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  1. He’s a Dinnington lad, been at Everton since he was 14 and being released in Summer. Got a few clubs looking at him.
  2. Im playing pal, was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and got the all clear at xmas. Taught me that life’s about making memories and would never have applied for owt like this before. I’m 43 and just as excited, I have played and scored infront of the kop before but this time I’m going to enjoy and savour every moment. Not sure I will get through the 90mins mind as did half hour for Dinnington O35s last week and that left me horizontal for 4 days
  3. Obviously £200 per shot would be more apt for the weds players! Come on Lee I know you read owlstalk so take on the challenge!
  4. I'm currently fighting my own battle and am a few weeks from surgery for a rare cancer called Gist! ive spoken to Hayley a couple of times and she's really nice and would love her to get the funds needed. I'd love it if Lee Bullen took on my challenge below and all the players donated to Hayley! It would also help raise awareness for Gist and promote a challenge that is helping raise funds for grassroots football!! Anybody who knows Lee or anybody in the club who can sort this let me know
  5. Help a fellow wednesdayite by sharing this video to people you know involved in grassroots football. Thanks https://www.facebook.com/Teamgrassroots/videos/1273938872641047/
  6. as someone recently diagnosed with cancer I would love to meet up with you and show you just how disgusting I think your comment is!! I dare ya
  7. No pal, all kids registered to the elite academy teams get 2 sets of training kit 2 X track suits rain coat match polo shirt and a season ticket.
  8. Challenge 2 is my friend to fight Clinton woods this Saturday @ 10:45am at clintons gym. see training video above! About 2k raised so far! please like my page as I'm hoping to get a few of the players involved in one of the challenges.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/takingthegist/videos/1363541820329678/ challenge 2 trailer video David Wroe v Clinton woods 9th july
  10. my second volunteer will fight Clinton woods on July 9th if we can get enough likes and donations so please follow the page! Thanks
  11. Next challenge you won't want to miss and involves a Swfc sporting hero! Follow my page on FB to see it unfold! Thanks
  12. As promised my piggy friend singing outside bum hole lane in a weds shirt! Sorry about the terrible singing, would have done a re shoot but steward came out waving his shoes at us
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