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  1. Raid Fulham (sort of) when they go up Could get Cyrus Christie, Norwood & Targett on loan
  2. EcclesallOwl

    Sam Winnall

    There’s a lot of lies about his attitude and ‘alleged’ things he’s done as well
  3. EcclesallOwl

    Sam Winnall

    Sell?! Not a chance, get him back for a proper pre season and let him bang the goals in for us. About time we gave a striker that’s worked his way up through the leagues a chance, scores goals wherever he goes.
  4. He was always going to be, wasn’t hard to see Unfortunately he was playing in an awful team at the time
  5. EcclesallOwl


    Lees isn’t good enough on the ball to play as part of a back three Also he’s been awful for the past 12 months
  6. EcclesallOwl


    “All you have to do..” Hahaha
  7. Forshaw & Clayton allowed to leave Boro Either would be decent
  8. EcclesallOwl


    Wildsmith Lees Hutchinson Van Aken Hunt Reach Bannan Lee Forestieri Rhodes/Joao Hooper Full strength team could look like that for home games, few alterations for away games
  9. EcclesallOwl


    Suits all our players nicely Allows Hutchinson to play in defence again but allows him to bring the ball forward and play out of defence Two wing backs in Hunt & Reach who are both better at attacking than defending, gives us the width Allows Forestieri to play in behind the strikers
  10. EcclesallOwl


    Westwood Hunt Lees Van Aken Fox Hutch Bannan Boyd Hooper Forestieri Rhodes With all our players back that would be our best team for me Lee, Reach, Joao, Abdi, Fletcher all decent options to bring on in that formation
  11. EcclesallOwl

    Re: that Lee Bullen post-match

    The biting of the lip might just be that he didn't want to swear/abuse some of the pathetic players that 'played' today.
  12. EcclesallOwl

    To the Dean Smith brigade

    He also took Walsall from battling relegation to a top 3 side without spending fees for players (& took them to Wembley for the first time) That was probably down to the system already in place there as well though eh
  13. EcclesallOwl

    Please not lambert!!

    Doesn’t want anyone boring so suggests Pulis, Megson & Karanka hahahahahahaha