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  1. Bannan If i was going to slag someone i'd spell his name right but then thats about as intelligent as the post itself
  2. "Fantastic First touch" "excellent ball in" Who can they be talking about on Ifollow Can't be Bannan can it ?
  3. If Wildsmith plays his best game ever Moore will drop him because thats what he does
  4. The one thing that would ensure that i never bought another ST if Wednesday ever got Saudi owners The most abhorrent regime on the planet
  5. Aye because thats the only thing BB has done for Wednesday jesus wept In that one game alone when BB was no more than a 6 he laid on the pass for the goal, he laid on a defence splitting pass to make the Penalty , he laid on a defence splitting pass for the disallowed goal he also put at least 2 crosses for Gregory that IMO should have been finished ..................oh and the only thing that matters to you he missed a penalty ....badly
  6. such a shame but lets be reight a terrific drive from LH and Lando
  7. I can't wait to see how its gonna be Bannans fault
  8. My Ifollow match day centre says we're in the 83rd minute i hope its right
  9. But did any of those countries have the moronic people who decide chucking expensive p iss about the moment anything vaguely exciting happens ? I think this is a uniquely English thing which is why it should not be allowed here
  10. Me neither its crap with no Europe Fans in
  11. Totally agree but as long as its dry for the race it won't be a problem Sainz and Russell will be a doddle to pass .....................so will Lando tbh
  12. I dont want to drink the mass produced expensive crap that passes for "beer" in football grounds and i certainly don't want to go home stinking of the stuff when the asswipe morons start chucking it about so it's a no from me
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