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  1. Bannan had decent half but misplaced 1 pass and he’s shocking watch the game the amount he’s dropping in covering for Hutch going forward is unbelievable
  2. This place is like a toxic soup on matchdays why not be happy with the lead just for once A neutral logging in here and reading this thread would swear blind it’s a Hudds forum
  3. Well that obviously means we’re gonna lose as well because every game has to follow the same script or society would disintegrate
  4. I love that bit Fletcher is sandwiched between 2 players the one behind clambers all over him no foul
  5. Is it just me or has every 50 / 50 decision gone Hudds way so far have we found yet another homer
  6. Thanks for your kind words though i'm not so sure i'd agree I put my opinion out there still amazed anyone agrees Athelwulf if you want pictures of me just ask instead of being an arse
  7. What a bastad that man is I mean fancy wishing a bloke good luck at a club he's fond of Some men are just born evil
  8. Weicome and the very best of luck
  9. why does it matter ? We have a manager why not just let him get on with it
  10. Theres nowt to talk about re Cowley................yet He's the Lincoln Manager who might, could, maybe possibly end up Wednesday Manager that's the lot at the moment If he's appointed that's the time to talk about him
  11. He wasn't he tried beating the man and lost it, but that being said that was the full extent of his involvement losing the ball deep in their half with 3/4 of the team behind him Hutch was much more culpable charging in and selling himself well short
  12. i can't believe you're saying it either There were lots of players at fault for the 1st goal Fox for losing the ball upfield, Hutch for getting drawn to a ball he could never win Iorfa for being a cabbage but Westy had no chance great movement from Hugill
  13. I saw him drawn to a ball he was never going to get leading to their 1st goal
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