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  1. On these concrete tower things outside old charlie browns.Do I remember seeing cars on top of them years a go late 80s?
  2. The White Stripes

    Can someone get that on there?
  3. Blunt at QPR

    Will be on day release
  4. Just watching darts from Sheffield and Michel van Gerwens walk out tune is their classic track 7 nation army.I wanted to no the year it came out for nostalgia. So as you do did a quick Wikipedia. And found this on there . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Nation_Army Who did it! Ps read scrole to reception part sporting events.
  5. Championship Table

    We need one more point for me
  6. Championship Table

    Dipswitch will get a goal
  7. To me that is safer than sitting. No danger of going over other seats in front of you. And you could argue that you could evacuate the area quicker
  8. Better Coffee?

    What's happened to Yorkshire tea! Got PG tips yesterday at 5 pound a pop for 2 teas I want Yorkshire!
  9. Shrinking wednesday shirts.

    Did Forestieri come out with Nuihui's shorts on today ? Bizzare size
  10. Too Late Subs

    Agreed Forestieri should have been in 20 mins before