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Your favourite picture you've taken, Wednesday related

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Mine as below

1. View of the Kop before abseiling down the South stand where the clock is

2. No explanation needed

3. About the closest you can get to one of the iconic parts of the ground

4. Picture taken from my seat at the fans forum straight after the takeover, went away from that meeting with more hope than I'd had ever for the club in my 24 years.





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The view of the Kop before the Wycombe game, from officially the very last seat in the house. Couldn't jump up when we scored cos I was sat in the tunnel, and you only get 2 inches of headroom in there.



Also, was told to decorate my Cajon Drum by the Villan in our band. Not sure if this was what he intended;


I had the sticker of the badge from the Other Lot too, so I stick it on face down beneath the seat. Best place for them.

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