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Wednesday - V - Birmingham OMDT

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2 minutes ago, OwlBiSeeinThi said:

I hear what you're saying. It's fine margins and it's not going our way at the moment.

You’re right, we need to help ourselves a bit with better decision making and not give the referee an excuse to penalise us unnecessarily.

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Depressing to hear NT say we weren’t brave enough after losing such an important game. Makes you wonder what will actually give these players the backbone required. Sick of this group. Always one step forward, one back. Good week, bad week.

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52 minutes ago, BrumBlue said:

We took attackers off for defenders 20 mins from time against 10 men and just held on. We are beyond terrible. 


You still have a better chance of staying up than ourselves. There are quite a few simularities between our clubs at the moment and how badly run they are. 







I’d agree there are definitely plenty of similarities! Two rubbish sides today and I suspect we will be playing each other again next season!

Most sides would have taken the opportunity to thrash us after the sending off. 
I like St Andrew’s and have had a couple of decent days out in the Jasper Carrott suite!

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