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  1. Yes yes yes Exactly the sort of player we should go for Would be a great signing Signed a new contract not long ago and is their club captain though so surely would cost a bit?
  2. And you would’ve said the exact same about every one of Sheffield United’s & Norwich’s signings for the past 2+ years, barring Norwood for United
  3. Doesn’t really matter when the window opens, can announce signings whenever and just state they’ll be joining on a certain date
  4. Charlie Austin scores 20+ goals if he’s playing in this league next year
  5. Could be wrong but I’m sure I saw £8m mentioned when they signed him
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit Wilder is utterly, utterly obsessed with Wednesday. He’s a proper United fan, got a real chip on his shoulder about Wednesday and would love to do anything to try and wind us up. That’s the exact reason he started with Madine up top against us even though they looked 10x better when McGoldrick came on to replace him. Hopefully he doesn’t realise that we’d all snap his hand off for £14m and go a long way towards helping our financial situation
  7. The three we’ve been linked with have all rejected new contracts to be fair
  8. For anyone not sure, have a look at the replies to this
  9. Could well be one of our 2 defensive mids next year
  10. Yeah I think so! Depends if Iorfa has come in as a centre back I suppose or whether Palmer stays
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