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  1. Come on Wednesday - we can still do this - remember what Franklyn D Roosevelt once said - ‘When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it AND HANG ON’
  2. OK - when it got down to the last 4 balls in the bag who else went ‘please not Brentford or Luton - let it be Everton!’ - and Crouchy didn’t disappoint!
  3. The OP was mine and I would just like to make some comments on the discussion it has produced - on reflection I think my title (Madness) and my use of the word ‘bonkers’ was a little ‘overhyped ‘ (click bait?) - however I feel the majority of responses engaged with the debate I opened up - there have been about an equal number of posters agreeing with me and disagreeing with me which is exactly what a message board should be. I certainly didn’t intend my post to be a ‘moan/winge/slagging off the manager but instead some thoughts on the regular conceding of last minute goals - I sti
  4. Apologies if this has been discussed already but the more I think about it the substitution of Paterson for Pelupessy was bonkers! - with Joey going straight into the back line leaving just Marriott up front meant that every time we cleared the ball out of defence it came straight back - if we had left Paterson on (or even substituted Rhodes for Paterson) then having 2 up front would have given us a much better chance of holding onto the ball. As it was we had that nail biting final 10 minutes of last desperate tackles and amazing blocks - well done to all the team for a well deser
  5. Very sad news - Quinny was one of my all time hero’s in a great Wednesday team - wasn’t he the first Wednesday player to play in all eleven positions (including keeper)? RIP
  6. I can see it now - 1st game of the season - Stoke City 4 Sheffield Wednesday 0 - scorers for Stoke - Baath, Afobe, Fox & Fletcher
  7. Is the Forty Foot still going - just up on the left passed the 5 arches - always had a few in there on my way down to the Kop
  8. October 18th 1958 (had to look the date up) - Wednesday at home to Grimsby - I was 10 and didn’t have a dad around any longer and mum was too old to go to games so a neighbour took me - made a foolish statement before the game that I would support whoever won!! Luckily I didn’t have to make the trip to Blundell Park every week as the Wednesday won 6 - 0!! - and Grimsby had a centre half playing that day called Job who put through his own net twice for our first 2 goals - needless to say I became hooked from that day on and now I go with my lad and granddaughter all 3 of us season
  9. I’m afraid I’d struggle to ‘Walk 4 Wednesday’ never mind run(!!) but I’ve popped a bit in the collection tin for this very good cause
  10. The guy 5th from the left must be the keeper - he’s wearing a flat cap!!
  11. because Carlos said we would get in the playoffs and we would be in the Premiership next year - he wasn’t kidding us was he?
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