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  1. Of course it does, they want to guarantee as much money as possible for as long as possible.
  2. See ya, owners sailing entire footballing history/heritage down the river for some guaranteed £££. Any 'fan' that supports this needs to give their head a wobble. If they do want to leave, let them go. None of this 'we will play in both' crap.
  3. I'm going to save this and remind myself of it whenever i go to play Football Manager.
  4. I can see it now - All the good games in the future will be Box Office, while people getting mugged off for their Sports subscription get Burnley vs Crystal Palace
  5. The website itself is absolute trash, takes ages to load then when it does it's riddled with ads then it doesn't even let you read the article saying you have to sign up. It's a no from me.
  6. Lees has to stay on for another body, can't believe he would go off knowing that we would be down to 10 men while defending a one goal lead with 5 mins to go. He's been good this season, but that was pathetic.
  7. Conspiracy theorists are out in force again. Don’t want a team like blades in Europe do the FA so they’ve conspired with the referees to rob them of points. You would think I’m joking, but this is exactly the rubbish they are spouting
  8. Sadly for us we rarely sell, so a £3 million outlay is exactly that for FFP. We sign players, let them run down their contracts and leave for nothing. Scandalous way to run the run the club, and that's the reason we can't afford him. Will be a great signing for another club though at that price. No brainer.
  9. 4th bottom would be an incredible achievement but it will be tough. All of this mid-table nonsense is a pipe dream although i hope i'm wrong. Realistically we might not hit 0 points for 8 games. How we start the season will either give us a fighting chance or see us relegated. No room for error.
  10. If they keep the rest of the back 5 they will be solid enough at the back to easily stay up IMO. I'd like to see some clubs come in for Egan/O'Connell.
  11. I'm surprised that Stoke would go in for Fletch tbh
  12. He'll be solid for them if he keeps the form he had over the last 6 months, but let's face it he was awful prior to that. Seemingly Stoke are going for that solid back 4, i don't think he would fit into our system as a wing back as he's got lead in his boots. The only thing that's frustrating is we didn't get a fee, but i'd rather see Penney be given a chance in that WB role.
  13. Lee Gregory is signing from Stoke - Source - Never reveal your source
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