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  1. Interested. PM me further details.
  2. Ahh, how I miss the anticipation! Good times.........
  3. Fox out of position...Hector immense. Nuhiu too slow. Lack of pace. Boyd useless. Palmer solid with Lees. Sam trying his best Fletcher, Westwood outstanding. Bannan lost. Matias too lightweight. Lots to do in the summer, but Leeds deserve the win.
  4. Absolutely no out ball. Proper last ditch stuff. We need fresh ideas on this one.
  5. Bannan doing some right hard work in midfield...
  6. Much of a muchness. Point blank save from Westwood as I type. Amazing.
  7. Let's hope he plays a good hold up game and goes on one of those dribbles from the corner, bending a blinder into the goal. That would top off a great evening!!
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