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  1. Well deserved too Those 90mins were a bit too anxious for my liking Had a weird feeling after losing the Millwall game, but never mind All worked out in the end Thanks as ever to @John O'Brien, WednesdayYouth and those 90% for helping the lads get over the line Now let's win the national title too
  2. The other 10% design t-shirts, mugs and teatowels etc
  3. Well they'd better fkn well not, that's all I'm saying
  4. ^^ Absolutely And if the notion of losing the last game to those piglets and handing the title to L**ds isn't already too horrible to contemplate There's the added incentive of knowing that as winners we'd get to play Ipswich at home (Hillsborough?) in the semi As opposed to Cardiff away as runners-up We've beaten both recently but given the choice ...? There's only one choice
  5. ... and there we have it Thanks to @John O'Brien for his commitment And special thanks to Dom's cheerful doppelganger for brightening up my afternoon
  6. Oh I dunno, John Given the circumstances I reckon your updates carry more weight
  7. Don't know who this fella is, but I imagine he's got the real Dom Howson tied up in a cellar somewhere
  8. I wouldn't normally inflict this bloke on anybody - least of all myself But he's providing the only Twitter updates I've found so far, so here goes ...... Makes it sound like a crappy job (but someone has to do it)
  9. Maybe Steve Bruce can use his influence and get a few of these lads out on loan next season Then we'll have a better idea of how far they're likely to go?
  10. Happy end to a fairly underwhelming season for the U23s Finishing 8th place - unless Barnsley lose by four at Watford tomorrow Goes to show ya - we seem to have a decent drop of youngsters coming through ........... when we win Happy to add Young R's to the list of good updaters
  11. The win would see us finish above the piglets, which is ...
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