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  1. ... or Jamaica! I'm sure Michael Hector would've put in a good word At least then, international breaks would give him a chance of going somewhere nice
  2. Yep, good luck Liam Hope he keeps his place for the second game too - San Marino (a)
  3. I would agree I thought the OP was intended to be light-hearted and/or humorous But I've realized to my own cost that irony can be interpreted as sarcasm, and both can translate poorly when printed on a page That doesn't excuse the hostility though, imo You might miss the joke (?) but you'd need to be pretty thin-skinned to take offence Unless there are at least 48 posters out there who thought @Owl At Risk was specifically having a pop at them?
  4. Following Wednesday can often feel like an object lesson in 'How to handle disappointment' After 50+ years I sometimes kid myself that I've mastered it But I haven't, not really
  5. Looking more and more like a straight race between us and L**ds for the top spot We remain 2pts clear with a much better goal difference
  6. Forest U18 lost 3-2 at Cardiff after being twice in front - that's a good result for us They were in 3rd place before kick-off, they're now 8pts behind us Still haven't heard owt from Millwall or Bristol C
  7. Made hard work of that? Our rivals are playing away too - Forest at Cardiff, Burnley at Millwall & L**ds at Bristol C - so those 3pts could prove invaluable Thanks for the updates John, I'm guessing Colchester is as far a drive from Corby as Sheffield Talk about dedication
  8. Please, don't make things worse than they probably aren't already
  9. Maybe it is, and I've been making a fool of myself for posting it every time we've scored
  10. You mean this doesn't represent a fan cheering?
  11. Seem to be cutting this one fine Last 10mins plus stoppages and still one apiece?
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