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  1. £4.5m + 4 players on loan would be a cracking bit of business
  2. Give us Jonjo Shelvey & Dwight Gayle and all will be forgiven
  3. Because they’ll want to sort it all out together and then announce it?
  4. So the offer for Bruce has been accepted but the offer for all of them hasn’t Not hard
  5. ”not acted on”..... but Hughton has turned us down already apparently?
  6. Not much Just been told he’s not ruled it out and is waiting for a good offer from us Fingers crossed and wait and see
  7. Hughton deal isn’t dead in the water just yet
  8. Hughton took Brighton from relegation candidates to promotion in a few seasons, played 4-4-2 & had the 2nd best goal difference in the year they went up. Scored the joint most goals the season they didn’t go up as well. Promoted twice with two different clubs Every full season he’s had in this division he’s finished in the top 6. Got Birmingham into the group stages of the Europa League when they were in the Championship He also has a very good premier league record (once he gets them there, not that we have to worry about that) Not good enough
  9. https://twitter.com/reluctantnicko/status/1150743049238134785?s=21
  10. https://www.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/manager-specials
  11. https://twitter.com/dalejohnsonespn/status/1150701699469860864?s=21
  12. https://twitter.com/dalejohnsonespn/status/1150701699469860864?s=21
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