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  1. 40% of the season gone.....

    Still time to turn it around. 60% left remember that!
  2. Heard summet

    Trains probably more expensive
  3. Looking on the Telly now.yep we was robbed
  4. Jordan Rhodes

    Nearly always in wrong place wrong time. That one he headed in the box to the post .he should have been on the end off it.not heading were a striker should be.
  5. Jordan Rhodes

    He's shuffle.

    Hillsborough was too
  7. "I have never said I will not return to blue and white stripes and I have never said stripes represent bad luck in Thailand! What I have said and will always say is that I will never change tradition, I will always respect our history and I will never change the blue and white of Sheffield Wednesday." Love This! all the bullshithers on here "he hates stripes" "says there unlucky" etc etc .I was starting too believe it all as well
  8. I've put Back him. He's got two more games for me must win Tuesday and Saturday. If not it's a massive OUT!
  9. Remember Aaron Cawley?

    " Britain's most notorious football thug" roger OFF The Sun