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Wednesday vs Swindon Town

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Me too, 4-1 home win in the sunshine, they're gonna have to go for it and I feel they'll be caught on the break a little too often.

I remember a few years back when we sent 3 clubs down in 1 day. ? the year we just avoided relegation from the championship, was Brighton one of those clubs?

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Hi Swindon fan here, where is the best place for away fans to have a drink and park their car?

Looking forward to you relegating us tomorrow

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If Swindon lose tomorrow they are all but down.

When was the last time we relegated someone at home? I can't remember one recently.

Score: 2-0.

We all but sent Southampton down a few years back.

We do have the notable achievement of relegating three teams in one day.

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Guest maltaowl

Feeling very optomistic and can see a good day all round:

Sheff Wed 4 - 0 Swindon

Madine 17

O'Connor 33

Mellor 56 & 76

Attendance: 18, 763

Weather: Blue skies and scorching heat

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Paul Hart is rumbleing clueless.

Even said on the radio he might not be here!

and to think at one time,the snoutbeasts down at the pigsty were lining him up to be their next manager till piggy adams beat him to it. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

tomorrows score:3-1 to the owls.first goal N Mellor.

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Guest JonTheOwl66

And presumably with you walking out at the end saying we're w@nk and Andorra's second team are better than us. That's right isn't it Fishcake?

Ecclesall's a shithole, I flippingwanna go homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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