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  1. Windass. Body on the line, good hold up play. Never stopped. But could easily have been Dawson - a couple of match-saving saves.
  2. That was an excellent half of football. Best I've seen us play for a long time. Unlucky to not go in ahead. Let's hope that we score one, as I still remain unconvinced about Lees at the back.
  3. This sort of post just makes me cry. What a wonderful team we had. Many supporters have no idea just how good we were to watch back then.....😟
  4. Good win. Needed 3 points given the next few fixtures coming up.
  5. Fig Rolls. If evidence were ever need that this site is full of nutters, fig rolls is it.
  6. Good, but not as good as the pitch video and the dodgy going's on in the exec box.....
  7. 'I've been 25 years in successful changing rooms....I know what goes into a changing room, its not always football, its characters etc....I can't go against what I know is right'. Well at least he's said it as clearly as he can. Those who are frozen out are bad 'uns. He's trying to motivate players who are more followers than leaders. And the supposed 'leaders' are those that have now been told to do one because they are toxic influencers rather that those that set an example (e.g. Loovens, as mentioned in another thread). Must be a really crap atmosphere going into work at Hillsborough atm :(
  8. I hate to ask it, but has anyone got a link to a stream so I can make my eyes bleed in the second half?
  9. When numbers on shirts actually related to the positions of the players..... Great game this one. Loved every minute of it.. Still got that away strip. Can't get into it, mind.
  10. Shocking defending by Murphy. Out muscled, out jumped, out fought.
  11. No outlet. No-one to hold the ball up and get it out. Although we are one ball away from being on on one with their keeper!
  12. Awful, but I think Nuhiu has been worse. He just cannot win a header, touch has been awful and has shown complete lack of movement. My eyes are burning.
  13. This is pretty dire. Stoke first to the ball. BB getting really frustrated - and rightly so.
  14. Lack of energy in the midfield. No spark, no vitality. We look bog standard.
  15. Collinding. Was there ever a better thread!! Come on Wednesday!!!
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