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  1. What does this mean? a. Final divisional placings should be determined on unweighted points per game (if required).
  2. What happens with all the money if it gets voided? The Sky money, the final placing rewards etc? Do Prem clubs for example get a lump sum at the start of the season or is it all drip fed over the season, and clubs just take out a loan at the start?
  3. Surely tomorrow is a bit too soon to cancel all this weekends games? I hope so anyway. My first game for a long time and was looking forward to a good session before and after.
  4. On Saturday? Even though the deadline closed Friday?
  5. He's saying we're waiting on the green light?
  6. Extra time, they go on to win it. Draw a crap team in the next round and lose, get knocked out. It, take the replay now, big game for the fans and a big money spinner for them. I think they'd take that over the luck of the draw giving them a big name again.
  7. Yeah Michael Morisson actually had a decent career after he left us. Always liked to give our fan base some stick when he played against us too. He got some torrid abuse whilst at Wednesday (Justified with his performances may I add). Same as Marcus Reynolds. Edit: Just noticed he's still playing in the Championship with Reading!
  8. Instead of creating a new league they need to make the Championship fair. These parachute payments need a serious change. They should be there to protect relegated clubs, not fund them in their quest to get back to the big time. The payments should only cover wages for players above a certain amount. BUT, clubs should be actively trying to sell said players to get them off the wage budget, any offer that at least matches what you paid you should be forced to accept. You could say that is harsh, as you may be forced to sell players below their value, but that's the risk you take. If you're not willing to do so, you don't get parachute payments. Simple. Fed up of these relegated clubs spending millions and millions whilst everyone else gets punished.
  9. Dem Blavdes went up with a bunch of League One players, with the odd decent ones thrown in (Norwood, Egan etc). The rest were just a bunch of hungry players with some fight in their bellies. These players are also not looking out of place in the Prem. Stevens, Fleck, Basham, Sharp, Lundstrum. None of these players were exactly pulling up tree's at their former clubs. Even McGoldrick was released by Ipswich! Time to unearth some gems. Not necessarily players with high potential or players that all the other clubs ar looking at spending £8mil+ on. Just those players that have some fight in them unlike a lot of our current bunch who go hiding when it gets tough. But I guess you'd need a decent scouting team to find them. United had both Wilder and Knill who know the lower leagues very well so will have had their list of targets.
  10. Ship him out.... If anyone will take him. Complete and utter waster. On his day, brilliant. But we can't afford to pay such high wages to a player who decides when he is and isn't playing. Throws the toys out of the pram when not in the staring line up.
  11. Oh maybe not then, unless those 5 goals were right at the start
  12. Their worst signing in history? I'm sure he started pretty well, dint he?
  13. 8-10 weeks always sounds better than 2-3 month, eh?
  14. Our most improved player. From he brink of going down as one of our worst signings to becoming a big part of the squad. Hopefully the concussion isn't too bad that it requires 14 days.
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