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  1. Look at our history, especially since 2000. Those who believe we will go straight back up are dreaming. The most likely scenario, either this season or next, is we will be relegated again. Yes, we have never been in the 4th tier but it will be a real battle. So our key challenge this coming season is to avoid relegation. In this respect, the article is accurate.
  2. This is back to the future stuff. Like many English clubs, from 1899, The Wednesday was owned by its supporters with the launch of shares. Many local people and companies owned shares including my family, topped up by the debentures issued in 1961, shares released in the 1970s plus private purchases. The system was seriously devalued by the Charterhouse injection of money (wasted?) and then by the pull-out of Charterhouse which completely diluted our shares with 3 directors holding the lion's share and 10% of the shares had to be donated to and managed by Wednesdayite. As one of many many local people who had put their money where their support was and lost every penny, I would be cautious about any pre-existing organisation taking a golden share and would want a long and hard discussion over how it would be managed. Selling shares to the public again, which would represent the golden share holders, and put money back into the club would have to be one option.
  3. Unfortunately, all the football discussion covering the squad, their success, the penalties, the Italian fouls and the future is now completely overshadowed yet again by the behaviour of the yobs who stormed the stadium and separately despoiled several well-known sites in London. Yet again, a famous stadium was attacked by drunken and ticketless idiots. Reports suggest that the FA and the England team may receive severe punishment and the English/Irish bid for the 2030 World Cup may be ruled out. Thanks to the England team for doing us proud. Sadly, your achievement is now overshadowed by the behaviour of the worst in our society.
  4. Don’t you think that something like 27 points lost when we were actually leading at some stage counted for more than6 points deducted? We needed 2 points at then end of the season to stay up.
  5. There is something totally wrong with this story. Most EFL clubs will have had a dramatic reduction in income over the past 16+ months but with many overpaid players. Not all have got an owner who has and still is ploughing money into the club. So there must be many in the same or worse position. Yes, all should be paid their wages but when the cash box is empty, where from. Chansiri has been transferring cash from Thailand, delayed by money laundering rules. But my guess he is now being funded by his family TUF company. There has to be many, many clubs in the same fix and solving the problem will break FFP rules. So what is the real solution ?
  6. I took the I-follow option for 19-20. After many attempts to make contact with the club, I finally received an e-mail from the club last week which confirmed that for 19-20 I had a £25 store credit which happened in July 2020( but I didn’t know that) plus a £25 credit to my ticketing account which has just happened. For 2020-21, I have just been credited £308.03 to my ticketing account. ( My season ticket is in the North stand with an over 65 concession). I think the £25 credit to the store account runs out at the end of June 2021! My ticket runs to the end of 2021-22. So basically, they keep the money unless I buy tickets or a new season ticket.
  7. Interested you get a rebate in January and I get a credit to my “ticketing account” in June. Anyone know why there might be a difference, especially as I had never heard of a ticketing account before and certainly never used it?
  8. After e-mailing the club several times, including again last week, I have now received a proper reply. £25 on my shopping account which runs out in 5 weeks plus £25 to my ticketing account (what is that as I always pay by plastic). I did subscribe to the the i/follow for 2019/20. Around £350 to my ticketing account for 2020/21(as a senior in the North Stand that is about correct). I pointed out that my 3 year ticket running out at the end of 2021/22 was chosen because I may not be be able to attend regularly as I reach 74 years old. I was asked to contact the club in 2022. Like many, I have never heard of a ticketing account as I pay in full with a card. Seems that, in effect, they are keeping the money unless we buy tickets/ season tickets.
  9. Good News. Just heard that there is a genuine bid to buy the club from a real honest person from Baku. Says he will also refund the cost of shirt sponsorship. Oh, been there before. The end of our club could lie with those who are owed money - players and many of us multi-season, season ticket holders. Rather like when MM rescued us providing all shareholders gave our investment to him for nothing. What should we do? Go for the Chairman to have a further year or go for the massive risk nuclear option.
  10. Hot off the press from someone really in the know. POUNDLAND You will never guess how much they are paying?
  11. Not sure how and why some are contacted and most are not. We have a group of 6 seats in the north. One person pays for all but he has not been contacted. I have not been contacted. I missed many games in 2019-20 and signed up to I- Follow as “part payment” for that season. In spite of writing, not heard a whisper about the remaining balance for 2019-20 and nothing for 2020-21 where we could not go to any match. My ticket runs to 2021-22. So does my 3 year ticket extend to 2022-23? Does anyone really know. Nothing on the website. This mismanagement underlines the real issues affecting every department in the club, especially the team manager and the players. I am ashamed of those in charge of what used to be our club. I would have happily donated money if approached in a professional manner. Not now.
  12. Next season will be the third in my current three year season ticket. In 2019/20, I attended something less than 50% of the games, in 200/2021, 0%, and Zero communication in any format from “our club”. After 67 years attending, I am close to giving up. Is there an extension of our tickets? We can debate but not a squeak from the club. Even though I have paid, I will not be rushing to matches next season at “Chansiri United”. Is it really the true SWFC?
  13. Frankly I come from a totally different angle. Who do we blame for making so many basically good players, so bad? The job of coaches and head coach/ manager is to improve players and get the best out of them.
  14. After 67 year of active support since the age of 5, I have posted several times that I don't feel that this is any longer the same SWFC I have supported most of my life. It is highly doubtful that I will now live long enough ever to see the club in the top division again and I am just praying that I don't see them in the very bottom league division for the first time in history. I was resigned to what was going to happen several months ago and it is amazing we missed out by one penalty in the end. Will I be longing to go next season in the final year of my current three year season ticket? Well, with no communication about the remainder of last season or any of this season, and no confirmation of any roll-over, I am embarrassed to be supporting the only club in England which can't be bothered one jot with its supporters, much worse than the Glazers at Man Utd. This is already by far the worst and longest time in the club's history since 1867 and it is still getting worse. But to be honest, this is now Chansiri United not Sheffield Wednesday. So the answer, not really,
  15. You gave to ask if his predecessor, who waited to sell to “the best person for the future of the club” and who actually walked away with a profit did us any favours at all?
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