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  1. Terrible decision making to give away the pen - A giraffe wouldn’t have reached that.
  2. Regardless on whether it’s true for this to happen twice in a year is not great PR. At best it has the potential to put players off joining us when faced with a choice. More than happy to wait for a comment on the club in this instance, but people question Chansiri not because of this but because of everything that’s happened in his tenure so far.
  3. Will Hughes had similar criticism at Derby. With strength not part of his game anyway, i'm not so worried. Early days though.
  4. They’re still tuggers though
  5. Agreed - We need 3 points minimum in my opinion from the next 2, preferably a win vs Charlton. We need to be playing as if we are expecting -12
  6. So, a 12 point deduction would now leave us in the bottom 3, 3 points adrift of Huddersfield. We’re trying our best to go down aren’t we
  7. It would leave us 1 point clear of Wigan who occupy the last relegation place?
  8. Remember if you don't renew and regret it next season you can still pay on the gate for £38 a pop
  9. Chrissy can talk to anyone on their level, because he can communicate with people from all walks of life.
  10. It’s lucky to only be 0-1 and will be incredible if United get anything out of this, yet all I’ve heard all night is Jenas sucking United's collective pipe. City should be out of sight. 0-3 minimum - Blades haven’t had a sniff. That’s not a dig at United either as City are a great outfit but I’ve been wondering which game Jenas has been watching tonight at times.
  11. The commentary from Jenas on this game has been embarrassing.
  12. Any idea on how many sold? Wonder how the uptake will be, seems quiet.
  13. What was the third option again?
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