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  1. My choice too. Someone said this also but it was the first and only time I shed tears watching Wednesday (12yrs old )
  2. One of the most talented footballers to wear the shirt and, what is more, one of the most committed players ever to play for Wednesday Don’t come on with any poo about wages. He’s a great little player and we are so fortunate to have him.
  3. Shared this one with my son who was at Exeter Uni at the time! A great day - beers beforehand, hugging strangers after the Maclean penalty and a special night back in Exeter afterwards. Rivalled only, in ‘modern times’ by the Wycombe game at Hillsborough. Halcyon days! Keep the faith; they will return again
  4. I know it’s not everyone favourite but I always love blue shorts and white socks; if I’m not mistaken ( which I probably am) I believe we have frequently done well in this combination. Would be very happy to see them being worn next season.
  5. Its hard to think of anyone in the past 5-7 years and that’s entirely because of social media ( and dare I say it) forums such as Owlstalk. That is is where all the abuse frequently first surfaces and subsequently echos around the ground and gathers credence. I love Owlstalk and there few better ways to keep in touch with the club and others fans’ views - but it is also pretty poisonous at times too. For the unthinking it is an easy way to jump on the bandwagon
  6. Excellent news! Well done the Hillsborough hierarchy!
  7. So, who is going to be watching Sunderland vs WW tomorrow.? Me, I’ll give it a miss. Will keep an eye on the Prem final matches on Sunday because there is a bit of interest at the top and the bottom but other than that I think a bit of rest is required to gather steam before August Enjoy the game if you are going to watch
  8. Sheff Cam has been one of the highlights of this season. The videos have been presented from start to finish with the consistency of performance matched only by Barry Bannan . It must hours of time and demonstrates a huge level of commitment not to mention intelligent and entertaining insight and comment. I really hope it will be a part of the league campaign next season. Cheers!
  9. Also on Sportklub4, Serbia
  10. Same view in Belgrade as for the Portsmouth game ( superstitious idiot, I am) and hoping for the same result! Both legs are being shown live on Serbian Sportsklub TV channel - oh the pulling power of the mighty Owls! Have fun everyone at the game or wherever you are watching
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