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  1. Going to be one long season this one.
  2. He also played in Tuesday nights game against Hallam, scoring one and assisting the other!
  3. Plenty of ways round it. Don't be so naive.
  4. This is football, which is now a business. There is no place for loyalty.
  5. Skyline

    Danny Rose

    Never realised he was from Donny and played for Leeds. Always thought he came through Spurs academy.
  6. Skyline

    13 years ago today

    Our force was there, too.
  7. Skyline

    800k for Fred

    Good price for a player who is already known by the squad and coaching staff. No settling in period needed. Not only that, he is only 25. NO BRAINER!
  8. Skyline

    Jay Bothroyd

    Another player who has bags of potential and ability, but flushed it all down the bog. If he put the same effort into each game as Adthe does, he could have been a quality player. But he had the same mentality as Nile Ranger, Leon Knight etc and pissed it all away.
  9. Skyline


    And gloves.
  10. Skyline


    But his name isn't Hirst, so no one cares.
  11. Skyline


    It's time for a manager who knows English football, especially the Championship. Get rid of all your advisers DC, get a manager in who knows this game and let him bring in his own players.
  12. Skyline

    Rhodes to Huddersfield Town

    £10.5mil plus a player that cost them £11mil...
  13. Not funny, at all. But seemed bizarre at the time. Can't remember who it was against, but some guy celebrating on the kop triangle, toppled straight over it and looked like he had fallen straight on his head. I was sat right in front of it, wasn't a nice sight and actually quite traumatising. Luckily I think the said guy was alright
  14. http://www.thefa.com/news/2018/mar/24/england-u19s-latvia-report-240318 According to this, George didn't score?
  15. I don't mind Barnsley or their fans. The ones I know are more fond of us than United anyway. Birmingham, Burton and Sunderland for me.