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  1. Yep still in our hands . when it slips out our hands . RUN ROUND PANIC AND poo YOUR PANTS!!!!!!
  2. Stripes next

    Striped kit new badge decent mek. Megareyt (Tm)
  3. Stripes next

    This season's is compleat D0g5hit! GET THE flipping STRIPES BACK!
  4. Adam Reach

    One Man Army! Quality.
  5. Start with Nuihui and Hes Mester Impact sub
  6. It's gonna go to that last game v Norwich ..like a few years ago init
  7. All snow gone in S6 now Be reyt
  8. 50 points

    Lose to the Dingles and it's Parrrrrrrrrŕrrp!
  9. Cup run over next round. Carlos will do a number on us if it is them. And Notts Will do a job on us believe you me Seth.