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  1. Borner is the only one to come out of this with any credit. Had a solid game.
  2. Reach rightly having a go at Palmer. Shocking and distribution.
  3. Pearson - straight swap 'like for like' Luongo and Pelupessy
  4. Westwood caught in two minds, there. Was coming to claim, couldn't because he had to wait in case the PNE player got a head on it beat our defender. Opted to punch, but a great finish and a real shocker after 2mins. Hard from here on in now.
  5. We really should be easy winners of this game, if it was 11v11. Still think we'll nick it, though.
  6. Wasn't intentional. Didn't look at the man, but his boot went into the Preston player's neck. Stupid tackle.
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