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  1. Gets harder though when you start getting players on bigger wages. Agents already in their ears that they could get more elsewhere, they get angry mad with Wilder, Wilder then does what he does and freezes said player out. There's only so far you can go with soldiers and fighters. They burn out too. We can hope anyway! Saying that, he had the hump with Lundstrum, and I'm not sure if he signed a new contract or not, but he started at the weekend.
  2. Last seasons "a achievements" could actually be their down fall. Fans seem to be expecting much more from them, whereas this time last season they have taken 17th by goal difference. Seen a few of them arguing amongst themselves already. Some bashing the signings, keeper got a bit of a bashing the other night too. They're gonna miss old Hendo
  3. McBurnie taking some reyt hammer from their fans on social media. Wonder if they're still laughing at us spending 6 or 8mil on Rhodes.
  4. Imagine spending £15mil on two full backs that you don't necessarily need, only as backup. Then see Sharp and McGoldrick as your strikers.
  5. Newcastle look like they could be better this season too.
  6. Expensive backup, especially when they could really do with a decent striker (their own fans are saying this) They've spent 18mil on a keeper, 15mil on two full backs and swapped their £8mil signing for a player who had potential but has been all over with no one club that interested in keeping him. Could call Burke a typical Wilder signing so only time will tell if he can polish him enough to sparkle. But we're not talking a lower league journey man here, we're talking someone who has been at bigger clubs recently and failed.
  7. I said earlier he was touted as a big thing recently. Who does Wilder upset though to play him? Both full backs seemed to be on full form last season. That Lowe seems an odd one though. Maybe a bit of a gamble.
  8. Ampadu could be a good signing. Be interesting to see where he fits in though, Basham replacement maybe? At 32 he surely doesn't have much more to give. Doubt they could make this a permanent signing though, still rated highly at Chelsea.
  9. £8mil for both? I saw £15mil for both earlier. Bogle is a good prospect, seen a few teams looking at him last season. But they already have 2 full backs who are playing very well, so will be interesting to see what happens. Have they signed a striker yet? Mouse seems out of favour, Sharp surely can't keep up with the pace as he gets older and that McBurnie is proper hit and miss, their fan base aren't too keen anyway. McGoldrick is also getting on a bit and scored what, 1 PL goal?
  10. Defoe is the model professional in the game. Hats off to him, the Bradley Lowery story brought a tear to everyone's eyes. Hats off to Defoe. Was a top player in his day too.
  11. That would be a very good signing. £15mil for a very highly rated, English young striker. Peanuts in today's market.
  12. If the clause has expired, he will go no where. Unless Barca are happy to cash in and get around £80-100mil. Can't see anyone paying much more for an ageing player who will also want £500k if not more a week.
  13. Just a franchise who, in my opinion has not hit the level expected of him.
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