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  1. Yes, okay I'd have thought given the distance from Dewsbury (about 10 miles?) you'd be more aware of local pronunciation than most I spent a good few years working alongside a bloke from 'Bratford' It's been second nature ever since
  2. Next outing for the U23s is away at L**cester on Friday Who knows, could be a form of exorcism - locking horns with the AnticHirst
  3. That's about 50 more than turned up at #Proper Bratford last Sat'dy
  4. Cheers The U18s are away at Preston tomorrow I won't be able to relay updates because I'm aiming to attend that one and I don't have the technology! I will try and report afterwards though - all being well
  5. Thanks to this fella - esp for his build-up throughout the day And special thanks to WednesdayYouth for the updates & pics - quality Plus thanks and congrats to @John O'Brien and son
  6. Suppose it was an easy mistake to make, seeing as they'd pass for twins
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