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  1. Stockdale should have dropped his cap on it awful keeping
  2. Well night games i've usually had my tea when i get in from work so don't need owt Saturday 3pm i've had a lunch usually before i leave for the match and will be having tea/dinner after so don't need owt Early kick-offs is what Beres is made for for
  3. Jeez we had enough trouble players playing with those blade cleats thingys not sure playing in ice skates would improve player safety
  4. he's well above that standard typical owlstalk irrationalism
  5. Id be going all out to try sign Harlee Dean and Jordan Storey Shame about Sammy but probably the right decision Luongo i hope signs but doubt he will but if he doesn't meh use FDB more Wouldn't blame Wildsmith moving on he needs first team football for the sake of his own career
  6. Neither Wildsmith nor Dawson are anywhere near as bad as they are made out to be in these august pages Both would be more than good enough
  7. I reckon the best way to do it is like Rugby if a player is down ( not in the box tho ) then the physios can come on while play continues I'm sick to death of seeing players go down 50 yard behind play and the Ref blowing as soon as they hold their heads and then giving an uncontested drop ball once the cheating gets side have all got back in position As an aside id also make it an automatic bookable offence for any player running up and across a ball to stop a quick free kick Pritchard did it on loads of occasions the other day and nothing done
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