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  1. No (major) international tournaments this summer So I thought I'd find a team to follow throughout the close season Then I noticed over in the USA John Harkes has become head coach/manager of Greenville Triumph A brand spanking new club embarking on their inaugural season in the American 3rd tier Bags of enthusiasm etc - I figured how good would it be to witness the start of something truly great from the very beginning? So the decision was made ....... .... and since then, they've played twice and lost 'em both I'm still open to offers I'll happily follow their biggest rivals (for a fee)
  2. I wish my rants were this eloquent - but I usually just end up swearing I think this lass speaks for ALL of us
  3. Brilliant, your lordship You set the bar high and maintained the standard all season long But what's all this about summer retainers and gentlemen's agreements? I've had posts deleted without explanation - and whole threads pulled out from under my feet And never received so much as a brown penny!
  4. Winning the U23 title a few years back was good, but I think this one is better All games have involved the same group of players who will hopefully continue to progress together Whereas in the U23s, selection can be erratic Often supplemented by senior squad members either needing match practice or are returning from injury Which affects consistency Also, some U23 players would surely benefit more from spells out on loan, and if the side isn't competing at the top end of the table then performance levels seem to dip as a result - this season being as good an example as any I thought Jos was onto something when he included six or seven of these lads in senior training sessions But now I'm not so sure The U23 season was poor by standards and rather than make the step up, I can see quite a few departures this summer
  5. I'd say a trip to Ireland was long overdue
  6. Agreed - although prior commitments have kept him away from most of the U18 games throughout the season Big thanks to George Smith too Didn't learn of his contribution until the last few fixtures, but his updates have perhaps been the most 'professional' A few opponents have provided good coverage too - definitely Cardiff for one But I honestly think @John O'Brien deserves a medal It's perhaps one thing to commit to a 150 or so mile round trip to support your boy and watch his career develop Something else to keep it up game in game out, home and away, when he's out injured Blimey Hope you and Jordan keep well over the summer, John And hope we see/read more from you both next season
  7. Brilliant No better way to end a good season than to lift t' Trophy
  8. Thanks to WednesdayYouth for these clips and updates - quality
  9. You pass our heart-felt commiserations on to Colin, wontcha?
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