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  1. Match report is now up on the OS https://www.swfc.co.uk/matches/fixtures/under-23s/202122/september/-vs-sheffield-wednesday-on-17-sep-21/#report The team posted prior to kick-off included two trialists The match report names them One being Hughes (again, 2nd game running) So is this Ben or what? He hasn't been fixed up as far as I know, so perhaps he's helping us out - or else trying to earn a new deal Or it could be another 'Hughes' entirely The second is some fella called Bernal, who remains a mystery to me Any input, folks? Wednesday: Render, Dawodu, Aguas, Hughes, Agbontohoma, Thompson (Glover 77), Zottos, Trueman (Al-Jahadmy 85), Bonnington, Farmer, Bernal (Davidson 77)
  2. He started ten of the first 11 league games then missed the next five He returned as sub for the Youth Cup game at Leicester Then figured in 9 of the remaining 10 league games - 4 starts & 5 as sub
  3. That's quite an assumption As regards Leojo Davidson, there's no evidence to suggest we hampered his development last season at all I don't exactly know what criteria the club staff use when deciding which players to release, but the five U18s to go this summer all played between 18 and 22 games apiece throughout a 26 game season I presume the 'guy' in question was Charlie Curtis who featured in 20 (19 starts) Davidson also featured in 20 games (14 starts) - so I'd hardly say he'd been overlooked As for "a league that no-one cares about and doesn't matter one bit." I'd suggest that is a narrow view you seem to share with a fair number of Owlstalkers, but it's far from universal
  4. The 3pts also see our lads regain top spot in the Northern Section table Which, depending on which side of the 'results-don't-matter-at-junior-level' argument you take, is either brilliant or irrelevant
  5. I've been the OS' biggest critic, but they do seem to be getting their act together this season They've posted full matchday squads (at both U18 & U23) before the start of every game HT & FT scores and then provided good match reports on our home site - usually within a few hours of the final whistle So far so good in that respect It's live updates that are sadly lacking I don't know how easily this situation can be remedied Perhaps the topic can be raised the next time DC invites input from the various fans groups Doesn't help that Middlewood Road is still apparently closed to the public and although today's game is played at St Georges Park, I'm guessing the same kinds of restrictions apply We'll just have to wait and see how they get on
  6. Is that Ben Hughes? Thought we'd released him during the summer
  7. FT 0-3 Thanks to Elliott at Yorkshire Live for the updates What we really need is for @S36 OWL to provide an on-the-spot summary But from where I'm sat (admittedly, about 100 miles away) that just wasn't good enough
  8. Another penalty Farmer this time the guilty party and Watford have the chance for a third. GOAL, 3-0 Watford made no mistake with that one as it's thumped past Render. No saving that. aw crap
  9. Not sure why there's a Southampton player on the pitch, Elliott?
  10. Penalty for Watford Dawodu brings down a Watford attacker after Render pulled off a great save. SAVED Render denies Watford a third from the penalty spot after Dawodu had brought down a Southampton attacker. It was a great stop. 'ray
  11. Still 0-2 78mins Elliott's updates have dried up an' all
  12. Nearly 3-0 Watford break up the field at pace and get a clean strike at Render's goal. Fortunately it's just over the bar. I always expect more from our U23s than they usually deliver Our results at this level have been fairly chronic for the past three seasons and so far this is looking like more of the same As much as I like and respect Lee Bullen, perhaps it's time for a change 0-2 62mins
  13. Second half is underway No changes for the Owls at the break. Well sumat needs to change
  14. GOAL, 2-0 Watford double their lead and it's their number 11 with his second goal. A strike at the back post which goes through Render's legs and in. FFS 0-2 42mins
  15. GOAL Watford lead The Hornets take the lead as their number 11 turns home from inside the area. Well who'd have guessed it 0-1 25mins
  16. Still 0-0 20mins I know Watford are PL and all that But piglets beat this lot 4-0 away last Tuesday, so they can't be that good
  17. Best chance so far Aguas breaks down the left and fires a cross-come-shot across the face of goal which is just about cleared behind with Adedoyin waiting to tap-in. Liking these regular updates
  18. First effort on goal Dawodu makes a smart clearance and the Owls break. Hagan feeds Adedoyin whose shot dribbles harmlessly wide. 0-0 8mins
  19. Well we know @S36 OWL is one of 'em This is also a link to live updates (Dom Howson's mate)
  20. Free admission Wish I was there Expect a stronger side from last time - if only because the U18s are playing away tomorrow
  21. FT 2-0 I'm sure we could have fielded a stronger side, but I guess it's all part of the GRAND PLAN
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