR team were going to give the decision not the onfield ref Personally i didn't think enough contact for a Pen