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  1. ‘It is wonderful what great strides can be made when there is a resolute purpose behind them’
  2. I reckon that Palmer, Johnson & Berahino will be replaced with Hunt, Mendez Laing and the one I’m desperate to see Windass!!
  3. What’s with the Bakewell Tart - get yourself a proper pudding - BAKEWELL PUDDING!!
  4. As my heart consultant said to me ‘growing old isn’t for the feint hearted!’ - as I assured her, being a Wednesday season ticket holder for the last 50 years I reckon my heart can stand most things!!
  5. My Stoke supporting neighbours think we got the better deal swapping Fletcher for Gregory (and they don’t think throwing Fox into the deal levelled things up!!)
  6. I’m going - I’m a disabled season ticket holder and will be in the North Stand disabled row - wheelchair position 39 with my son (my carer) sat behind me - we are a good crowd in the disabled section and we will be cheering the lads on as we do every home game
  7. Storey Palmer & Johnson all picked up their 5th yellow tonight - does that mean they are suspended for Tuesday - if Hutchinson & Dean are out injured it will make picking a back 3 a bit tricky!!
  8. Siggy Johnson was our most outstanding overseas signing (and yes I mean better than Roland Neilson!,)
  9. It’s Storey Dean & Gibson for me
  10. My next door neighbours are Stoke fans and oh how they laughed when we signed Berahino - they were laughing again when he failed to score in his first few games and found himself out of the team! - they’re not laughing tonight though!!
  11. Bailey Peacock-Farrell Fisayo Dele-Bashiru Nathaniel Mendez-Laing Tyreece John-Jules I can’t recall any previous Wednesday player with a double barrelled name (there’s probably loads but my ancient brain can’t bring any to mind!) - yet yesterday we had 4 in the match day squad - it’s putting a real strain managing to fit them on the scoreboard!
  12. Absolutely not - I didn’t want Warnock anywhere near my club then and I certainly don’t want him now - you reckon he was joking when he said he wanted us relegated out of the League - well I don’t!! - he will never be acceptable here and that’s just how I want it!!
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