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  1. We had the perfect foundation to build on. Instead we decided to go way off track. Brighton did exactly what we should have done.
  2. Fair post, some of it spot on. On Chansiri and "Long term future" - He has no idea what long term means. His advisors are badly advising him and for some reason, he continues to listen to them and only them. He will no doubt expect us to be top of League One with the players we have now. He will sign some players that do not fit our system and not the players the manager wants. The guy seriously needs to take a step backwards, let the manager decide who to sign and who to ship out but I can't see this happening.
  3. Mate I hope you're right. I just can't see it. I'm fed up with it all. I'm having a down day as it is so I have no faith in anything
  4. Remind me how many points we have taken from being behind? Remind me where the goals are coming from?
  5. I'm done. New manager restored a little faith, but we still have the same clowns on the pitch. Soul destroying
  6. Thinking back, I was only about 7 or 8, so I likely remembered the 6 digit number and remember that becoming a 7 digit with 2 at the start. I probably didn't even know what an area code was!
  7. I thought they added a 2 to numbers, later on? I was only young, but I vaguely remember knwoing my home telephone number as 0114 123456, then it changed to a 7 didgit number, with a 2 at the start, e.g 0114 2123456. Have I just totally remembered this wrong?
  8. Man I hate it when people say "Yes my number is Sheffield 01142" No, no, no. It is not.
  9. Interesting comment. Calling their bluff? Tactics of getting another payrise? Bit of unrest, maybe the Chairman wants to do things differently hence the "Stick to the plan" meaning, CW's plan and not the Chairmans.
  10. So following on from DC's comments on Shaw, he is deffo going to Celtic? There was the rumour he'd gone, then Bannan saying nothing is finalised, Lennon refusing to comment... but now seems like we know 100% he is off?
  11. Wow, so they are Didn't realise. I must admit I hardly look at the table other than the bottom 4! Last I know they were flying up the table and looking a real good team. They're not not far off being dragged into the relegation pack.
  12. Villa Southampton Leicester Chelsea Leeds Their next 5 games. Tough ask to get 3 points from any of those games.
  13. Pleased with this, actually. He must be ******** mental though.
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