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  1. Aye because fitter and leaner and playing regularly have been the hallmark of Izzy Browns career so far .........................except it hasn't been has it
  2. My fridge and or cupboards because fat bassa i may be but i can still manage to attend a live event without the need to fill my cakehole with fried crap after i've had my dinner at home before leaving ...................or rather could before the world went to hell in a handcart
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel the most perfect of perfect albums
  4. Love Aqualung But my Fave Tull album is still Heavy Horses another perfect Album
  5. Another Vote for Rage Against The Machine Foxtrot Black Sabbath
  6. Foxtrot Wish You Were Here Black Sabbath possibly in my humble opinion the best Rock Debut Album ever
  7. Lemmy was Brilliant Ozzy Osbourne until he turned into a booze and drug addled shuffling old git absolutely commanded the stage Blizzard Of Oz tour was sensational Peter Gabriel perfection Phil Collins early 80s less than perfect but still bloody good Ian Gillan Rudolf Schenker was a brilliant showman Ian Anderson another vote for Lynott Dee Snyder (sp) Rob Halford Alex Harvey
  8. Just read this story so sad one of my favourite ever England Footballers RIP
  9. The Arena is a million miles inferior to the city hall but to say you cant see good gigs there is just stupid Seen Metallica there twice and the staging they did made the arena as good as it could be . Staged in the round ( almost ) and the sound was spot on both times . Also saw Metallica at the City Hall where the sound was ( as it always is ) impeccable but due to size and at the time popularity of the band the actual show wasn't upto the Arena shows, still brilliant tho . Been to probably hundreds of gigs at the city hall over the years still my favourite concert venue 1st
  10. I'd love Cook to be given the job but our squad is so injury ravaged and unbalanced to use the current parlance im not so sure if he could do any better We need players its as simple as that
  11. 3 or 4 months ago maybe not so sure now No way was it a pen Hammered at him from about a yard away Harris had no idea where the ball was or where it went and his arm wasn't in an unnatural position ( whatever that means ) The only people on the Sky Broadcast, who lets be honest were so pro Derby it was embarrassing, who thought it was were Keith Andrew and Wayne Rooney, none of the in studio pundits, even the Derby employee, thought it should have been a pen
  12. I hate saying it especially on 3rd round day but all of the first teamers need resting
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