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  1. If it's not ready for Owls in the park we can forget about automatic promotion next season.
  2. OxOwl

    The Arctic Monkeys

    Watched the AM Glastonbury come back on tv blew me away. That new one is absolute poo.
  3. OxOwl

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    He was Bobbar.
  4. OxOwl

    Shirt maker

    Even seen some 50 year old bloke walking round int precinct. with a 16 years old?? Diaodroa away shirt looking in better nick than the current elves and sondico that never sees them there that poo
  5. OxOwl

    Shirt maker

    Stick an owl on it jobs a good un!
  6. OxOwl

    Shirt maker

    Nike is a million miles away quality wise from sondico or elves . I'd be happy with that
  7. OxOwl

    Charity match tomorrow

    If it don't stop raining could be off this?
  8. Some one on here will know
  9. forty 40 flipping thousand pounds a week. ridiculous
  10. Like Westwood 2 years ago. Could we get him on Loan?
  11. Rail seats will be safer than those plastic things with about 8 inch leg room we have now.
  12. This mash up is gonna work!