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  1. A better striket from Huddersfield than our more recent acquisition!
  2. Although performances were starting to fade, I would have given him a one year extension together with a clear target that there would be a break clause after Christmas if things weren't going well by then. At least that would have given the board the chance to think properly about who would replace him if required. If I remember correctly, when he was sacked, the line from the club was that the new manager "would be a top professional with an international reputation" - David Pleat? And looking back, there have only been three times in my life watching Wednesday when there was real excit
  3. Still no news at all. I am not using i-follow as my experience was that it is useless and, as not available on a proper TV, a waste of time. Anyone heard about any refunds or extensions to season tickets or anything or do we just lose our money?
  4. I am probably well behind the time so expect abuse. But I have heard absolutely nothing from the club about what is happening this new season. I opted for the i-follow when last season started again but at that time, the option to choose a refund or make a donation wasn't (yet) available. Since then I have heard nothing. I have two years yet to run on my ticket and the season starts next weekend. Has anyone any ideas of what is being offered - is i-follow going to be "free" again in the absence of being able to go to Hillsborough? And what will happen when only limited attendances (less
  5. Brown sauce, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce? Ah, you mean scource?
  6. Don't see the lazybones about it. This statement was made when the original decision of the tribunal was released and most of us have already read it. It was also stated at the time that the club had 2 weeks to appeal against the decision. So the 2 weeks are up and there has been no new statement from the club? Guess that means no appeal.
  7. We haven't owned the ground since MM bought the club. DC has owned the ground since he bought the club from MM. The fact that a different DC company from the club company now owns the ground makes no difference whatsoever. I don't think he will spend a penny, mainly because the basis of his wealth is actually with his family and not him personally. Having splashed something like £130m already on the club, the ground, players transfers and subsidising player wages and now buying the ground off himself, I doubt anything significant will be spent. In any case, with COVID-19 preventing any proper
  8. The problems are large and deep rooted. Any new manager would seem to have his hands tied by available money and policy. Those who know Steve Bruce sat it was always likely that his tenure would have been short and if you look at his CV, he hasn’t stayed anywhere for very long. I reckon that DC must have spent £130m (excluding the £60m in instalments to buy the stadium he already owned). He will never get that back in our current predicament. So unless he is prepared to cut his losses and sell cheap, he is with us for the long haul and people of my age, having supported since my first Hillsbor
  9. That’s not true. He was Chairman Of SWFC at the time Milan took over the club and chaired the shareholders meeting at which we all agreed to forfeit our shares to MM. He is a current Vice President of SWFC and is at most matches with his wife Sam in the Director’s box. What I was saying is that he is part of the structure already and almost certainly willing to advise.
  10. But sadly, as he has got to know the players, work with them and try to improve their skills, the team has steadily got worse and worse. The end of the season, admittedly without spectators, has been a disaster. I am afraid very few, either players or supporters, have confidence in him any more so we have to have a change. Please Mr C, get a football person to advise you. Howard Wilkinson is a VP of our club-ask him to help.
  11. Sally, you are lucky as your memory is shorter. I have been going to Hillsborough since 1955 and we have had many much better seasons but also, many much worse. A lot of the 1970s and some of the 2000s were worse. We should never have got to this point ever again and have learned nothing from our past failures and I agree with your general sentiments. To be 20 years out of the top league, a club record in 153 years, and still so far away is a disgrace. I now doubt that I will live to see us back where we should belong.
  12. Wednesday doesn’t have a board now. It is owned by one man who, although out of the country more than half the time, makes all the decisions including minor ones such as discount pricing of old stock in the shop. He has invested and spent a lot - more than £140 million by my reckoning - and we have no say. For those who wanted to sack the board when we had one, and when nearly all the shares were held locally, those who wished for one rich man owning everything have had their dream turned into our nightmare. Mr Chansiri can and will do exactly what he chooses. Our role is no greater than th
  13. Excellent. Doesn’t need 415 pages of crap!
  14. Can someone start a new thread with actual facts and news about the EFL hearing. Can’t believe 414 pages without one snippet of facts!
  15. Think we should have a sensible and intelligent new thread about the EFL hearing. This is clearly not that thread!
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