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  1. The absolute worst is the ‘fans’ on twitter supporting it like they aren’t just being completely mugged off
  2. Imagine being a City fan about to see your team potentially reach the pinnacle of football and now this. Gut wrenching for the true fans of all clubs.
  3. As long as they aren’t playing in the Prem as well then fine. They shouldn’t get to have their cake and eat it.
  4. Bless em. They can’t even accept that we are the worst run club in the city without having to try and compete
  5. You lost me at 4 wins from 5 although I admire your optimism and sincerely hope I’m wrong.
  6. Even if we finish above Derby we’re still down. This lot ain’t winning 5 on the spin come on people. I accepted it after the Birmingham game, and the Rotherham game sealed it.
  7. I’m not sure how the signs can be positive for next season when we’re inevitably going to end up with a completely different squad to the one that turned out today. Next season is nothing but pure speculation until the out of contract players have left and new ones have been brought in. It’s going to be a hell of a job in the summer for volume of recruitment needed and then on the training pitch getting them to know and understand each other’s games.
  8. The problem for us is he’s really not. He’s literally bang average. Granted, we’ve made him look like a world beater though. That’s why we’re bottom of the league and going down.
  9. Nothing about Alonso comes across as credible. Wasn't he trying to flog PPE to the NHS back at the start of the pandemic? My gut tells me this is going to go badly for Derby, but of course as it's Wednesday it'll no doubt to turn out to be amazing for them.
  10. No chance, but pleased to see a win
  11. We've been alienating youngsters ever since Chansiri took the helm at day 1
  12. Thinks he’s better than he is and another one just looking out for himself.
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