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  1. And the mystery box lights turning on and off. Wonderful memories.....
  2. As a matter of interest, how big is Wycombe's pitch to Wembley? I can't see a big variation.... 115x75 yds vs Wembley at 105x68m. Or am I completely missing the correct stats?
  3. 400mile round trip for this one with my 16 and 12yo. I'll be on the South nodding off with Sij and tutting loudly if we're not 4-0 up after 20mins.
  4. Same as me - 12 months on from Covid and no sense of taste and smell. Pretty depressing tbh. Anyhow - Happy Christmas to everyone - have a lovely day!
  5. So evident we are striker-less and therefore completely toothless atm. One out and out attacker and we'll be fine. Hurry up Windass and Gregory. Nothing will change until then.
  6. He's had a good game so far. Breaking up play, good tackles, simple passes.
  7. We do, genuinely, need a third in this game. A couple of close calls for us in the first half; Dunkley having a great game tbf. Would make a good captain at some point...
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