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  1. In this instance, I'd say Jones is the only one who'd fall into this category - and tbf, he always seems to have a decent attitude towards the game Wildsmith isn't getting the games anyway, so you think he'd be up for it Van Aken is still coming back from injury, remember Jos has only selected him twice since he got here - plenty of incentive there too, I'd have thought Three of the other lads have had a taste of 1st team action and the rest have more or less come up through the U18s together There's a temptation to disregard results at this level but teamwork and a correct, professional approach is essential (IMO) They may have played well tonight, I don't know, but results-wise I think we ought to do a lot better
  2. ... and here's me thinking it was just a game
  3. Ended up losing 1-2 We only have the result and the occasional comment from a Dingle perspective to go on But I'll take some convincing that this wasn't a) mightily disappointing or b) downright rubbish Or perhaps we were c) REALLY unlucky?
  4. They all count, mate They don't ALL have to be 25yd screamers tha' knows
  5. Hope we get some feedback from someone who's at the game later But losing 2-0 now - I can't think there's anything good to report about what's going on
  6. International duty - already played one of three games for Bulgaria U19
  7. You could get a migraine staring at that So Joe, about these clean sheets ...
  8. 0-1 Have to wait for their fella to sort his extra fingers out
  9. HT 0-0 On the plus side, Joe's clean sheet is still looking good On the downside, this lot are bottom with the leakiest defence in the league
  10. Get the feeling this fella only sees the red end of the spectrum
  11. Still 0-0 after 25mins Updates are few and far between, I'm afraid Just goes to show, if WednesdayYouth is otherwise occupied then the whole system collapses
  12. No sign of our 'regular correspondent'