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  1. Would be valuable experience and a great sort of player to have in the dressing room IF he hadn’t been on a Premier League wage for the past 10 years and if we hadn’t just resigned Pelupessy
  2. Our academy is absolutely f*cking useless and so is the way that we incorporate them into the first team Can’t blame him at all for wanting to leave
  3. Agreed and been to 3 out of the 4 games you mentioned above - absolutely love away games, home games bore the life out of me - not just the football but the whole experience. I only get a season ticket to ensure I have the priority points for away games. Brentford was a cracking day out, probably the best of the season for me but obviously the football didn’t contribute to that, which is why I know I haven’t missed it!
  4. Quite the opposite really If you’ve missed football you clearly haven’t been to watch Wednesday this season
  5. Such an easy PR opportunity Come out and offer a range of options for fans to choose from (refunds, vouchers etc). Even if they’re just ‘in the event of...’ Add something in about freebies/discounts for NHS/key workers etc
  6. Some fantastically narrow minded responses already. Well done guys.
  7. I don’t think they’ve got the balls
  8. Be a coincidence if they ended the season now and then we got found guilty and deducted 9 points..
  9. Unfortunately as he’s been at Bournemouth I doubt his wages meet our definition of ok!
  10. Personally I’m glad we spunked loads of money on players We’d been waiting years for it Just unfortunate we didn’t get promoted and escape the backlash like a few others have managed
  11. It’s quite obvious that we won’t have a happy camp The fans & Monk want rid of about 80% of the squad
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