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  1. What was the third option again?
  2. But you're posting on here. Guilty pleasure?
  3. And the rest reaped the rewards of the premier league without punishment. ... aaand that’s the problem right there.
  4. I don't buy the argument 'we're 4 points off top'. Why always chase? Hold on vs Cardiff and win today and we would be top, with the chasing pack looking at us. We are throwing away points on a regular basis and it's why we're 7th and not 1st. It must be a Wednesday thing - We're scared of wanting to set the pace. No way we should be happy being where we are at the moment, because with a bit more bottle and belief we would be at the summit.
  5. Why don't you offer a real opinion instead of sitting on the fence?
  6. Rhodes in dog poo performance shocker. Who would have thought it? He's absolutely stealing a living, the sooner we get him off the books the better. That's the reality of it. He won't come good, he's rubbish. For the money spent, arguably our worst ever signing.
  7. Yep, too early so say at the moment. Will all be a lot clearer after the next 2 games.
  8. Think Luton is a must win for Bullen, in the sense that if we lose i can't see him getting it. Beat Luton and get a result vs Preston and i'd give him the job. The fickle nature of football right there.
  9. ‘The profit and sustainability stadium’ has a nice ring to it
  10. I think this is where the club need to be sensible. Whether or not it’s a success would depend on the terms of the contract on offer and of course if Lee contributes next season. Would I offer another 3 year deal - Absolutely not. A small extension to January on a vastly reduced wage with the potential of a further extension after that depending on if he can prove his fitness - Maybe. There’s a deal for Lee somewhere, but we need to be smart about it. If I was taking a guess without the debate on what I think will happen i’d have my money on Hooper to be released and a contract for Lee.
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