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  1. Mods close this thread - Shared from twitter but missed the original
  2. Going to stay optimistic, but at the same time it looks like we’ve gone for the same as recent weeks. Lets see what happens but hopefully some egg on faces by the end of the game in this thread.
  3. Tickets needed or just entry on door?
  4. H2Owl

    Next Friday night

    I’m more in hope that the players will play this one for the fans. They owe it after today. fizz Jos, go out there and give it them for the pride of the city.
  5. H2Owl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Good job we have those 4 defenders on the bench
  6. H2Owl

    Joao get him off

    Not purely his fault, but let’s face it he was absolute dog poo tonight. One of many that pass the buck
  7. Absolute dog poo, yet again. A half press, half arsed. We give the opposition absolute freedom of the park in almost every game and what is the result - Not a single clean sheet. How we keep missing this is almost unbelievable. We are so tactically naive inviting teams on to us and it’s the only thing Jos refuses to change. Press the ball as a team when they have it. Awful performance tonight.
  8. 2 games now in Stoke and Forest where we’ve been reluctant to press high up. We seem to give the opposition all the time in the world on the ball at the back allowing them to play at their pace and dictate play. Both these teams tried to play out from the back from goal kicks and we simply let them. Press the opposition high up and force them to go long where we at least stand a chance of winning it back. I can only presume this is tactical from Jos, but it’s infuriating. We struggle to get a foothold in games because through large spells we aren’t dictating play at our pace, we’re playing at the oppositions.
  9. Performance enhancing drugs, most likely
  10. Agreed. Not enough urgency at times we’re too slow. We go through large spells of too many games where it drifts us by. A bit more urgency a higher press and a willingness to actually do something with the ball going forward is what we need.
  11. Football moves so fast that FFP is now well outdated. Setting and keeping to this £39 million loss when they put it into place years ago, but who’s factoring in the rapid and huge increase in transfer fees and players wages? FFP needs to keep up with the times. It needs to now be at least £50 million and reviewable annually as inflation in football shows no sign of ending.
  12. Hector confirmed - Season long loan