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  1. Staying at the "H+ Hotel" There seems to be a few bars near the station. Could be a good starting place to meet on Sat morning. Wouldn't mind a little nose around the City and bar crawl around there, before walking up to the stadium.
  2. Taxes on the hotel, you still have to pay that.
  3. Flights booked to Germany. I'm only doing one of the games, Lubeck on the Friday. Flying out to Hamburg from Manc at 0640, I am thinking of heading straight up to Lubeck. My hotel is right by the train station. Are we expecting to take a few? Would be great to take over the city! It looks like a great place. Plenty of bars and all walkable. Got my flights for £160 return, and used a Hotels.com free night for the hotel, so it's cost me £165 so far. Cheaper than a last minute train to the south!
  4. Well b**ger me, totally missed that. I was looking in the training wear section. Cheers.
  5. Just to add to the cacophony of moaning. I'm trying to get my 2.5 year old (He's built like a 4-5 year old) a Wednesday tracksuit for Xmas, and OF COURSE our crap shop doesn't have any infant trackies. They don't even have shorts or socks for infants either! Useless. Just wondering if anyone has got a tracksuit they're will to sell if your kids have grown out of them, from times when we actually had a full range of stock available. Either 3-4, 4-5 or even 5-6 years and he can grow into it! I know that if I get him one, he won't take it off! He's Wednesday obsessed already! (Poo
  6. Belushis sports bar sounds like a good shout. Heard a few trying there. Right by Sheperds bush station
  7. I've not been to QPR Away for a few years. Last time was Big Dave's debut on the first day of the season. Back then the atmosphere in Walkabout, Shepperd's Bush was electric, but I see that it's now shut! Gutted. So where is everyone meeting pre game? I should be able to get into SB around 4ish, so looking for some decent Wednesday boozers!
  8. Ha, i'm not just gonna come on here and make poo up! I've not got that much time on my hands. In fact I hardly post on here any more. Just wanted to register my disgust at what I saw on a number of occasions in our stand. That's a massive away end, with nearly 5000 fans in it, so just because you didn't see anything didn't mean it didn't happen! This was behind the goal, about 10 rows back, mainly in the aisle. Plenty saw it!
  9. At the station, in the pubs, during the walk to / from the ground I didn't see one bit of trouble between Wed/Wigan or Wed/Wed. All seemed to happen in the ground. And seemingly all around the same area. I didn't dream up the Wednesday aggro, especially at the end! I nearly got knocked down the stairs when it all kicked off.
  10. Don't be daft. It was hard enough for most Wedneday fans to get tickets in the away end. No one else was gonna get in there. There was one arguement about Palmer, one about Chansiri, another about a pie. God knows what that was at the end. Bunch of di*ks
  11. Me, i dragged the chuffer off him and held him back
  12. Worst i've seen for a long time. 3 or 4 incidents around us during the game and massive brawl at the end, with people flying down stairs, someone getting pinned down and having his head smashed in and flying boots. Started with a cheap shot from behind too. Cowards. F**king scum. Go to the game, get pissed, boo if you must. But fighting with your own is the lowest of the low. Knuckle-draggling morons need banning for life, we don't want your kind here. Another black mark on being a Wednesdayite today.
  13. Awful news for the many exile fans, who can get to 1-10 games a year. Really not worth it in the slightest.
  14. Sniffed them out. Carden Park, just south of Chester. Only half hour away. But they'll likely be training whilst i'm at work, so won't bother.
  15. Just down the hill from there. Near the Croft retail park. 3 stags is nice. My mate has just moved up that way too and ideally we'll be up the hill in the next few years!
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