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  1. That there is a 'safety arrow' Following an intensive risk assessment study, arrows with points on one end have been outlawed
  2. Agreed I can see the benefit of easing in senior players coming back from injury But drop squad players in at this level and they often treat it as punishment detail ... or seem to, at least Always hope they'd be professional about it, but I have my doubts
  3. Only permitted to use three overage outfield players Perhaps they think Lees, Forestieri & Odubajo are more likely to start upcoming games than Rhodes or Winnall ?
  4. 16th November Macclesfield 0-0 Mansfield (att: 2,055) Really wanted Macc to win this one, big time Really wanted Connor Kirby to play out of his skin too, put in a few crunching tackles, score a couple of goals ... Never mind The draw leaves both sides in mid-table, separated by goal difference
  5. Me too But I suspect members of the local media are too busy stirring up panic and hatred to be bothered with a two-bit reserve game
  6. FT 1-1 Well they didn't get beat - small consolation I suppose if everyone came through unscathed that'd be a result
  7. Kinda guessed as much When you draft seven new faces into a settled line-up then I suppose the first thing you lose is teamwork
  8. Wonder how our U18s got on at Bolton? Haven't heard a peep from there either Dunno If there ever was a system in place, I'd say it's well and truly collapsed now
  9. Yes, but our strongish side should be better than theirs Just kind of hope our lot are motivated enough to turn this around
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