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Community Answers

  1. Have they sold out yet? "We're bigger than Wednesday, but have a smaller ground and struggle to sell it out"
  2. I kind of like Arsenal, think it stems down to the days when they played some incredible football with the likes of Henry, Ljungberg, Pires etc. But I also like Spurs. One of the "top 4" that seems to bring young English talent through, or at least try. Would rather see Spurs get top 4 though. But be happy either way as long as Man It'd don't sneak it.
  3. The latest excuse I've heard "It's the tickets on the away stand. Forest fans are on top and no one wants to sit underneath them"
  4. Read earlier that they have messed up the ticket sales. Most fans thought it had sold out, but infact there is over 3000 tickets left.
  5. I think the "Offer accepted" was quite far off that actual truth. I can see them doing it this year. Forest have looked good but I fear they have ran out of steam. United have got their rocky run out of the way and still managed to get in the play offs... Thanks to Boro and Blackburn totally bottling it. They'd lose and still manage to go up a place. Incredible.
  6. Windass would have got a red for stamping on his foot. Swings and roundabouts.
  7. They've all been saying it. When some have warned them about gloating too early about our defeat every reply has been "But we're still a league above and that's what matters" Says it all really.
  8. £63mil is a snip for a player of his quality. No brainer for someone like City, who are crying out for that out and out striker. Be interesting to see how he fares in the PL. Took the Bundes by storm.
  9. Wanted him out around Christmas. Happy for him to stay now. He's built something and I'd like to see where it goes. The manager merry go round never works. Clubs need stability and I think Moore has enough to keep us going.
  10. They came out of the trap in the second half and could easy had one or two more. Last 15 we managed to peg them back and create a few chances, they were nervy and good by out for the 1-0. We need to come out fast, if we get that goal early on they might crumble.
  11. Lampard and Gerrard - Both fantastic players and deserve t be in there But they got in there before the likes of Scholes and Viera? I know the order will likely not mean much, but just seems to be a popularity thing.
  12. Fantastic news. Lets hope to see him playing again soon.
  13. Totally agree, no one can call this fixture. I think we are two very evenly matched team. Both teams can either turn up Friday and put the game to bed with a comfortable win in the first leg. But both teams are also match each other making it all to play for at Hillsborough. I'm not confident and slightly nervy for Friday.
  14. Makes some decent saves, although it may be that he makes them look better than they are. I have never seen a player dive for the ball so late, that the ball has already hit the back of the net before he has even moved.
  15. I drive past it every day and I only just noticed it was closed the other day! Stuck in traffic so had a look around and it's a right old mess. Old workplace used to use it to book staff staying up this way as it was cheap.
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