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  1. Paterson for me - lead the line and could have gad a hat trick
  2. I’m surprised no has yet mentioned the half time entertainment at the game v Barnsley by the never to be forgotten Twins!!!
  3. Great news this - currently holed up in Stoke Royal Hospital so this will be ideal - have warned the others on my ward not to expect any sleep before 10pm
  4. How can you like the away kit - it’s PINK and PINK is only 1 step away from RED!!!!!
  5. Think about it - Rotherham go 1 - 0 up or even 2 - 0 up - as soon as our lads get that message on the pitch heads will go down and Derby will take full advantage and comprehensively beat us - thus ending Rotherham’s chances. So the message to the Rotherham lads is give up now and give us a clear shot at winning!
  6. According to the TV caption both Palmer and Paterson got a 5th yellow card today - does that mean they are suspended for next week?
  7. Come on Wednesday - we can still do this - remember what Franklyn D Roosevelt once said - ‘When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it AND HANG ON’
  8. OK - when it got down to the last 4 balls in the bag who else went ‘please not Brentford or Luton - let it be Everton!’ - and Crouchy didn’t disappoint!
  9. The OP was mine and I would just like to make some comments on the discussion it has produced - on reflection I think my title (Madness) and my use of the word ‘bonkers’ was a little ‘overhyped ‘ (click bait?) - however I feel the majority of responses engaged with the debate I opened up - there have been about an equal number of posters agreeing with me and disagreeing with me which is exactly what a message board should be. I certainly didn’t intend my post to be a ‘moan/winge/slagging off the manager but instead some thoughts on the regular conceding of last minute goals - I still think we would be better off keeping 2 strikers on the pitch whose job at the end is to chase the long balls out of defence and then keep possession for as long as they can - I accept that last Saturday Paterson had probably run his race and needed replacing and (in my view) the only alternative we had was the fresh legs of Rhodes! But when all said and done many thanks for the debate
  10. Apologies if this has been discussed already but the more I think about it the substitution of Paterson for Pelupessy was bonkers! - with Joey going straight into the back line leaving just Marriott up front meant that every time we cleared the ball out of defence it came straight back - if we had left Paterson on (or even substituted Rhodes for Paterson) then having 2 up front would have given us a much better chance of holding onto the ball. As it was we had that nail biting final 10 minutes of last desperate tackles and amazing blocks - well done to all the team for a well deserved result but please don’t keep putting us through the agony we went through yet again yesterday.
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