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2 hours ago, oldtawnyowl said:


Try the search function.


Word of warning. I did that once and all it came back with was photos of Neil sat in his Y fronts shouting at his computer screen. 

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For the one person interested in the stadium on which our overpaid and regularly not quite over-performing  heroes play, I have been down today. New led floodlights being installed, very small rectangular units.

min groups of four.  
The pitch has been re-laid as in most seasons since we had Desso. No major work deep down, no re-laying of the Desso sub-structure and the over use of under soil heating has not done permanent damage. The pitch is looking brilliant and an amazing shade of green so all good.  

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On 22/06/2022 at 08:12, trev said:

I miss the thread with the timelapse pitch video.


Owlstalk spent the summer literally watching the grass grow.


Good Times.

And the mystery box lights turning on and off.  Wonderful memories.....

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