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  1. Those horrendous tackles were mainly made by him. He didn't need the shin pads
  2. I was there. Epic journey there by coach. Great pub stops.
  3. Same last year. I would have got a multi year ticket but gave up and bought a one year instead. That might have been a smart move the way it is going.
  4. 100 mile round trip and twice in a week. I seriously thought hard about going. I did go and I didn't enjoy it and wonder about Saturday and even about renewing the ST.
  5. He has stood down from the Board of Directors but will continue as a director ????
  6. m77owl

    Question to the South Standers

    Nothing's changed. All the big guys went on the Kop. I was not so big but always got stuck behind someone who was. Now retired to the South and can see the match until the stewards blow the whistle on 80 minutes for us all to leave.
  7. m77owl

    View from a Blade

    Yeah. That was fun. Must do it again someday.
  8. m77owl


    What do you get with a Thai owner, Belgian CEO and a German Manager.
  9. m77owl

    Jos Luhukay

    German disciplinarian. There's a first.
  10. m77owl

    Jos Luhukay

    Very average performance
  11. Villa and WBA are proper football clubs but not necessarily flavour of the month with current management.
  12. m77owl

    The final straw

    Great post. Her thinking that a club is like a restaurant, if the customers don't like it they can go elsewhere shows the lack of understsnding of football mentality. I have been coming for over 60 years. I used to be a shareholder but my affinity with the club does give me some relationship which is not defined by commercialism. Morally, I do own a part of this club i.e. This club belongs to me.
  13. m77owl

    CEO, DoF Required Now

    We need a structure so that coaching, recruiting and all of the other elements are in place so that it is not dependant upon one person..... who might just leave the club one day.