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  1. EcclesallOwl


    If we were to get £10m+ for him, would you sell?
  2. EcclesallOwl

    Michael Hector Signing?

    Don't think Hull fans rate him Not too fussed about that though, Hull are just a bit sh*t in general anyway
  3. EcclesallOwl

    Michael Hector Signing?

    They signed him from Reading a few years ago He's a big lad
  4. EcclesallOwl

    We need to know

    Because he probably threw his toys out of the pram when she was appointed and now probably feels a bit of an idiot. In reality she's done nothing wrong, managed to get rid of a few high earners and helped to get rid of the embargo.
  5. EcclesallOwl


    Give him the captains armband Looks the real deal
  6. EcclesallOwl


    If we sign a centre half it should be to replace Lees not Thorniley
  7. EcclesallOwl

    Matias + leeds = Goal

    Wish he never scored it
  8. Seems to be the thing to do at the minute Everything is a conspiracy and everything we do is wrong As soon as the wins come 90% of it goes away
  9. Not at all This happened last time. There was a steering group meeting and then a fans forum a few weeks later
  10. Come with me Neil +1’s are allowed
  11. Another one of these been announced for Friday Should be interesting
  12. EcclesallOwl

    Player Ratings

    Lees & Nuhiu - 0 Pelupessy - 2 Agree with rest
  13. EcclesallOwl

    The formation....

    Both not good enough as out and out wingers Even if they were, you can’t rely on two players all season
  14. EcclesallOwl

    The formation....

    We don’t have the wingers for it
  15. EcclesallOwl

    What’s happened to our away support?

    Young people going to have a laugh with their mates and have a sing song (some take it too far) Old people moaning about Wednesday passing backwards all the time and playing “tippy tappy b*llocks” That’s about the gist of it