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  1. Saw him at Hillsborough and then went to Stoke to see him again.
  2. I bought a shirt and was looking for my credit, in vain.
  3. Aren't there any Barristers who can play in defence and preferably be hungry.
  4. That is 3 Seasons. This season was destroyed, next year is inviting relegation, Season 3 League 1 fight for promotion. If Relegated now we begin next season looking positive...improving.
  5. The 3 Relegated Clubs have all been the victims of owners withdrawing funds/ selling assets. We are the possible victims of an owner introducing funds.
  6. Do you think I watch Wednesday for fun? Switching would have made my life a little less stressfull
  7. I remember his comments that basically said Our kid was the decent player but I was the decent bloke.
  8. We need a structure, starting with a competant CEO and scouting/procurement setup. A good backroom / medical team. A realistic plan with budgets. Maybe Monk is not performing but what does he have to work with?
  9. I'm sure that Mike Ashley would have done no less..............(!)
  10. Early 60's went to all away games. Probably about 64 bor 65 we were at West Ham, when their fans came to see us off on the coaches,that was the first evidence of any trouble that we'd seen. Same year at Chelsea, you could walk all the way around the ground. We were at one end, Chelsea at the other and we couldn't believe that they came around the terrace to attack our lads. Always been "friendly" banter up until then.
  11. Why would players agree? It is a contact sport although our defence has been practicing social distancing for a while now. Can you imagine the goal mouth scrum at a corner? Even if everybody is tested, it only takes one isolated incident to close down a team (and their opposition)
  12. I saw all but first replay. It was first day in a new job, so couldn't go......only to find that half of the office were wednesdayites and had gone! No one would have minded.
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