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  1. Dear all football clubs, We desperately need money so we may be forced to sell at a cut price this January. Regards, SWFC
  2. Very true. Plus it's January when transfer fees are generally inflated. I added an extra £2 million for him being left footed and English as well
  3. Worth closer to £15 million for me, easy.
  4. H2Owl

    Rumour heard on Golf course.

    It's amazing how all these 'ITK' posts come just after some news. 8 pages though, well done
  5. H2Owl

    Official - Club up for sale

    Best news of the night. He’s so far out of his depth and utterly incompetent at running a football club. He openly admits he has no plan from January. He has no idea he’s going to try and ‘figure out’ FFP in a week and a half Yet some continue to defend him. Absolute madness.
  6. The real question for me is what's going to be on page 46 and 47, hopefully a bit of light humour
  7. H2Owl

    Our fault again

    What a horrendous website to try and view. Takes ages to load, pop ups and adverts everywhere before it cuts you off to do a survey. No thanks
  8. H2Owl

    This is AWFUL

    It’s bad when we’re not good enough, it’s criminal when the players don’t even try. That first half was pathetic.
  9. Mods close this thread - Shared from twitter but missed the original
  10. Going to stay optimistic, but at the same time it looks like we’ve gone for the same as recent weeks. Lets see what happens but hopefully some egg on faces by the end of the game in this thread.
  11. Tickets needed or just entry on door?
  12. H2Owl

    Next Friday night

    I’m more in hope that the players will play this one for the fans. They owe it after today. fizz Jos, go out there and give it them for the pride of the city.