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Loan Watch Rides Again!

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By comparison, Matt Penney's loan spell seems to have been a roaring success


There's no doubt St Pauli fared better with Matt in the side, but he only managed 17 league apps (plus 1 cup tie)

I suppose getting a red card on your debut (followed by a ban, then dropping to the bench) didn't help

Or picking up an injury mid-season, hamstring was it?  Can't remember without checking


So his stats - 13 league starts + 4 as sub  ...        W  6  +1    D  5  +1    L  2  +2 


- is a far better return than St Pauli's form when he wasn't playing, so why didn't he get to play more often?

Lack of fitness?  Jos acting the goat?

Considering how close St Pauli were to the drop, they could've used more returns like those ^ during the run-in

But Matt only started three of their last nine games  :mellow:


He should be fighting for a place in our 1st team next season but I hope he's physically up for it

I mean, the injuries he picks up, this season and last, tend to keep him out for weeks/months on end

and perhaps even the 'niggles' keep him on the bench - I dunno.  Let's wait and see, eh?


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9 hours ago, Ethel The Tree said:


So his stats - 13 league starts + 4 as sub  ...        W  6  +1    D  5  +1    L  2  +2    Goals:  1


oops, major edit  ^


How could I overlook Matt's GOAL - an absolute cracker away in the Hamburg derby, in front of a 57k sell-out crowd

also voted goal of the season by St Pauli's fans

That will always be a career highlight however well he does in the future


oh, and playing his home games to a packed crowd just short of 30k wouldn't have done him any harm either   :biggrin:


Just stay fit, Matt 

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