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Community Answers

  1. Iorfa with 81 pace is BIG for a CB. For anyone that lays Untimate Team - Best for Silver Squads.
  2. If he wants full control of everything from transfers to contracts etc he will need to join a League 1 and below club. Can't think of many above that level that operate n that way these days. Can't think of many anyway.
  3. He should have jumped ship when they were high flying in the PL. His stock was quite high then. Surely he also knew about the boardroom changes/troubles at this time too. Funny how a manager can go from hero to zero so quickly.
  4. Cooper it is. Is Wilder turning down these jobs, or is he not even being considered?
  5. Big Messi fan, not so much a fan of Ronaldo (Although accept he is an incredible player). But one of the two has set off like a train, whilst the other doesn't seem to have done anything of note, yet. Early days though.
  6. They'll get play off minimal. That Morgan Gibbs-White looks to be some player. Not watched their games but he's chipping in with assists and goals. Big shame after their terrible start I was hoping they'd fail miserably.
  7. Skyline


    I meant Feb... Haha typo. Still, excited!
  8. I hope he gets it. Totally wrong club for him and he'll mess it up big time, lowering his stock even more.
  9. Skyline


    Just seen Horizon is due for release 18th Deb 2022. Really excited about this one
  10. 39,000 attendance too. Not that I follow Barca's attendances that much, but this seems incredibly low?
  11. That Morgan-Gibbs seems to have made a big impact. A lot of them raving about the young kid Ndaye or what ever he's called. I also still think either or both of McBurnie/Brewster will click eventually. On paper they have a very strong squad for this league. I can see them in the top 6. If not, the manager will be gone around Christmas. Their fans are similar to ours, expectations high and can quickly become toxic.
  12. That Mo Salah looks good - We'll have him. Mane, could be of use - We'll take him. Van Dijk - Top centre half, can't believe we missed this one from Southampton. Oh well, we'll take him now. Imagine it.
  13. Not forgetting every club in Germany are literally Bayern's feeder club, even Dortmund. Imagine lets say Man Utd just literally picking up any player, even from closest rivals like Liverpool or City. Now I know a few players do move across between these clubs, but not as much as Bayern.
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