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  1. Lawrie Madden

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Evening Chicken Jalfrezi Rice and Garlic Naan
  2. Lawrie Madden

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    4 distinct stands none of this bowl crap
  3. Been awhile So because i choose to park on the very bottom of Herries Rd and have done for years without a problem i'm selfish am i you jerk I wouldn't park up the top end if you paid me
  4. Its a pain having to arrive early but i get there for 12-30 the Steelworks close up either 12 or 12-30 always plenty of space Never drink as i'm driving so we usually go for Lunch in Sainsburys cafe takes up an hour or so then i watch whatever match is on on my Ipad so its not too bad
  5. Parked bottom end of Herries Rd as usual in one of the Steelworks entrances no problem whatsoever
  6. Lawrie Madden

    Marco Matias Hows He Doing

    He played ok yesterday but imo is far too easily moved off the ball and will choose to hit the deck ( not dive ) rather than battle Im sick to the back teeth of seeing him on his arse arms in the air pleading for an already denied foul while his opponent gets on with it
  7. The worst problem with the 2nd goal was the way Ince was allowed to take station unmarked between our defence and Midfield with neither Bazza nor Pelupessy tracking him into space The minutes up to their 2nd from the start was shambolic by the entire team
  8. Lawrie Madden

    Bannan corner turned?

    Bannan never had a corner to turn He's been consistently one of our best players ever since he arrived
  9. Lawrie Madden

    Championship team of the week

    TBF all the Rovrum Fans who rang yesterday were praising the bloke Bannan was more influential in our game than Jedinak was in theirs and Ryan Woods was better than both
  10. Hi Mick, I heard on the radio that there was a get together for Rob, I would have loved to attend that and meet everyone especially yourself, was there a photo taken of everyone I’d like to put faces to the voices, thanks mate, keep up your excellent work 

    1. Lawrie Madden

      Lawrie Madden

      Cheers matey 

      It wasn't a get together as such Brian The Miller invited Rob for a pint, he's mates with 2-1 Ken and Pete the Miller who calls often so told them, im mates with Pete too and he invited me ironically he had to miss it after all that 

    2. Dexter Morgan

      Dexter Morgan

      Great idea and gesture sir, thanks for your kind reply 

  11. Lawrie Madden

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Anyone not choosing Bannan is ......... 1. Blind 2. Silly 3. Obtuse 4. Mentally unfit to vote 5. All of the above
  12. Lawrie Madden

    Is it just me

    Poor first half like most but much better 2nd half
  13. Andy Maddeley is Reffing the Brum v West Brom game now and he's doing a fine job too
  14. Because they a C words ................. and how many times do they get it wrong Annoys me almost as much as the stupid Offside Flagging