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Place holder thread: 3 tickets for Huddersfield possibly available.

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Don't get too excited yet. This is just a place holder thread to allow people to express their interest. I won't know for certain until quite late so we'd have to act fast. So any offers should already be placed on here.

Long story short, Mrs LLP is ill again and in hospital. We don't consider it that big a deal (I know that sounds harsh but we have been through it dozens of times and it is quite normal for us) so I am hoping we can still get to the game, but if the situation changes, either she takes a turn for the worst or is being sent home and needs home care - both of which are unlikely, then I won't be able to go and will put the tickets up for sale.

It is one adult and 2 concessions. I bought the Under 8s but all concessions look the same, with the same tear off slip so it would work for any concession group. I'd only ask for face value (cost me £41 in total) but if there is more than one offer then I'd go for whoever offers to make the biggest donation to one of the cancer charities that have been on here in the last couple of days. You'd have to do this yourself though. I wouldn't take any more than the £41.

I live in Wath so it would probably be a collection from there. May even end up being Rotherham hospital. Either way, I'll set a 12 o'clock deadline for making my decision. I am sorry for being so flaky about it but I do expect to still be able to go based upon my experiences of past hospital stays. Nothing ever works quickly in the NHS when it isn't an emergency. But if i can't, at least people have the time to react.

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