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  1. So evident we are striker-less and therefore completely toothless atm. One out and out attacker and we'll be fine. Hurry up Windass and Gregory. Nothing will change until then.
  2. He's had a good game so far. Breaking up play, good tackles, simple passes.
  3. We do, genuinely, need a third in this game. A couple of close calls for us in the first half; Dunkley having a great game tbf. Would make a good captain at some point...
  4. What on earth have the team eaten for breakfast???!?
  5. Yay, sort of. But a little bit more 'yay' this time.
  6. Yay, sort of. Still doesn't excuse the catastophe of a formation.
  7. I'm watching. Can anyone tell me what our setup is now, please? For the life of me, I can't work it out.
  8. Why not put Theo on at HT???!!!!! Why now, 9 mins in to the 2nd half. OMG.
  9. Why do I keep paying to watch this rubbish. WHY? You just know now that nothing will change until DM goes now.
  10. Not one of our players deserves any credit. All have played so poorly. Not one standout performance so far. And I can't see our captain really doing any decent rallying or geeing up of the players, either.
  11. That'll be a yellow for Bannan. There is absolutely no shape to this side at all. It is really quite depressing.
  12. OMG Peacock Farrell. What on earth was that?!!!!!!
  13. Shodipo shot goes for a throw, ball ends up10 yrds from the dead ball line
  14. Cheltenham carving through our midfield. Good god.
  15. That defending was criminal. The back four (or 3 or 5, take your pick) look shocking. As a pro footballer to not know who to pick up and mark is unfathomable. It's time, Darren.
  16. Pretty poor. Needs a far more positive line-up to start a home game. Moore is a mashup of Irvine and Monk. Shudder at the thought....
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