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  1. I’d be delighted if Monk gets us to the play off final
  2. Bit strange for anywhere to still be offering odds if we’ve appointed a new manager
  3. “News to me” & “would have to be the perfect opportunity to consider leaving” does not scream I’m not going anywhere and don’t want to Not saying that it’s on but he definitely hasn’t ruled it out
  4. Said it for a while now but he’s the best centre half we have and more of a captain than Lees
  5. He was awful But so were most that started
  6. Just need a decent centre half that can pass a ball to play next to him
  7. Iorfa doesn’t seem to be able to defend but he’s a great threat in the box
  8. Bristol City seem obsessed with signing a striker, wonder if they’re trying to sign Forestieri.... Then we’d need Murphy & Aarons...
  9. He’s magic you know You’ll never get past Luongo
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