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Squeeky bum time - Sunderland versus Sheffield Wednesday - Play-off Preview

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2 hours ago, GermanBird said:

Very good preview. Thanks @Sheff Cam


Very interesting question about the Bannan replacement ( if necessary).


I guess I'd be happy with either of the options.


Link Teamsheet




3rd of my picks, but possibly higher up in Darren Moores thinking...Paterson.

Might want his shithousing,  especially in a tough away tie.


Also might think about what he brings helping defend corners and set pieces..

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3 hours ago, H2Owl said:

Good review again @Sheff Cam


I think even if we can take a 1-0 defeat back to Hillsborough that wouldn't be the worst scenario.


Going to be a tough old watch - Those first 15-20 mins are going to be horrible.


Bakewell tart and a fidget spinner might get me through it!

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42 minutes ago, HarpurOwl said:

What’s with the Bakewell Tart - get yourself a proper pudding - BAKEWELL PUDDING!!


I do much prefer the puddings. 


But I ain't got time to swan out there for a pudding! I'm running about like a bluearsed-fly here!

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