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  1. is it bad that I cant be even arsed about it.
  2. What sponsor ship Chansiri sponsors everything ! (not having a pop by the way) Would be a disaster if we went down be 2 3 seasons to get out L1 IMO
  3. Are we safe yet? Good job we dint lose to them could be vital end of season
  4. WTF is going. It's 1/1 calm down the bed wetting turds!
  5. Dingles will turn us ova tell you that now. We can't score. Hope da Cruz n Wickem Windass can.
  6. Did anyone see? I think it was Jed Wallace elbow Harris? In the midriff (I think he elbowed him great actor) then fall down forward in a heap! Again great actor. Not seen owt like that for years . Unbelievable .comedy really cheating
  7. It's not all about tackling tho is it. You know that
  8. He was fair .balanced up his mistakes both sides
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