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  1. Both matches ko 12 noon Don't know if @John O'Brien plans on being there But Derby Academy appear to be following both games on Twitter ... well, they've posted their own starting line-ups Have to wait and see what kind of coverage we get I'll just relay whatever crops up (of interest)
  2. Some of the action looks a shade too quick for the cameraman Has anyone seen an attendance figure? Must be around the 2k mark from those pictures
  3. So we'd still have to pay their wages? All three of 'em As well as the team of lawyers we'd need to sort it all out? Meanwhile, Ashley shrugs it off and targets some other gullible tw@
  4. I have high hopes for Lucas Joao this season If he's given 30 or more starts then I reckon he'll bag twenty goals ... easy
  5. I know that, as a Geordie, English isn't Steve's first language But I'd have felt a lot happier if he'd said unless the clubs can reach a compromise, rather than until That one word would make all the difference He makes it sound as though he's on his way And that DC has an obligation to help resolve this issue when the opposite is true (IMO)
  6. This fella has received more national media coverage than the match itself Call me cynical, but is he really a Wednesdayite? Or someone acting on behalf of Sky Sports - who needed something to justify their own presence at the game
  7. Yes, but it was well known Jack's was made out of rubber
  8. So there we have it All in all, a good day (...ON the pitch)
  9. I thought it might've been tbh Still half an hour left for the floodgates to open
  10. Sam will probably miss the second half - what with his arched neck and everything
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