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  1. He played really well tonight. Yes his shooting was a bit off and there were two where Wickham was well placed. Having said that, thought most of Wickham’s game not much different from a taller version of Rhodes, not like his last spell with us. But one key point about Fernando, the best form of defence is attack. And he did this in spades, with Charlton pinned in their half for quite long periods. Much of that down to him, critical in our control of the game. Bannan was better further forward. Don’t think he so much hogs the game as other player have less confidence about what to do and therefore keep giving it to him. Boy, did we deserve that goal after Charlton’s miserable Delaying tactics, unpunished other than one yellow card and the extra time! Thought the ref was generous with our celebrations!
  2. We are going. We support Sheffield Wednesday
  3. Relegation would be very bad. It usually takes some time to settle in League 1 and many clubs have ended up with a further relegation. The style in League 1 requires different skills and tactics and we end up a long way from any chance to be ready for a push back to the PL. The income also drops yet again.The boys in red across the City did it quickly but that is a real exception. The truth is, we have been trying to re-build since the late 90s before we were relegated from the PL. So something like 22 years already. We are already out of the top league for the longest period in our 153 year history. We need to avoid relegation at all costs.
  4. I am over 70 and I have supported and attended games for 65 years. But we have never seemed to learn from our long 153 year history. We are now in our longest spell out of the top Division in our history and heading downwards again not upwards. Football is the most tricky business there is with just a single and enigmatic product. Mr Chansiri, thank you for all your investment. But please, get wise quickly. You are in a different country, a different city and with an English sport. Swallow your pride and appoint some experts to help you quickly to get this mess sorted out. There are some on this thread who may never see us back at the top in our lifetime unless you quickly change your approach.
  5. I am afraid it isn't going to work. I am not a supporter of too many changes of managers so quickly and feel generally they need time. But after the strange choices last night, we are nose diving. He has brought in three players of his own choice and they are not performing either. Those who want to change the entire squad are talking nonsense. 1 That really is totally impracticable thing to do in a short summer, create a new squad of something like 15 players in time for return to training and get them playing well by August. 2 Based on the three new guys, could he do it anyway We need a leader who is going to get the best out of many of the current players with some improvements and I don't think Mr Monk can do that. As others have said, there are managers who would have got the existing squad working hard, wanting to play, pushing for success and pushing for a play-off place. When we were in 5th place, we were aware that we had thrown away enough points in the last 10 minutes of games to have been in the automatic places. The way we are going , we could be in a relegation battle without any points deduction. Sadly, I believe we also have to thank Lee Bullen but let him go back to his Estate Agency as well.
  6. A good manager gets the best out of inherited players. We actually have quite a strong squad of players horrendously underperforming. Look at what Ancelotti has done at Everton. Very sadly, our manager has made it worse rather than better. We need a tough manager to kick them all up the backside and not go on and on and on about achieving a “ composed” performance.
  7. Answer to original question. Yes. We have a group of 20+ players all seriously underperforming and playing as individuals, not a team. That is what the manager is paid to do. so, sadly, he has not succeeded and needs to go before we end up as a complete laughing stock.
  8. I was quite pleased when a Monk was appointed. Experienced with quite a good track record although never really stayed anywhere long enough to see it through. What a good manager does, as well as adding new people to a team, is to get the players inherited to do much better. Lots of examples, look at Ancelloti at Everton. So I find it frustrating that there is so much comment about the current squad being useless so don’t blame Monk. Yes some of the guys are past their best BUT we still have a pretty competent set of players who are seriously underperforming. And after Saturday’s match, the manager’s comments were all about ”good composure”. He used the word ”composure” about 8 times. Well, he is not on the same page as me as what I want is passion, fight, commitment and pride to wear our shirt. Composure feels boring which is exactly the problem we have.
  9. This is quite serious and doesn't deserve the flippant comments made by some. Yes the lad was fighting and shouldn't have been. But on the video evidence, the police officer overreacted using completely unnecessary force. I for one, now in my 70s, get fed up of being treated as a potential criminal by the police, just because I go to a football match. The whole SAG closure of Leppings Lane to home fans was a back covering exercise because of the mess the police made of the Sheffield United match in 2019. Yes, most officers on the ground are good guys but I despair at the lack of leadership and direction they receive from their higher management. Sheffield has an epidemic of burglaries, car thefts and vandalism at the moment but police are made to prioritise so called "hate crime" where people are giving abuse on social media before they deal with burglaries. That makes no sense as a burglary is the most devastating crime that most people suffer, leaves people traumatised and is by definition, a hate crime. I would like to see the action of this police officer used against thieves and robbers rather than brainless juveniles having a fight.
  10. Old days have gone when we were the shareholders and we had a chance to change the chairman. We gave our shares for free to MM. DC owns absolutely everything, lock, stock and barrel. We are no more than paying customers like attending a show at the arena and have no say in it unless we can find £200m+ to buy it off him.
  11. I have a copy of the report and, as others have said, it was intriguing and all to do with how the SYP messed up dealing with handbags after the Sheffield United game at Hillsborough in April 2019 when they totally inflamed something which should and could have been well controlled. The report was commissioned as a way of taking the blame away from SYP and finding another reason. If the same principles were applied to most grounds, including Bramall Lane, then football crowds across the country would be almost halved. It is obviously because SYP can’t cope and are worried about any repeat of 30 years ago. Since then, the primary factors of barriers to the pitch and across areas have all been removed and the stadium has all seats. Since then, there have been 2 semi finals, one final replay and Euro 96. Since then, Liverpool have played at Hillsborough 11 times, all without incident. The restrictions on Leppings Lane entry/exit for home supporters make it quite dangerous in the North Stand at the end of the match so have added a safety problem previously not there there. The North was designed for entry and ext East and West. And we end up mixing with visitors when we walk back to Leppings Lane anyway. In My opinion, the restrictions are unsafe and based on an extremely flawed report.
  12. Need to get SUFC box holders off the SAG before there is any chance of fairness.
  13. Today was the worst home display I have seen since season 2002-2003 when we were relegated to League 1. Not a single player can be proud of today when we somehow managed to make Blackburn look like a Premier League side. Gary, you need to be very worried and you need to demonstrate you are capable of sorting it.
  14. I’m sure that the box at Bramall Lane Chair of SAG will ensure that Hillsborough isn’t allowed to rock!
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