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  1. From Brown Bull to Owl super strength ! its on !
  2. Christ not had one of them for 15 years ! Monster zero ultra only one ill sup,like treacle sugar one.
  3. Does anyone drink it still?? I see all the yoof with Monster All the time.
  4. Talking of that middle bogs bottom of the Kop HT was stood at urinal someone to left or right of me dropped one! I nearly spewd right there in the troff!
  5. Iam dry me from NYE thank god we won probably been 5 pints in nah after the whistle.
  6. I felt strangely calm today even at 2.1. Plymouth were shocking 1st half. I was stone cold sober as well
  7. First time ive seen him today guys a reyt unit,he's like a giant Square! Quality today he sacred em shitless!
  8. Peacock-Farrell 7 Palmer 8 Johnson 6 Dele-Bashiru 6 Hutchinson 8 Luongo 9 Hunt 8 Bannan 7 Gregory 7 Sow 8 Mendez-Laing 8 Windass 7 Quote
  9. Think this is more Brown Bull than Red. Lol
  10. Nil nill written all ova it. Thats how i feel
  11. Actually missing it not being on today. poo on tv and cant have a drink as up early to drive for work. Have a good en all Merry Christmas.
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