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  1. James Murphy joins LAFC

    He hasn't though He's played in 18 of our U23s twenty-two games, the last one being pigs away on 5th Feb I'd put his absence down to (perhaps) training with the 1st team But it now seems like he was in LA
  2. Son Of Loan Watch (part two)

    No fresh updates, unfortunately Matt Penney was an unused sub for the second weekend running, although Mansfield only managed a 1-1 draw at home to 10-man Coventry Jake Kean is still out through injury His last game was 20th January, a 1-1 draw away to Colchester Grimsby have lost all their games bar one since then, sacked their manager and are sliding perilously close to the drop zone Could say Derby are missing Sam Winnall too They've gone four games without a win since it was announced his season was over
  3. James Murphy joins LAFC

    This would explain his recent absence from our U23s I haven't seen any 'official' confirmation, so is the move a permanent one? A loan? Was there a fee/compo involved?
  4. Easily abbreviated to ... Free Willy
  5. It's alright, Fluffy Your secret's safe with us As for those four players (5 if we include Marco), they've each proved their worth already this season to varying degrees Meaning, we'd probably find ourselves in a far worse position without them I doubt sentiment will play a part but I'd be happy for Jos to make those final decisions all the same
  6. So so incorrect It's possible to attend the club's official press gatherings and then produce an interesting and informative piece afterwards Angela Galvin does so every week And if you're after a more 'neutral' perspective then the Yorkshire Post is worth checking out too The 'articles' served up by The Star are generally depressing and poorly written by comparison Why is that?
  7. In YOUR opinion Mine differs
  8. You're right, he pretty much targets all of us All of the time
  9. Abdi really caught the eye 2nd half That's when said eyes weren't being jiggled out their sockets by all that dodgy camera work
  10. Don't know if it's the cameraman's fault, the quality of the stream or my eyes But that was all a bit frantic
  11. https://www.leedsunited.com/match-centre/uk-match-centre This works for me
  12. Nothing worth reading there Just Howson continuing his one-man crusade to reduce enthusiasm amongst Wednesdayites
  13. Probably trying to avoid a repeat of the Huddersfield throwing the match at Brum/sending Blackburn down scenario