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  1. This. Forget all the safeguarding of players etc it's all about the £££
  2. Anyone know where the lad gets his hair cut?
  3. I don't want to be too dramatic about if, but if we fail to sign him up on a longer term deal then we may as well close the academy for good. I am confident he'll sign though - Young, Wednesday fan, regular game time etc. Not sure what more he could want. Living the dream.
  4. Just as the January window opens. The final blame game - The board. Then he sails off into the sunset with his legacy in tact. The easy way out.
  5. These guys have struck gold with Chansiri, he'll make them millionaires despite them appearing to be a complete scam.
  6. I’m hoping the same way we are all, and I’d love to be proved wrong. It’s at that point though where the decision making of Chansiri leaves me terrified about what’s coming next so I don’t mean to be negative from the off but...
  7. If this doesn’t end in tears I’ll be amazed. Another leech to bleed the club and send it’s crap unknown players to us on big contracts and inflated wages.
  8. I’m not actually that bothered anymore, but no credible manager will come anywhere near us now while that clown is running the club.
  9. Administration due, relegation to follow. We are in for the bleakest time in our history. **** Chansiri
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