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  1. Yep, too early so say at the moment. Will all be a lot clearer after the next 2 games.
  2. Think Luton is a must win for Bullen, in the sense that if we lose i can't see him getting it. Beat Luton and get a result vs Preston and i'd give him the job. The fickle nature of football right there.
  3. ‘The profit and sustainability stadium’ has a nice ring to it
  4. I think this is where the club need to be sensible. Whether or not it’s a success would depend on the terms of the contract on offer and of course if Lee contributes next season. Would I offer another 3 year deal - Absolutely not. A small extension to January on a vastly reduced wage with the potential of a further extension after that depending on if he can prove his fitness - Maybe. There’s a deal for Lee somewhere, but we need to be smart about it. If I was taking a guess without the debate on what I think will happen i’d have my money on Hooper to be released and a contract for Lee.
  5. It’s sad to see the amount of people that are just willing to let Lee go. A fully fit Lee in the form he was in under Carlos was a joy to watch and gives us something we still haven’t replaced. I’d understand if he was still nowhere near coming back but he’s pulled on a first team shirt for the first time in a long time last week. Progress. He says he’s pain free and that’s good enough for me on a deal that suits both parties. If he can recapture that form we will have one hell of a player.
  6. I think Hooper will want a longer deal than we would offer so I think he’ll leave. I’d like to see us retain Lee on a sensible contract. He’s one of the best midfielders in the division when fit and it would be a shame to go through all his rehab, then just as he’s showing signs of coming back we let him go for nothing.
  7. Main thing tonight is Derby not nicking it in the last 5 and we’ll still look like we have a chance
  8. 4231? With Bazza playing number 10, Joao and Reach out wide and Joey/Hutch holding
  9. Full speed ahead towards the embargo. Not a single player shifted out Don't worry though, he knows that he's doing
  10. He's on forty grand a week, what more does he want
  11. I think we also may have created our own problem when Chansiri posted that statement right at the beginning of the January transfer window saying we're skint and most likely will break FFP - We're probably getting lowballed for Reach now that's public information.
  12. It's a rubbish idea and the consequences of gambling again with future money will only lead to a worse situation than we are in now. The best thing people could do to support the club IMO is to not buy this. The solution is easy - Sell some players. Absolutely embarrassing the way we refuse to sell anyone despite the predicament we are currently in.
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