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  1. Can’t disagree with any of that
  2. He’ll be ready soon enough. Boyd gives us the option to drop into one of the wings and put Aarons or Reach further forward. As I said, last resort. Purely because of how I’ve seen Nuhiu play this season. That being said, if Bruce trusts Nuhiu and starts him again on Saturday, that’s good enough for me.
  3. Winnall ideally. Matias if needs be but purely because he can run a lot. Boyd as a last resort.
  4. I don’t care who plays as long as they play well so there’s no anti anyone from my side Unfortunately Nuhiu has been atrocious all season and it appears that the end of last season was either a complete fluke or he decided to turn it on to get a new contract When he plays, as with Boyd, we may as well be playing with 10 men. With the need to press as a team he completely lets the side down as the opposition just walk round him. He gives away needless free kicks and constantly loses the ball. I’d love it if he could turn it on again like he did last season but he’s showing no signs of doing so, therefore we need to have someone in the team that offers something.
  5. Yet he can never establish himself as our starting striker Wonder why that is
  6. We were so much better as a team when Winnall came on Actually started to press as a team, which is impossible with Nuhiu on the pitch as he’s constantly chasing shadows or giving fouls away cause he can’t keep up
  7. So his long range passing is awful? His short passes are rarely misplaced. Often tries a long diagonal that doesn't come off but I'd rather he tries that than pass back to Westwood every time.
  8. Played well again when he came on tonight Same team on Saturday but swap Nuhiu for Winnall.
  9. He’s definitely been there watching today Edit: proof above ^^^^^
  10. We have no replacements for the 4 in midfield unless it’s at 80 mins and we need someone to come on and run about a lot
  11. 31k is about as close to a sell out as we can get isn’t it Just under 4k in leppings lane which holds about 6,700. Isn’t our allowed capacity about 34,000?
  12. Links the team together very well We’re much better when he’s in the team
  13. Last few games of the season give any of them that have been playing well for the 23’s a chance Never know if they’re good enough until they’re given a chance in the first team
  14. We got Iorfa from Wolves and ol' Mendes runs things around there Maybe Bruce and Mendes go way back
  15. Not bad questioning him at all Was just your wording that made me laugh
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