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Wednesday - V - Birmingham OMDT

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2 minutes ago, Rogerwyldesmullet said:

I was trying to think of a witty remark worthy of a fine OP M’lud but I’m too nervous - worst I’ve been since forever  - all I can do is clench every orifice and through grinding dentures shout “cmon you blue and white wizaaaards”from behind the settee.


It's these sphincter tightening games that make you know you're alive! 

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Excellent post again Milord. Short and sweet.


Which reminds me. Bannan, in his first game since signing the new contract. I’m hoping he reminds us why we have Ben wanting him to stay (well most of us anyway). 

As for Birming, well eleven matches without a win eh? 
I’m not going to say it, but surely not tomorrow.


One thing is for certain, it won’t be a free flowing game festooned with goals.


Up the Owls.

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What people are failing to see is that Birmingham's away form is the 10th best in the division as is our home form , I can't see us getting a 6th straight win at home with this team so a draw has got to be the expected result tomorrow .

That's not ignoring Birmingham have won one in 13 and we all know what that means!

A Wednesday win will be massive so please let's hope and pray we do something against the grain.

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If you are a club who hasn’t  won a game all year and you can’t string more than 2 passes together in any given 90 minutes of football


There is ONE club you need to play against to guarantee ending your terrible losing streak


Step forward Sheffield Wednesday 


1-0 to Brum

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2 hours ago, Lord Snooty said:




"I think we'll have a day down the garden tomorrow, Stubbs."


"Rain is forecast, Sir"


"It's ok, we'll get under the gazebo"


"I wouldn't advise it,Sir. The man from health & safety has been and said there is a problem with it"


"What problem?"


"Concrete rot, Sir"


"Concrete rot?"


"Yes, Sir."


"What the bloody hell is concrete rot. Sounds like a load of old rot to me!"


"It is when water has permeated the concrete foundations and extremities and rusting and corrosion of the inner metal workings, the, Rebar, Sir, causes large chunks of the concrete to simply fall away and..."




"...causes damage to the structural integrity of the building"


"Well, that can't be right. It was built to last!"


"It is nearly sixty years old, Sir"


"But it's the best cantilever gazebo in the County!"


"That maybe so, Sir. But the problem doesn't go away."


"Well, what are we going to do!"


"It will need substantial money spending on it ,Sir. If not demolition and rebuilding"


"But...but...I was hoping to get the villagers in when this Covid malarkey is over. Do the old sports day, you know. Get a few in"


"I wouldn't advise allowing any spectators into until remedial work has been carried out ,Sir"


"But, but, we haven't sorted the underfloor heating out in the ballroom yet"


"Indeed, Sir"


"Well, we'll have to get on to Hargreaves. He'll have to send us some money, forward next years payments."


"He cannot do that,Sir. If you remember, despite the house and gardens belonging to Owlstalk, you and Mr Hargreaves separated the two things when you bought the house from Mr Hargreaves in order to try and fill a hole in last years Owlstalk Accounts. Therefore, the gazebo and it's maintenance falls , squarely at your door"






----------------------------------- image.png.50c474c8c22ee628125831d2a10aec86.png  ----------------------------------------







20th February, 2021

Kick Off: 3:00pm

Hillsborough Stadium


 Wednesday take on relegation rivals  Birmingham City  in a huge clash at the bottom end of the Championship today. A "must win" game for both side and one which has seen Birmingham supporters groups release a statement telling the players they're paid a lot of money and really should be trying very hard.


The two sides are in the relegation zone after tasting defeat in midweek and are locked level on points heading into this game at Hillsborough.


  • Brum boss  Karanka is now fighting to save his job following an 11-match winless run in the Championship, with seven of those ending in defeat.


  • The most recent of those losses came away to Millwall on Wednesday - Jed Wallace and Ben Thompson scoring for the home side in what was a comfortable victory at The Den.


  •  Wednesday  fell to defeat in midweek, going down 1-0 against Stoke City to a late goal from  image.png.ca346ea4f3faafa2c5a103ce6dd210c7.png 


  • Wednesday  have won five on the spin at Hillsborough - our best run in 9 years!!


  • That includes a run of three successive clean sheets on home soil, and five in their last six. Birmingham, by comparison, have failed to score in three of their last five away games.



-------- image.png.de607a280cfe4b92798dc150497585d9.png  -------






Wednesday Boss Neil Thompson may be tempted to make some changes on the back of the late loss last time out, in which the Owls put in a lacklustre performance, particualy in the second half where several players looked "leggy".


However, in the main he's stumbled on a side and set up which has been getting results and may be tempted to let them "put it right".


Wednesday possible:

Lees   Dunkley   Urhoghide

Harris   Shaw  Hutchinson   Bannan  Reach

Rhodes   Paterson




---------------------- BIRMINGHAM ------------------



Birmingham,  went with Scott Hogan and Lukas Jutkiewicz in attack against Millwall after losing Sam Cosgrove to injury.


City, who have failed to score in eight of their last 11 matches, are almost certain to be without Cosgrove once again at Hillsborough.


Jonathan Leko and Ivan Sanchez will be hoping for a place in the XI after being named among the subs in midweek.



Birmingham City possible:

Valery    Dean    Friend    Pedersen

Harper     Sunjic

Leko      Halilovic      Bela







Wednesday  form: L-W-W-L-W-L

Birmingham   form: L-D-D-L-L-L












Great stuff as usual mi'lord but you do know how good we are at ending bad runs for other teams, right?  lol

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