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  1. Ndumbu Nsungu I was young and he had a cool name, plus he was foreign so instant superstar. He actually looked decent in a few games then seemed to fall off the face of the earth.
  2. I think you've totally missed the point
  3. Not much. Just said we have a very good bunch of players at our disposal and "I think I even just saw Sam Winnall in the tunnel and he wasn't even in the 18"
  4. What, you mean if were not walking away with the title by Christmas we should give him more time? give over, I guarantee before Christmas people will be calling for his head.
  5. Can't see us scoring 2 goals, to b honest. Scrappy draw or a comfortable victory for you guys is my predication.
  6. Teams are either a) Sound in defence and attack - Then you're a top team b) Solid at the back but not to good going forward - Grind out 1-0 2-1 style wins c) Poor at the back but great attacking threat - Win some by conceeding every game but also out scoring the opponent Under Jos we were none of the above. Useless in defence, useless in attack. Hopefully Bruce can keep this defence tightened and we can hope to grind out some gritty results. going forward.
  7. Anyone experienced in the Englush game, especially Championship will rate him. On his day he is one of the best in the league. Just needs an arm around him and make him feel loved.
  8. Ship him out. Good player but fed up with all the poo that comes with him.
  9. What a complete shambles. Manager cant even face the press.
  10. Thought I'd regret not getting a season ticket after having one for the past 15 years.... turns out I'm pretty happy and comfortable sat on my sofa with the heating on.
  11. We also do't know if there was some sort of sell on clause in the transfer with 'Boro. Example if they insisted we had a 20% sell on clause, it means we will lose a big chunk of the fee we receive.
  12. A team low on confidence, losing 4 on the bounce and conceding goals left, right and center coming up against a team who could go top and brimming with confidence, yet we manage to keep a clean sheet and taking a point away from goal... I'd take that every day of the week. Some of us need to realise the mess we're in due to bad management from the board. That was a solid point that I'd have taken all week! They are a team playing with confidence, luckily they lack quality up front. We're now in a rebuild stage, all clubs go through it and us fans need to realise that and back the team.
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