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  1. Is that Shadow Llama I see crawling from the wreckage?
  2. Ethel The Tree

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Snodgrass deserves the prize But I'd also nominate Waghorn Because ... Well, just because
  3. Ethel The Tree

    800k for Fred

    Arguably better than van Aken for about a third of the cost This will surely go through ...... won't it?
  4. Ethel The Tree

    800k for Fred

    Than who?
  5. Ethel The Tree

    Joey P - Elliot Anderson?

    I always get these two mixed up
  6. Ethel The Tree

    Atdhe Nuhiu's Goals 17-18

    Every egg a bod - as my grandmother used to say Particularly like his second v L**ds in the snow As it took us to 41pts and effective 'safety' on 17th March (although we couldn't have known it at the time)
  7. Ethel The Tree

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    Hate like DAMN to be the one to do this ... but Glenn left Cardiff for Celtic in 2008/9 for a fee in the region of £2m After four seasons up there he spent a year in Spain with Zaragoza and left there to arrive at Hillsborough the following season Piddlin' details aside, my thanks and best wishes go to both Glenn and Ross - two special players Thanks also to Lord Snooty for all the OMDTs Pity the team haven't been as consistent, reliable and entertaining as you But ne' mind, eh? There's always next season
  8. Ethel The Tree


    Also and over the summer maybe better to speak English
  9. So Burnley pee all over our barbecue Now let's see our seniors go and pee all over Wolves'
  10. It's a bummer alright But at the same time, it also kinda maintains an age-old Wednesday tradition Thanks again to Kivo for the updates