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  1. Summat about spike protein
  2. 4 year deal by the looks of it - He's played a blinder has Heckingbottam
  3. What have they spent £100 million on? Looking at them play and they still have practically the same team they had when they were coming up from L1. Their best player is a loanee from Wolves. I know it’s been done to death but their recruitment has been shocking.
  4. Seen a few of them on twitter clamouring for Wilder back
  5. From despair to more despair more like
  6. Just a young lad still starting out his career - 24 is no age. He’s in the best possible care so hopefully makes a full recovery
  7. It’s frustrating to see people tweet images like this then the minute they get taken over it’s all dancing in the streets and celebrating. Football needs to get a grip, fans are just too fickle. What’s the point anymore? What is there to achieve if you’re not bankrolled with unlimited money? Part of me wishes they did make the super league a closed shop and give us back the game we enjoyed. As far as Newcastle fans go some of them are already unbearable on social media giving it the ‘no club deserves it more than us’ line. I hope it goes balls up myself.
  8. Not gonna lie I’m just looking forward to the video where he reveals his Owlstalk username
  9. Another good pre-match review from SheffCam who’s putting out some great content at the minute. Well worth 12 minutes of anyone’s time. Hopefully we’ll have a more positive post-match review to watch tomorrow
  10. What a complete load of rubbish. I'm an angry man with a really small willie and I quite like it
  11. Sunday afternoon ritual - Get the kettle on and give Sheff Cams latest review a listen. Top stuff
  12. A few of them waxing lyrical as they reach the dizzy heights of 18th
  13. Another good ramble on the Berahino signing. So glad I subbed - thanks for the recommendation
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