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  1. I did though i think Reachs goal v West Brom is as good McGinns is an excellent goal but no better than Bazzas that wasn't deemed good enough
  2. A season 2 or 3 ? If we get off to bad start next season ill give it 3 months tops
  3. Aye a week after the season has ended we're guaranteed promotion next season
  4. Yet managed 35 games the season just gone apparently
  5. No but pointing out that he should have booked Smith and that it was a totally cowardly attack on Westwood does Lees is nowhere near enough proactive as Captain
  6. Were you at the game on Sunday ? When Smith deliberately took out Westwood in the 1st minute where was Lees in the aftermath ? Not in the Refs ear like he should have been trying to protect his player he was walking off to the halfway line totally disinterested Rubbish Captain, excellent centre half
  7. Justify that statement United ( taking out the rivalry ) have been one of the best sides in the division the last 2 seasons certainly imo the best managed yet you seem to be saying that the only decent side are Villa Absolute nonsense
  8. My thoughts too Rubbish teams coming up apparently Barnsley have gotten plaudits all season for their style of Football as have Luton United were going to struggle when they came up too i seem to remember The sides coming down are imo the 3 sides best equipped to play in the Championship much more so than the likes of Stoke for example last season so again imo will make the division that much tougher . Add into that the 3 sides that will fail in the play-offs plus a revitalised Swansea, Preston Forest who will probably spend again Boro who always do and it adds up to a very tough division yet again.
  9. I agree though i still fear his best days are behind him but he deserves his chance to prove himself to Bruce
  10. My pals source also told him that Rhodes is definitely coming back into the fold
  11. Barnsley have big money behind them and are using the moneyball concept thats been quite successful in the past i think they will be a handful
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