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  1. If true, that is a massive problem for them. Sharp is a massive part of their dressing room, being Mr Blunt and a fans favourite. If he gets inside others heads it could mean big problems. Lundstrum is an odd one too. Other players that refused to sign a new deal or asked for more money were banished and sold ASAP, he however has rejected multiple new offers yet still seems to be in his plans. Albeit on the bench but still getting used.
  2. 6 points and 3 teams above you in the battle. That's huge in that division. 9 points to drag another team in.
  3. Ramsdale is a decent keeper, problem for them is he is no Henderson. Henderson won them so many points on his own last season. He could easily be the next England GK but he won't dislodge De Gea. Brewster was the wrong signing for them too. Unproven striker, decent spell for Swansea and that's it. Loan signing would have been the best bet rather than spend 25 mil on him.
  4. Poll means nothing other then knowing if the majority feel the same or not. Hell you can have 20,000 fans in the stadium shouting for the manager to go and it doesn't happen. Will all depend on compensation due for sacking him, who's available and how Chansiri feels about it. But we need something to happen now whilst we still have time.
  5. Out of his depth. Some of the signings on paper are good, but he isn't getting the best out of them. We need someone with experience of getting teams out of a relegation battle, someone to really drag us out of this mess. GM is not that man. I never wanted him, was gutted when we did get him but I backed him. I've now lost all patience.
  6. Motivator, gets 110% out of them and gets the results. They want to play for him, they buy into the whole "our club" thing. Great in the lower leagues because you can attract these kind of players and they are good enough for it. Problem is, you start buying better players on higher wages, they rarely give 100% every game never mind that extra mile. They show flashes of brilliance but get "injured" a lot, have their off days etc etc. So you then go back to your fighters who are running out of steam, getting older, slower. He is however the perfect ma
  7. Their fans are starting to argue with each other on social media. Lovely stuff. Wilder has done an amazing job, unbelievable really. But you must ask questions with his recruitment. 25mil on Brewster and sticks him on the bench. This is against a very poor Fulham team who have been leaking goals. Stick Brewster on from the start and he bags a goal = confidence sky high from the start.
  8. Fulham are awful. Can't string more than 2 passes together. All over the place at the back.
  9. No new signings for them then? Assume some of them will be questioning some of the signings. Young, unproven striker, pinning hopes on him getting the goals they need. No new defenders, to cover their injuries. Again pinning hope on an unexperienced youngster, although I do think Ampadu is a very good player. Two wing backs who have hardly played since they signed? Their starting line up at the weekend may be not much different to that which got them promoted which is surely a bit of a concern.
  10. Let's not forget that's a back 5 with two DMs against an average side like Denmark. Could understand it a bit more if it was against one of the big boys.
  11. Literally seen nothing that merits that Kalvin Phillips to be an England starter over the last few games he's played. What a boring system, two defensive midfielders with a back 5.
  12. Out of contract end of season means bud will no doubt be stupidly low. We won't get any substantial offers for him
  13. Few ruffled feathers from their support. Frustration is starting to show. Norwood benched all season, yet most say he's their stand out player. Berge not looking like creating much. Seems comfortable on the ball, brings it forward quite well but not seen much from him creative wise. Lundstrum was slated in the press by CW for wanting a better contract yet still starting every game.
  14. Ollie Watkins cost a reported £28mil Would have been much better going for him, but more experience. United were interested too, so interesting to know why they didn't go for him.
  15. Is it 9? Sky said 7. Either way, that's very poor form. It makes beating these lesser teams more difficult when you're shot of confidence. They didn't play too bad though, it was hardly a hammering. Arsenal turned the gear up a little, got 2 goals and dropped off.
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