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  1. Today was the worst home display I have seen since season 2002-2003 when we were relegated to League 1. Not a single player can be proud of today when we somehow managed to make Blackburn look like a Premier League side. Gary, you need to be very worried and you need to demonstrate you are capable of sorting it.
  2. I’m sure that the box at Bramall Lane Chair of SAG will ensure that Hillsborough isn’t allowed to rock!
  3. That's exactly how I feel. We have been re-building since the late 1990s when we started struggling in the Premier League. When we bottled it at Wembley (and arguably again against Huddersfield), we did have the best football since the early 1990s and the basis of a squad to build on in the Premier League. But the people who needed to move on such as Wallace, Hunt, Loovens and Samedo have never been properly replaced and those who were good in 2016 such as Westwood, Forestieri, Hutchinson and Lees now need replacing because they are no longer up to it (either physically or emotionally). A good team with good management does this almost month by month by bringing in home grown youngsters and buying and selling in the transfer market. Our club is not that good at that although you have to recognise some of the players that Stuart G. was involved in bringing to Hillsborough. In some way, we have to recognise that Jos was attempting to do this without spending much money. Of course it's not that simple and motivation and shape are critical in getting the best out of players and its not happening at the moment. I know we are 7th in the table and some consider that pretty good. But the Sunday and then the New Year's Day performance were some of the worst I have seen since the early 1970s when we were really bad! The performance on the pitch does not inspire any excitement at all or confidence that we are going forward. The goals against us after 90 minutes have lost us 13 points and the three matches over Christmas another 9. Just half of those points would put us one point behind the leaders! I have said it before but this 20 years, the longest the club has ever been out of the top division, are now making it a challenge as to whether I will live to see them in the top division again.
  4. Well he has invested at least £100m plus the £60m for re-purchasing the ground he already owned. DA never made 1% of that investment. DC will only move on if someone offers him a serious payment to offset this investment and the club is not worth that much so I guess he will be chairman for many years.
  5. Thought Bannan did well today. Without his hard work, it would almost certainly have been worse. He dug the defence out of it on many occasions. Course he would be better further up in an ideal set-up but sadly the team is very mediocre at present. He was my man of the match.
  6. Well done Jordan Rhodes. I had lost confidence that he would come back but really pleased. Have a great weekend Jordan.
  7. I had lost confidence that he would ever get back to his past goal scoring glory although I hoped. I am delighted at his success to-day and hope it has really boosted his confidence. Well done Jordan Rhodes.
  8. Spot on Sally. As someone who remembers our club in Division 1 in the 1960s coming runners up to Spurs and then good runs in the 1980s and 1990s in Division 1 and the Premier League, I am one of those waiting for our return and expecting it to happen. But it will be 20 years out of the top by the end of this season, the longest ever, and it will be a miracle if we manage it this time. I went round the Lotus F1 heritage site in Norfolk last weekend (they were 7 times F1 champions), which reminded me that here is no guarantee it will ever happen again, not everything is cyclical and sometimes great teams and clubs do eventually go out of business
  9. I knew my post would bring out the happy clappers!
  10. My view is that our individual players are still better than theirs. But as a team they are far better. Their team is better than the sum of the parts and we see week after week that ours isn't. A lot of skilled individuals but not a very skilled team Examples are there for all to see with crosses not being read, forward kicks with no one on the end, defenders left on their own with no cover etc. The general view is that our wage bill is probably still more than theirs. In our division, look at what Preston are achieving with players we probably wouldn’t touch and they would bite our hands off if the could afford people like Reach or Fessi.
  11. I understand that it is cyclical but the cycles are getting longer. This is by far the longest period in our history we have been out of the top division and I don’t think we are quite ready again this season. The points deduction, which could be as many as 21 points, would completely snuff out any slight chance.
  12. It’s been “temporary” for 19 years. We have missed some real chances to stop it being long term temporary. I still go and support the team in a positive way but it does get to you in the end, not the least the current final minutes goals against us.
  13. A lot of unhappy supporters on here and many branding them as moaners. Well I have just watched that other Sheffield club on MOTD playing at our previous ground against MUFC. They played well with a team which has cost much less than ours, still costs less than ours and is not as good as ours. But boy, are they getting the best out of them and being allowed nearly 33k in the stadium which the same SAG allows us nowhere near in spite of nearly 40k seats. We still have every reason to be doing better but on many fronts, not just on the pitch, we are not. Thanks for all the investment but we are nowhere near where we should be. No wonder so many are so angry. After 63 years active support, I am not ashamed to say I am really fed up. I have 2 1/2 years left on my season ticket but at the age of 71 I really am beginning to feel it will probably now take longer than I have years left. So do you still brand me a moaner and not a real supporter?
  14. Quite a ridiculous thing to say. Why would anyone bother with this site if they weren't committed supporters? I have supported the club at Hillsborough since 1955 - it is still the best forum.
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