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  1. The guy 5th from the left must be the keeper - he’s wearing a flat cap!!
  2. because Carlos said we would get in the playoffs and we would be in the Premiership next year - he wasn’t kidding us was he?
  3. HarpurOwl

    Wales Online Poll

    Me too
  4. and what other employer would allow their star employee to have a 6 month fully paid sabbatical sitting by his swimming pool in Italy - are any of our medical staff checking on Forestierri’s fitness or is just the case of ‘give us a ring Fernando when you fancy a game!’
  5. I'm over 65 and have been a season ticket holder for 40 years plus and have never called for the manager to go as I strongly believe in consistency and minimal change - BUT I'm sorry it really is now time for a change!!
  6. HarpurOwl

    Fulham Tho!

    I think this bloke has nailed it - bread & dripping - food of the gods!! (especially from Beres Pork butty shop!)
  7. I won't rest until the stripes return!!
  8. HarpurOwl

    Favourite Player

    Ron Springett - what a keeper - the best we've ever had (or likely to have)!!
  9. HarpurOwl

    Vote Winnall

    Done - Eli Dingle
  10. HarpurOwl

    Wembley car parking

    They won't need telling which team we support once they see the car - ribbons balloons scarves inflatables - you name it we've got it!!
  11. Will they have our game on the big screen - would hate them to miss it
  12. Ok - I'm a fat old man with incontinence issues - will wearing a 5x replica shirt on a 6x body be a good look next Saturday?
  13. HarpurOwl


    If a 67 year old Grandad can book tickets via this website (as I have just done - he says smuggly) then anyone can!!