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  1. The problem with Reach is his 50/50's. He pulls out/bottles quite a lot of them. This could be why people think of him as too "lightweight" or that he doesn't make any tackles/interceptions. Would love to see him toughen up a little bit and really go into these 50/50 balls.
  2. I don't get what the value has actually got to do with anything. Something is worth what someone is willing to pay. My house may be worth £150,000 (ball park figure), but if I don't want to sell it, I'm not going to accept £150,000. However, if someone REALLY wanted it, and offered me lets say £250,000 then I'd be willing to sell it. Harry Maguire will not have been valued at £80m - However, Man Utd offered that and Leicester couldn't turn it down. So do Leicesters accounts go on the actual value of Maguire?
  3. Big fan of Reach - But he needs dropping to help find his form. He also looks very unfit from that picture so needs to get his fitness back on track. We also need to stop trying to play him in mid flipping field.
  4. Reach is not a midfielder. Looks lost in most games when played there. Get him back out wide swinging balls into the box and cutting inside to unleash a shot at goal.
  5. Looks like he hasn't played much since he left us. Turned out to be a decent signing for the short stint he was here. Bit of a waste of a career for him though, looked the real deal when he was younger and got his big move that most of us could only dream about.
  6. Even if he did, it would be pointless. That could take longer than the 6 game ban.
  7. He didn't really replace them though, did he? He just tried to bleed through youngsters that weren't ready or good enough. Plus, he was a dog shyte manager.
  8. If any of our "Experienced pro's" don't buy into a new manager just because he's from the lower leagues, then these players need shipping out and replacing with players that will. It's time we started to build something new and not try to replace the cracks within the team.
  9. We aint going to lure the Cowley brothers away from Lincoln. I very much doubt they will leave the team they have brought up all the way from the dungeons of English football to within touching distance of the Championship, to join a mid table, mediocre Championship team. Right now we need to accept nitty, gritty football. We don't have the squad to play pretty, possession based attacking football. Not saying I want Pulis, to be honest I have no idea who I want - Not one manager that's available is really catching my eye like Bruce did. I really hoped Bullen would prove us all rong but he's been dealt with a shitty hand. No coaching staff, no word from DC on his appointment, and the fans are already on his back I find it hard to come back from already. Bring someone in who is experienced with his own coaching staff and hope we can grind out some results to get us back in the play off hunt.
  10. I think the stats from his first 2 seasons disagree with your statement Year Matches Goals Assists 2019-20 1 0 0 0 0 2018-19 25 6 1 3 1 2017-18 10 5 0 1 0 2016-17 37 12 5 3 1 2015-16 39 15 6 10 2
  11. Pubs can no longer show Red Button games (Legally). My mate runs a pub and had a massive rant about it as they put a stop to it towards the end of last season.
  12. That's true. Or people pay about £50 a year for IPTV and watch as many games as they like.
  13. £10 for a crap stream, and 1 match only. Then they wonder why so many people use illegal IPTV services.
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