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  2. Goodness. That was pretty much backs to the wall for 44 minutes and 30 seconds. If they score, I see little way back, but we have defended resolutely apart from a couple of scary moments from Hector and Fox. Come on Wednesday, see it out!
  3. sagesse

    Next two matches !!!!

    Lose the Derby and he gets the sack, or win it and keep him for a little longer? Not a brilliant choice......I'd be prepared to take a defeat if it means he definitely goes which is a crying shame given I actually am prepared to think this. Then again, I don't live in Sheffield anymore... :)
  4. sagesse

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Oh dear God. 0-4
  5. Ahh, all this talk of twanging reminds me of the Rainbow sketch. RIP Geoffrey
  6. Come on Wednesday!!! Back to winning ways, please.
  7. sagesse

    My Balanced View

    Can't disagree with anything the OP said. Poor performance from all but a couple of them tonight.
  8. Thornily shouldn't have let the ball bounce...
  9. Completely agree on both points. Distribution was really poor at times, but there wasn't really much of a stable outlet to aim for
  10. Good God, what a finish to the first half. Clearly they've had the upper hand, but what a strike. We'll need a second though to make sure. They'll come out flying in the first 5mins.
  11. Friday will be an interesting barometer as some have already said. Given how it's shaping up - looking way into the future - next April's fixtures look tasty... Villa (H) Forest (H) Leeds (A) Norwich (A) Bristol (H) PNE (A)
  12. Joey had a great game, by that footage.