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  1. And here's me Proud of the framed aerial photograph of Hillsborough on my dining-room wall ... which, incidentally, you don't seem to have (nudge wink, say no more)
  2. Probably was Sunley you're thinking of That Boxing Day 4-4 draw away at Hull was his 2nd senior appearance (according to Keith Farnsworth), so you were close enough Didn't sign him from Donny though
  3. Red cards shown for challenges that barely even qualify as fouls see Bad refs Play acting etc Game is as good as over as a contest - with a 3 match ban to follow
  4. Didn't he celebrate his 21st birthday by scoring away at Palace in the cup ... and then got himself arrested for wrecking a flower bed when the team returned to Sheffield? Had to make your own entertainment in those days
  5. Not for me 1) he wouldn't displace our 1st choice (senior) central defenders, and 2) if he was signed as cover then it would be a kick in the teeth for the likes of Brennan & Urhoghide
  6. Yes, but DC said 'In the beginning ...' We were 14pts off 6th place when Pulis took over, with 35 games left to play Not impossible Yet I was hoping for results to improve and for that gap to 6th place to have been smaller by now To close a gap of 21pts with 24 games remaining is unrealistic It's all about avoiding the drop now
  7. Chris Evans was in charge for that one tbf He was Megson's assistant and stepped up as caretaker for that one game Jones would later bring in Terry Burton to replace him
  8. FT 1-1 First draw of the season At least we didn't lose although a win would've moved us off the bottom
  9. 1-1 Took the lead 54mins conceded an equaliser on 57
  10. HT 0-0 No updates - expected Dom Howson to be there at least As for Dele-Bashiru, he needs to play Thought Hunt would've got a game too. So maybe he'll get a runout tonight instead?
  11. Good luck, lads Could use a bit of cheering up
  12. Not clear cut, is it? I had Aguas down as a winger so ... left wing back maybe? Dunno Incidentally, you were the one with the scoop on Bailey Cadamarteri's goal-scoring exploits (Crewe away?) Has any more vital info come your way to fill in the gaps?
  13. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/december/under-18s-run-riot/ OS have caught up with the Colchester game So how about the rest, fellas?
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