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  1. Well I have a life beyond looking at football websites all the time. There are a lot of senior supporters who don’t do internet and they are totally ignored by the club, in some cases after more than 70 years active support.
  2. Been looking there on and off for two weeks and decided they would tell us nothing, as usual. Nothing. So coincidence they chose yesterday.
  3. Anyone actually seen anything from the club about this rather than just guessing? I have searched and can find nothing. Our badly run club couldn’t recognise a brewery, and wouldn’t have a clue how to arrange even a polite drink in one.
  4. It’s quite simple. They are jealous because our Chairman created SUFC to restore the winter income for Bramall Lane when Wednesday left for a permanent home at Olive Grove. So Wednesday were 23 when our Chairman(who was also Chair of Sheffield United Cricket Club and. Bramall Lane) had this bright idea. Like all children, they enjoy rebelling against their parents. Try reminding them of the truth.
  5. For the one person interested in the stadium on which our overpaid and regularly not quite over-performing heroes play, I have been down today. New led floodlights being installed, very small rectangular units. min groups of four. The pitch has been re-laid as in most seasons since we had Desso. No major work deep down, no re-laying of the Desso sub-structure and the over use of under soil heating has not done permanent damage. The pitch is looking brilliant and an amazing shade of green so all good.
  6. Done that before starting a post. Search brings nothing up to date about what is actually happening other than earlier discussion about what might happen. But clearly of no interest to others. Let’s get good players in and play on a crap pitch and squint at night matches to try and see what’s happening. It’s the Wednesday way.
  7. We don’t have a club. Both are owned by the same person.
  8. We once signed a CF who was our most expensive signing. Jordan Rhodes didn’t do what we hoped because the playing set-up didn’t take advantage. But he has anothertwo years to go on his Huddersfield contract and almost achieved promotion to Prem League. Does Darren know how to set up for a proper CF?
  9. Well I don’t spend that much time on Owlstalk. But looked through a couple of times and couldn’t find a word about it. Hence my topic. Is there a detailed thread somewhere?
  10. With the pitch requiring some serious work following the damage caused by the under-pitch heating fiasco and nearly 50% of the floodlight units no longer functioning - has anyone any information if work is taking place during the close season?
  11. They were fine in those days-each lamp working, not just a random 50%. Let’s see if they are replaced with new LED lighting this summer as promised.
  12. The real disappointment is that our tactics and performance were not what we are capable of. Where was the team that beat Portsmouth 4-1? In recent years, we didn’t really turn up at Wembley against Hull in 2016, then in the 2017 semi-finals against Huddersfield and now in the semi-finals against Sunderland. Defeat would have been more acceptable if we had clearly gone for it; but did we? And if we didn’t, why not.
  13. Sad news. He got us promoted to Division 1 under Howard Wilkinson. We need a Mick Lyon’s now.
  14. I understand the point you are making. It took 90 minutes to get home last night for just over 3 miles, so the infrastructure for that many cars is not there. And I am sure they have worked out that 23k at high prices brings more in than 30k at reduced prices. And I really wonder if 3rd tier players are as much intimidated by big crowds as encouraged( Wembley 2016, Huddersfield 2017, Sunderland 2022) ? Having said all that, seeing the ground almost full twice in 10 days was brilliant and a balanced solution would be good.
  15. You sure that you were at Hillsborough and last night? Where were you - sounds like the special animal's enclosure from the sort of behaviour you are reporting. I was in my usual place in the middle of the North Stand, great atmosphere, great support, great singing. Players all supported all though including after the game and the only person getting real stick was the ref who deserved it. Suggest you try somewhere else - there is always a small % of idiots and seems you had them all!
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