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France v netherlands

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19 hours ago, markg said:

Agree with scram. He used to think in. I have the same way as a lot of responses, i.e. comparing the women’s game and the men’s but he has changed his stance and educated himself.


a lot could do with taking a leaf out of his book and following his lead 

I think a lot of people's issue is that they don't compare it to the men's game and do enjoy it for what it is but the TV keeps trying to push those comparisons with regard to records etc.


If they want it to be compared, then they need to be compared in everything and that includes quality of themselves and opposition.

The comparisons sound good to those who are new to football, but just remind those who aren't of the differences.


15 of Ellen White's last 17 goals have come in games with a 6-0 or higher scoreline. While 50 odd goals is an achievement, most have been scored v very poor amateur opposition. If Rooney had played San Marino every week, he'd have scored 100.


I love women's football, have watched it for years now and they have an opportunity to make it something different, an alternative, family focused game that you can go to with the family, without the rivalries and baggage that men's teams have and more of a grassroots, back to basics, fun game that many are looking for now.


But they need to stop with the one sided comparisons and stand on their own feet.


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The women's game has come a long way over recent years.

But the quality is still lacking when you compare it to the men's game.


I have really enjoyed the tournament though. Some really good games and some really good players on show. 

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