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  1. If Edd Sheeran gets wallet art Ipswich nailed on promotion.
  2. Reyt idea! Cherry picker fan box! Park it int gap between corner of North n Kop and you rent it out going up and down left right views when ever you want! All health n safety gear on so you don't fall out after 10 deep
  3. Cutting it fine that if you as me.(id leave 5 mins before end if bad result.) Especially if you don't know the backwacks of town.
  4. Is Derby getting 15 points off or what? Cutting it a bit fine the EFL Nowt new there
  5. Glad Florist went up Rhodes boils my ********
  6. I did 5 hours later bin on neets
  7. This chicken curry n egg fried lice tasting even sweeter tonight UTO
  8. God its zzzzzzz so far
  9. Ffs they got a sniff in the traffic now How are Florist not 5 up
  10. Agreed! big free space that to show case live acts bands, cars boats cuddly toys anything really. Put summet on it!!
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