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  1. Lack of energy in the midfield. No spark, no vitality. We look bog standard.
  2. Collinding. Was there ever a better thread!! Come on Wednesday!!!
  3. He played well, got bullied off the ball a bit, and really was tiring before coming off, but a few more matches and we'll have the old KL back :)
  4. Absolutely brilliant performance, worked hard off the ball and worked hard for each other. Just got back and honestly I think that with the way we are looking to break quickly we will cause a few teams a few problems this season. Bullen's subs were excellent. Joao didn't chase much down when playing up top, but if you forgive him this, his hold-up play was magnificent. Borner was a rock and Harris a great outlet. Bannan chased back and Sam huslted as ever. Even though I was with the Reading fans,near ours (who sang brilliantly) I couldn't stop a celebration for the third!!! UTO
  5. I thought that cheery resumé would have lifted your mood!! :)
  6. Terrible atmosphere in the ground. Soulless, boring fans apart from one section. The Oracle shopping centre is okay, Festival always good. 'Bout it really....
  7. Going with my two daughters, in the home end, but it should be a good game. Fully expect us to win this at a canter. 0-4. Come on Wednesday!!!!
  8. Interested. PM me further details.
  9. Ahh, how I miss the anticipation! Good times.........
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