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  1. You'll get no argument from me I saw that starting XI and thought - Blimey, dem piglets won't need any motivation against that lot Whereas our side are gonna treat this latest 'local derby' as a glorified kickabout As soon as we went a goal down I knew how it would end up Embarrassing
  2. The point being ... young players can be encouraged to be comfortable on the ball without the coach adopting kamikaze tactics in and around their own box To criticise teams that don't embrace this 'style' seems like a form of snobbery to me Those on here old enough to witness our top flight return in '84 will remember the stick we received from the media/ pundits etc for Wilko's "up and at 'em" style of play Me? I LOVED it, although it was only successful for a season or two I think 'playing from the back' is another example of a fad that will surely run i
  3. That comment baffles me tbh Since when has 'playing out from the back' been considered the proper way of playing the game? Seems like a fairly recent development, so before then you reckon footballers weren't playing the game properly? Look at the goal Burnley scored at the weekend The Arsenal player in question (Xhaka) is a big earner and probably highly-rated But if he wasn't pratting around, playing the ball along the edge of their own area, then Burnley don't score
  4. Idiotic tactic, why do coaches insist it's a good idea? Nearly as bad as keeping possession in your own half, and then giving it up the minute you cross the halfway line Thus inviting a quick break on your own goal. Madness
  5. Fully expected Crewe to nick a winner in added time
  6. I prefer the FlashScore option where we're STILL leading
  7. We're still 1-0 up according to FlashScore - but I'll bet that goal counts an hour gone
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