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  1. Success...what is it for you?

    Success is getting into the Prem and being bored out of your skull watching WBA style football struggling to avoid relegation so the owners can top up their personal fortunes. I won't accept anything less!
  2. I believe we will make the playoffs with Carlos Reckon he will eventually get the team to gel. Whether we get to to the promised land*......I don't know! *promise land aka eternal struggle to avoid the drop (for dosh only) and that's it!
  3. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/forums/topic/205071-sandy-gaye-talk-is-cheap-moonshot/
  4. If all the results go in our favour we will be 5th If none of the results go in our favour we will be 15th
  5. If we win Carlos is a hero If we lose Carlos is mud Funny old game!
  6. A favourite of Bolton Wanderers fans. A large group sang it continuously on the tram from city centre to ground a couple of years back. Horrible, truly horrible that people can be so cruel.
  7. The disrespect shown towards Carlos is really sad to see. So much bile on here. Love Carlos, he has turned our club around, long may he be our manager!
  8. It's been a thrilling break, I've watched eng v ger 0 - 0 ni v swi 0 - 1 ludicrous penalty dan v roi 0 - 0 swi v ni 0 - 0 zzzzzzzzzzz
  9. I remember as soon as he got a sniff of opposing fans, he was off like a whippet!
  10. We will make the playoffs under Carlos, whether we win or not is debatable!
  11. Man of the match - Player ratings

    Loovens was immense The disrespect he gets on this forum (recent threads) is really sad to see!
  12. Ramstalk

    Some wooly thinking on their part. Must be feeling a bit sheepish! i'll...er.....coat
  13. "Adam Reach, blöody hell" John pearson can you say that on't radio?
  14. Matias Joao and Abdi

    They did it at Ebbsfleet. I was a part of it. Complete and total disaster!