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  1. If this happened to me on Championship Manager I'd just load the game again
  2. Don't see any positives from this at all. We need to offload players in the summer and we need the money up front. Everything we can claw back needs to go towards FFP and there's still a chance we'll breach. Absolutely no chance we'll be spending and most of the players with any value will need to be sold. We're not even in a negotiating situation as we need the money and we need it now. If we got the option of say £12 million for Fessi up front or £16 million spread over 3 years we would have to take the cut price fee surely? It's not like we're flush with players worth upwards of £4 million. Is it really that bad?
  3. Anyone who went today how did he play? Was listening to the radio and Brian Laws wasn't impressed by him.
  4. H2Owl

    SUFC official tweet

    Genuinely don't know what's more hilarious - if they keep this tweet up or delete it.
  5. H2Owl

    SUFC official tweet

    Sounds like they 'run us' proper green street style. 'Run us on twitter and run us off the pitch'
  6. H2Owl

    SUFC official tweet

    Bless them. Bless them and their thick as pig poo manager. An absolute match made in heaven. We can't wait... I'm not so sure that's the case with the opposition"
  7. H2Owl

    SUFC official tweet

    SUFC official - Hate Wednesday first, support united second Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this comedy gold from their official twitter account
  8. Before they leave, the Wednesday fans are bouncing to celebrate their 0-0 draw #twitterblades #ForgedinSteel 9:43 pm · 12 Jan 2018 tinpot
  9. I think the forum was a good idea, feeling a lot more confidence in the chairman now than I have done over the last few weeks.
  10. Backing Chansiri as more passionate than fellow fans. Chansiri the passionate fanatical Wednesday fan.... For the past 12 months. Classic
  11. You're completely missing the point. It should have never been offered in the first place, and to offer it and hold back the 'terms' initially was a joke. He's creating divides between himself and the fans. Are you happy with the way he's handled this whole situation? He's created what should be a non-issue and we're now a laughing stock.
  12. Anybody defending Chansiri here needs their head looking at. What next? Perhaps a 'variable rate' season ticket for next season. Start off with an initial payment and at Christmas either receive a partial refund if were doing 'bad' or be ordered to pay a further sum if we're doing 'well'. Oh and if you don't pay you're banned. Farce.