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  1. It will also sort out if Mr. C is using his own money or family money.. When he bought the club, his personal wealth was estimated at £150m and he must have spent most of that already. So if he is able to spend a lot more, it will be family money derived from TUF.
  2. What? Negative by going to every match and supporting the team? And buying season tickets for several years in advance so making that money available to the club? The area where there is no atmosphere now is oddly on the kop where the band seems to be hated but there is only ever any noise when it plays. Mr Farrell, wondering what you are smoking?
  3. Starting to look like the new owners at Newcastle are going for Pochettino or Benitez. That means goodbye Bruce. The question has to be, did he run away from us just because it is his home town club of Newcastle, or is it his style not to stay anywhere very long? I know that the Chairman is not likely to favour him after what happened but I might just think it is worth a second try.
  4. The current government plan is to delay the peak of infection and spread it out. The peak of cases is likely to be May to July with a long tail going into mid autumn. So there is no chance of this season being resumed until the autumn, after what would normally be the start of next season. So they can either have a null season for 2019-20 and start 2020/21 late or make 2020/21 a short season which effectively completes this season. Whichever, they have to decide if there is any promotion or relegation and also revise financial rules as most clubs are going to lose huge amounts of income with ongoing high salary costs. For those of us who are still around in 6 months, it may well work in our favour.
  5. A very good article which details what all of us already know but in a logical format. Still doesn’t take us forward or really give any real clue as to what the outcome will be or when. But I agree with others that, even if we get away with this or just receive a points deduction we’ll below 21 points, it makes us look pretty grubby. We already have enough lack of goodwill because of the 1989 disaster and all the inquiries and court cases (whether fair or otherwise). We just don’t need this and the result of all the expenditure on the team, without a points deduction, is heading us towards another spell in the third tier rather than promotion to the Premier League. I think my Father and most of our Fathers would be holding their heads in shame.
  6. I really don’t care about the pattern on a plastic card. After 65 years going to Hillsborough with another 2 years left on my season ticket, I almost hope the C-Bomb will get me before the indignity of another season in the third tier come August.
  7. I might just do that as a final Hurray as the EFL relegates us and we succumb to Coronavirus!
  8. After my comments this time last year about the pitch, it looks fine to me. But the only people who will know are those who PLAY on the pitch which rules most of us out. Wednesday usually water the pitch before each game and at half time but they haven't watered it at matches for the past few weeks -assume because it has been coming out of the sky. Maybe Man City are used to the pitch being watered for every match?
  9. I am sure that the club is not very communicative with residents as it is not communicating much with supporters. What I don't really understand is that those houses have been there since around 1900. All the land from Parkside Road to the corner of Leppings Lane and Penistone Rd was bought by the Wednesday in 1899. When they worked out the position of the new football ground they then sold the land towards the corner for housing. Together with the money from the original shares, the income from the land sale was used to cover the costs of buying the land and building the stadium. Everyone who lives there will have bought a house close to an existing football stadium. The snippets above seem to be complaining more about a lack of communication than specifying what the problem is they are trying to communicate about. So has crowd behaviour got worse in recent years, or is it the Police closure of Leppings Lane and one lane on Penistone Rd which is the problem or do they just not like the supporters and stadium, which was already there, being so close
  10. Think that is a very tough comment. I was there last night as a person who had a first season ticket in 1961 and our family have bought debentures (North Stand) and shares over the years to support the club (all shares given to Mr. Mandaric). I might not be as loud and demonstrative in my 70s as I was as a young lad! Everyone who went last night was a POTG customer as everyone had to pay. I think the price could have been less but the challenge we have is if we are going to ever keep out of the Finance and Sustainability rules, the club has to have a decent income from somewhere to offset the crazy salaries for players. Season ticket holders' money is, I think, counted as income in the year of payment with any further years purchased recorded as liabilities which helps the accounts now even though it gives problems for the future. On the occasions where the POTG prices have been dropped, the increase in attendance is not actually great.
  11. I disagree with you and assume you were there. I thought our team gave their all and the supporters who turned up gave good support, much better than a normal home game. We had good performances from Iorfa, Fox and Wildsmith. I also agree with others saying that if we had set up to attack then the score could have been much worse. Yes, we could have made the game more exciting but only by starting on the attack when the legs were fresh and then lost to a high number maybe with one for us. Man City made it clear how much sharper, faster and stronger they were and you could see by their passing that they knew where the receiver would be by the time the ball arrived. Impressive stuff. I believe our boys did their very best but we are light years away from their standard. We did have three good chances which we couldn't convert. And by the end, all our team were absolutely shattered so there was frankly no chance of mounting a last 10 or 15 minute attack, the energy and the speed had gone. I was proud of the team although there was one player who I had forgotten was on the pitch, you can guess who.
  12. It is not as simple as who is the better or best keeper. My opinion and the key is not just the skill of the goalkeeper but the whole defence. Louvens was a good captain but no longer was good enough as a CH. Tom Lees Is now past his best but has never been a clear leader on the pitch or an organiser of the defence. It didn’t matter that much when Westwood was in goal as he shouted and organised the defence. We now have no-one organising and leading the defence as neither Lees or Dawson do this. With Hutch on the pitch, he did shout and organise the midfield. So at present there is no clear leader or captain or organiser of the defence on the pitch. I think this is the root cause of our demise. Bannan tries to do it, it affects how he plays and results in everyone deferring to him and it doesn’t work. We desperately need a Mike Lyons or Nigel Pearson on the pitch. In the short term, it probably needs the two who have been dropped back In the team to provide some leadership until a strong captain is recruited. But Mr Monk Is unlikely to do this.
  13. DC is only ever going to go if someone with best part of £200m offers to buy. With our club now diving towards League 1, that is not going to happen. It is probably deserved but getting rid of the manager, nearly all players plus remaining coaches Would probably take 10 years to recover. We certainly need a good And experienced manager in place before any rebuilding in the summer.
  14. He played really well tonight. Yes his shooting was a bit off and there were two where Wickham was well placed. Having said that, thought most of Wickham’s game not much different from a taller version of Rhodes, not like his last spell with us. But one key point about Fernando, the best form of defence is attack. And he did this in spades, with Charlton pinned in their half for quite long periods. Much of that down to him, critical in our control of the game. Bannan was better further forward. Don’t think he so much hogs the game as other player have less confidence about what to do and therefore keep giving it to him. Boy, did we deserve that goal after Charlton’s miserable Delaying tactics, unpunished other than one yellow card and the extra time! Thought the ref was generous with our celebrations!
  15. We are going. We support Sheffield Wednesday
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