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  1. Boring innit We’ll just have to focus on the games instead of scrambling around for new signings Booooo
  2. It’s been a great 300 pages Unfortunately I can see it slowing down from now on, we’ve had a great ride folks Surely we’ll have some excitement on deadline day, otherwise what will we do?!
  3. Big Marv got the Instagram follow from Att Should be announced today then
  4. Yeah someone earlier in this thread mentioned when the first tickets got released it was one of the middle front and one of the middle back blocks
  5. Where are all these, definitely not made up, experiences of people struggling to tap a card/phone/watch happening? If it doesn’t work the longest thing you have to do is enter a 4 digit pin
  6. Guessing based on what’s showing online. Currently 89 in block F and 159 in block A We don’t know if they’re holding any other blocks back until they’ve sold though
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