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  1. Possibly a modern day highlight in the History of Hillsboroigh - couple of years ago when we won the Ladbrokes Competition to play there
  2. The problem with the current S/T strategy is that the prices can't be reduced either, not this year - next or for the next four(?) at least When we sell inflated tickets on multi-year deals, it doesn't leave very far to move...
  3. UoS on the South Stand with SHU on the North Stand tonight (same as last year) The UoS Media team put Ifollow to shame tonight - fantastic coverage (on a tiny budget I would imagine)
  4. Over the last few years I've synced Wednesday fixtures to various calendars, some of them are linked, all of them come to my laptop. This means that I get about 80 notifications for every game now
  5. Football Clubs on the whole aren't proactive on anything. It will take a poor set of sales in this window and a poor renewal next season to make anyone sit up (then again, I'm sure normal employees in the club have made this point to the Chairman) Especially considering that our pay on day is virtually nonexistent - we're easily a full season away form prices changing unfortunately
  6. They normally come down at the start of the season and offer 500 free tickets - don't think there is that much conversion They offer a free voucher and the student needs to take it to the club shop ahead of the match to swap it for a ticket - why can't they just give tickets out. What casual 'fan' is going to make two trips As for the £15 tickets - probably talking less than 50 per game
  7. I work at the University and on the whole, students are more interested in United. I think it's partly because Sheffield United are much closer in terms of distance, and partly because United make WAY more effort to engage with the University. United essentially offer tickets to every game, they are always at the Union and it's £10 (from memory) - Wednesday offer tickets to 'select games' (for £15) and they are often not available from one week to the next. (Wednesday will pop up out of nowhere and offer tickets to SWFC v Cardiff on a Tuesday night). Also, it was easier to justify the higher cost when we were a league above, but where is the extra value now? You're asking them to pay £5 more and pay for a tram / bus etc. Students with no affiliation or connection to Sheffield normally pick United - Wednesday need to step it up. I personally think the Club should take it a step further - student tickets on the door every week (OK, excl United etc) - but keep it simple, students want to turn up on the day, not plan things weeks ahead. 50,000 students in Sheffield - huge potential
  8. I won two places too - taking my GF, they said she can get changed in a separate room on her own - I think she was gutted
  9. I think they will allow it, they have a mop up session at the end to recap misses sessions
  10. I've just finished this - really enjoyed it Lost 6kg, understand health and fitness much better, training pitch side is the best part though. Loved it
  11. This is the best bit - So, for the unknown premier league season, whenever that might be, it won't be on my seat...
  12. This is a great step forwards and hopefully will encourage more advertisers to get on board - I've noticed recently that we have very little advertising that isn't DC or FL driven.
  13. I once went on a tour at Bramall Lane (a whole other story...) and the girl was telling me all about it.... 'The world's first floodlit game, here at Bramall Lane, in 1878' 'So, who did Sheffield United play?' 'I don't have the detail to hand' 'I'd love to know, considering it was 20 years before you existed...' Erm...
  14. Depends - are you angry about it? Then it will be Wednesdayite
  15. This is an interesting thought - I'd never think to park on that side of the ground. No idea why
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