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  1. Probably working on player fitness Maybe i mean i don't know for sure but maybe working on shape and formations based on instruction from the manager I'm almost sure that's what Football Coaches do ..............maybe you know different maybe Lee makes the tea
  2. I think in the current and previous regimes ( Steve Bruce aside ) Bullen has shown that his thinking was at Odds with both Jos and Monk when he had his choice both Hutch and Westwood were immediately recalled so it's kinda difficult to justify that Bullen should lose his job based on decisions that he palpably didn't agree with but in both regimes he was/is an underling and the Boss decides policy which the coaches carry out
  3. Who's defending him ? when anyone demonstrably comes up with anything that Bullen has done that's catastrophic then maybe you can justifiably call for his head It's the worst thing about modern football fandom for me, lose a few games and everybody must be sacked irrespective of the situation
  4. I always adore "he must go" threads With Bullen its appears to centre around the fact that he's been here a long time so it's his turn What does it achieve ? We are up a certain creek without a certain implement so how does sacking more people paying up contracts help anything ?
  5. What form are the team in at the moment ? You said the season ends in may which day there's only 6 left ? You also discounted the form at Christmas so why is it that you can use since Christmas to the pause as "current" form ? I have no idea what form the players are in,or will be in when football restarts neither do you
  6. "We are currently the worst side in the division" No football has been played for 6 or 7 weeks you have no idea where we sit in regards form because you have no data to make that statement We possibly WERE the worst side in the division when it shut down but many many things have changed since then in the world But then don't let a little thing like no Football stop some aimless bashing of the Club and one of its most loyal servants
  7. I find this entirely distasteful My Brother is a Paramedic working on his Ambulance every day and he's had 1 test so far ( thankfully negative ) and struggled to get that yet Football can apparently at will get 1000s of tests done weekly just over money End the season void it now and get Football back when its safe with fans if the German scenario has shown anything it is that Football played in empty stadiums isn't Football worth having
  8. Don't be silly he was a fraud we know it because so many of his old players tell us .....................oh wait except they don't player after player tell us that he was respected its just the football experts on here that know different
  9. I keep hearing that the season must be completed to preserve the "integrity of the competition" Just looking at our squad we have half of them out of contract soon and how many loanees 3, 4 ? Wheres the integrity in any match involving Wednesday IF all of those players are gone ? Void the season pay prize money based on the positions as are No promotions no relegations go with a new season as and when fans can attend Football isn't Football without fans end of
  10. Aye because the nebulous nature of a Football competition can be directly compared to the solidity of Bricks and Mortar
  11. The guy spent £112m getting Newcastle promoted but according to the delusional people he spent nowt I'd have him here no probs
  12. One of my fave Footy Biogs and agree about his relationship with Bobby or Robert as he called him always writes and speaks of how great a player he was though even though their personal relationship had broken down
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