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  1. Early Favourites

    And yet Bruce had won more promotions than Colin. Funny old world!
  2. Fletcher

    So unnecessary!
  3. What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    Wrapped up? This is a forum about matters concerning SWFC and the health of the club which is indicative of the number of people who feel the urge to go to the games surely!!!
  4. Will this hold up over a season I wonder? Top ten avg attendances in Champ. 1 Leeds United 31,677 2 Aston Villa 29,207 3 Sunderland 29,113 4 Nottingham Forest 26,670 5 Sheffield United 26,143 6 Wolverhampton W 26,057 7 Norwich City 25,900 8 Derby County 25,745 9 Sheffield Weds 25,603 10 Middlesbrough 25,564
  5. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Chin up dude! Must be awful being you! How do you get through life?
  6. Carlos Out...?

    No fences anywhere in sight. Lobster is being served
  7. Lobsters

    Blessed are the lobsters! Obviously it's not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any shellfish products
  8. Jacob Butterfield

    Bit like Bily Bremner and Johnny Giles (bazza and butters) The only way is up!
  9. iFollow

    Garbage. Keeps going back to start.
  10. All those anti-Carlos fans are wrong

    Thank heavens there are still decent supporters on this forum. Can't take all the ridiculous negativity!
  11. Gary Madine, goal mashine!
  12. I remember when we went down from the Prem and some people (uni mailing list) were convinced that this was part of a plan by the club to bring the wages down, regroup and bounce back. Some thought this was a good idea at the time.
  13. Good luck with that mate! Maybe you already know, but you have to park up at Heathrow these days to collect people. No pick up option due to security. You'll be out on the M4/M25 toxic car park around 4.30. Eight quid out of pocket. Rush hour just getting started then. Enjoy! :)
  14. Lets hope we test their goalkeeper tonight at least. Teams could start playing against us with 11 outfielders soon :)