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  1. I’d presume we’re under a soft embargo and have to run everything through the EFL
  2. Only mention of a deadline was released on August 18th “The Owls can confirm the deadline for 2019/20 Season Ticket rebates as Tuesday 1 September.”
  3. You’re getting your money back - something that some clubs haven’t offered Not the clubs fault people can’t read simple instructions and behave like petulant children
  4. “Pro rata credit refund You have selected to take a Pro rata credit refund as your Season Ticket Rebate. A member of the Ticketing team will be in touch on the number you provided to arrange your refund within 60 days of the end of the Season Ticket rebate period.” “The Owls can confirm the deadline for 2019/20 Season Ticket rebates as Tuesday 1 September”
  5. Why is everyone moaning about money that they never expected to see back anyway grow up
  6. Paid to see 23 Wednesday home games, will be able to watch them via a stream and use whatever money is left against future ticket purchases The money has already been spent, wasn’t expecting it back when I bought a ST so that money is gone now and wouldn’t expect a refund Not a perfect situation but don’t think anyone can moan with the solution provided
  7. You’d have £355 in credit on your account and they’d deduct £10 for every ifollow code you opt to choose, which would leave you with £125 to use on future ticket purchases Only had a brief skim read but that’s how I read it
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