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  1. Football moves so fast that FFP is now well outdated. Setting and keeping to this £39 million loss when they put it into place years ago, but who’s factoring in the rapid and huge increase in transfer fees and players wages? FFP needs to keep up with the times. It needs to now be at least £50 million and reviewable annually as inflation in football shows no sign of ending.
  2. Hector confirmed - Season long loan
  3. H2Owl

    Bazza Was Immense Tonight

    Before any new signings I want to see Bannan extend his contract. He was absolutely superb tonight and if Joao was announced today I’d hope he isn’t too far behind.
  4. H2Owl

    Penney / Preston

    Both were good, Penney was superb.
  5. Agreed. We don’t have the players to play 3–5-2 as our wingback options are very limited. 4 at the back and we looked so much more composed tonight. Players actually seemed to know what they were doing. I know Boyd has been slated but he was never signed as a wing back and he looked a slightly better player when moved further forward. Round pegs in round holes. Football is a simple game.
  6. H2Owl

    Kirby for pelepusey

    Yep, and please ditch this 3 at the back as we simply just can’t play it. We looked a million times better when we switched to a back 4.
  7. Has to be 4 at the back for me. Kirby has looked good and Penney has made some nice runs forward.
  8. H2Owl

    Clare joins Swansea

    About the only thing he was good for was inventing his own catchprase to sign off every tweet, like a 12 year old boy
  9. ‘Good news about ffp but we’re still fizzed next year’ I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much.
  10. H2Owl


    Probably just a fine then, which the club will offset by increasing membership costs to £130.
  11. It won't be long before you have to pay £1 to have a flipping wee wee at the urinal.
  12. H2Owl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    £90 for a membership though