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  1. Couldn’t see Lees working in a back three at all - especially as the centre point of the three. He’d have to be able to bring the ball out of defence regularly and start attacks and unfortunately that’s not his strong point. Hutchinson could work as part of a back three though.
  2. Tend to agree Happy when Monk was appointed, still happy enough with him But starting to get a bit frustrating and losing a bit of faith - doesn’t seem to be implementing any sort of style of play or identity on the side. Will that change when/if he gets to bring more of his own players? Don’t agree that he needed to show more class with the Clotet issue though, fine with having a manager with a bit of bite, creating an us against the world mentality would be good but too many of our fans don’t like being proved wrong so will be happy to use it as a stick to beat Monk with
  3. Fletcher scored last time he stepped on the pitch for us as well? And yes, it might ‘perhaps’ help but it also might ‘perhaps’ not
  4. What would scream goals? Playing another one of our strikers with a 1 in 6 goal ratio?
  5. FF hasn’t been our best player for about 2 years now He’ll get his chance
  6. I’d be delighted if Monk gets us to the play off final
  7. Bit strange for anywhere to still be offering odds if we’ve appointed a new manager
  8. “News to me” & “would have to be the perfect opportunity to consider leaving” does not scream I’m not going anywhere and don’t want to Not saying that it’s on but he definitely hasn’t ruled it out
  9. Said it for a while now but he’s the best centre half we have and more of a captain than Lees
  10. He was awful But so were most that started
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