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  1. Owlstalkers in change of manager shocker! Once again, the calls come up to change the manager. A manager who has not once been able to field the players he was hired to manage. He should clearly be doing far more jumping up and and down, and foaming at the mouth!
  2. Anyone having problems with commentary?
  3. 24 points

  4. Has Terry Henfleet ghosted in yet?
  5. Just want Carlos back

    Could he do a job for us? Good track record!
  6. Dont blame it on the training pitch Dont blame it on the turf depth Dont blame it on the dugout Blame it on Chansiri
  7. Totally disagree! Complete irrelevance to me People looking for a particular excuse, overthinking it+++ and having column inches to fill Not sure why it applies to us, we have an entire team out injured and people expect miracles! Drivel!
  8. Carlos had a dream..

    As far as I can make out he was asked a question and answered it. What is going on???? Why does that warrant such vile abuse and disrespect! Don't get it, some sad individuals around! Carlos the best and most successful manager we have had since BFR!
  9. Not enough stats for me to make my mind up where we are!
  10. IFollow

    Chromecast or other casting system?? like Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV, Xbox One 30 squids I think
  11. Team for next season

    Maybe someone should set up a poll with the full squad and we can vote for the players we would like to see retained for next season. Or not.... I've had a puff!