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  1. Carlos was nothing but complimentary about our club yet the haters are out in force He left two years ago let it go
  2. To put things in perspective that team who were bottom of the league who Wednesday should have hammered at their place(apparently), beat the top of the league last night .................away
  3. I think there could be a lot of truth in that I'm struggling to find any reason as to why he saw a stamp or even a foul
  4. Fancy that their main sports reporter was at Hudds last week and that game was the main game This last Sat he was at Hillsborough and our game is the main game covered Its almost like they have a plan
  5. If anything Luongo was more sinned against than sinning their shitehouse Travis slid in from about a week away (the exact same type of challenge I’ve seen Bannan make and get booked for ) it looked to me that Luongo was trying to get his foot away to save his ankle being crunched No way a red card and no way did it affect a disgusting performance by Wednesday
  6. Don't be silly it was just a hopeful punt upfield that Casillas should have come out and cleared up. I know thats true because i saw a Leeds Fan say it on YouTube
  7. Rob Staton was at Huddersfield thats why the interviews
  8. They should have been 1 up at half time because Harrison missed his sitter yet we only made 2 chances and scored 2 goals ? So Winnall missing from 5 yards with the goal at his mercy wasn't a "chance" then ? If they had a player like Bannan knocking long balls so perfectly weighted that Reach didn't have to break stride they would be purring
  9. He played a very similar defence splitting ball v Hull for Murphy just after Murphy had come on but he screwed up his attempted cross instead of shooting Best player at the club
  10. Clean .......................yet strangely violated
  11. I bet his Plymouths are playing up toneet after that defeat
  12. Love Simon and Garfunkel always have (Bridge over Trouble Water was the 2nd Album i ever bought and i still have it) and lets be honest Paul Simon using 437 words when one would suffice makes his songs easily adapted
  13. Atty! slow down tha moves to fast Tha's got to mek the minutes last Smacking in the 2nd goal Scoring for fun and FEEEELLLIIINNNGGG GROOOOVVVVEEEEYYY
  14. Thats weird I was so nervous last 20 mins today listening that i got in the bath and had a soak listening to the commentary ( my bath at my home for the benefit of the in forum wits ) I guess if Art was at the match today then he'll be "feeling groovy" toneet
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