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  1. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Yes Yes Yes. A mixed party of Wednesday and United. We quite enjoyed it. Why do Derby sing about a Boxing Day Massaccre?
  2. Very attention grabbing (that is the point). Some colours are almost painful, funnily enough, red is the worst. Probably a little too bright for floodlight games.
  3. Play offs - yes or no?

    The odds for next year put us 6th. definitely play offs
  4. Buggar

    I had mine just before last year's Final but I went. This year had valve and double bypass a few weeks ago and planning to go. It does get better.......eventually.
  5. Wasn't our name "The Wednesday" ? I thought Sheffield was added in 1929.
  6. Small Margins

    1% in each area will do it. British Cycling won a few medals with small margins.
  7. Success failure or progress?

    Last years top 6 2 automatics promoted, 1 via play offs leaves 3 to carry forward. Of those 3, 1 automatic promoted, we are trying again, only 1 dropped completely out of the reckoning.... Derby. The only surprise is who the play off competition is......not who you would have thought from last year.
  8. One win from them, one loss from us and the world is turned upside down.
  9. I have a ST but can't go, illness. Local radio only do away games so I managed to hook into Radio Derby for their away commentary. All ok until the end of the match, lots of talk of this magnificent old stadium until commentator said "It was built on an old pig farm" Yes , of course it was!!!! Are you being wound up?
  10. Please help - parking

    Nunnery Square + tram
  11. I am in Newark and pick up RS on an ordinary FM ariel.
  12. The Kit Man

    It's not him. It's the tea lady.
  13. From Newark this is closer than a home match
  14. Ronaldo is coming!

    we need to see him play on grass first
  15. Keep Carlos over the long term.

    New manager means new tactics, new players (at a premium - some not performing) Dispose of existing players (at a loss). The alternative is building for the long term, that will mean some ups and some downs and not changing the manager for every "down"