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  1. That's true. Or people pay about £50 a year for IPTV and watch as many games as they like.
  2. £10 for a crap stream, and 1 match only. Then they wonder why so many people use illegal IPTV services.
  3. I still have the shirt and always will. Was a fantastic sponsor to have and something that brought a fantastic local charity and people together. Unfortunately, club's can't afford to go full seasons with free, Charity sponsorship these days. Especially in the Championship when FFP ruins everything.
  4. I hope they get given as much time as possible to get this sorted before getting booted out of the league. This is not a case of a club over spending, they have been run into the ground by criminals. If we were in the same situation I'd also hope for such leniency.
  5. Fantastic window considering we were all thinking the worst a couple of weeks ago. We now have a really good squad. Lets see how this season goes. We nearly got play offs last season. Not reason why we can't achieve it this season.
  6. ANy you have a bunch of ex-pro's playing around with Salford, just up the road throwing money at them.
  7. Norwich have said no more deals this window for them (According to Sky). Where else for Rhodes?
  8. Chansiri is flipping mental. And I love it.
  9. Hahaha... My bad I'm not even going to edit that post.
  10. If they get £15mil+ for Maupay, then we know they have a bit of cash spare to get as much as possible for Joao.
  11. Agree. Reminds me of Chris Brunt and I'd expect him to have a similar career.
  12. Good, steady player. Would love to see him get a bit more "Stuck" in though. He has the build for it. Often see him bottle 50/50 challenges.
  13. Bullen mentioned him in his interview Yesterday. Someone on here mentioned his move here, the location was a big factor so doesn't see him going to Newcastle.
  14. Much rather Bully get it than someone like Zola.
  15. I don't think we will have accepted anything currently, hence the silence from the club. We may well have verbally agreed £4mil for Bruce, but if we still haven't agreed a fee for the others then we won't have signed on the dotted line to allow Bruce to join Newcastle until we agree a full figure.
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