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  1. EcclesallOwl

    Chairman’s statement

    Just sell some players ffs
  2. EcclesallOwl

    Frederick Nielsen

    We got him from Forest and he’s been injured for months now He’ll be back in full training in the coming weeks But yeah we signed him from Leeds and the reason he’s not been playing is cause no one rates him
  3. EcclesallOwl

    James Gregg on Westwood

    He’s a pig fan & also friends with Dawson so probably just trying to stick up for him But most importantly he’s a monumental bellend
  4. EcclesallOwl

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    Villa were a mess before Bruce arrives He steadied the ship, took them from 19th to mid table and then got them in the play offs the following year Should he have done better? Definitely imo. However if he does similar for us here he’ll have worked wonders. If he can leave us in 2/3 years time with a squad capable of challenging for promotion with a new manager able to slot in easily, it’ll be a job well done for me.
  5. Yep Westwood starting & Hutchinson on bench I’ve heard
  6. EcclesallOwl

    New manager odds

    They're not offering odds anymore
  7. EcclesallOwl

    Backing Chansiri

    He said he needs a reason to sack JL, it wouldn't guarantee success and that he'd thought about hiring Jokanovic Never backed him
  8. EcclesallOwl

    New manager odds

    Odds been taken down now? Can't see them anywhere
  9. EcclesallOwl

    So what changed??

    But he didn't back him
  10. EcclesallOwl

    So what changed??

    Don't think he ever backed Jos Sounded like he was just waiting for someone to be lined up before sacking him
  11. EcclesallOwl


    Cheers mate this came out of the blue
  12. EcclesallOwl

    Jos Gone ?

    Bruce got sacked from Villa after failing to get them up (and had a cabbage thrown at him) - could argue he has something to prove
  13. EcclesallOwl

    Jos Gone ?

    Official https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/breaking-sheffield-wednesday-sack-manager-jos-luhukay-1-9505987
  14. He's just got the Cambridge job & he was only with him at Villa wasn't he? Been with Chris Hughton more I think