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  1. Cheers - Not such a good record at all then. Wrong move for him. I think they were expecting him to go there, start some games and score a fair few then end up at Leicester. At this rate, he'll end up at a L2 club in a few years.
  2. Out of interest (And not trying to prove anything here), how many of them 20 were starts?
  3. Hardly pulled up any trees but gave 100%. Good squad player but that's about it in terms of ability.
  4. Surely gotta hit some form again soon? However, I expect right now he will still be looking for a decent wage and it's not something we can take a gamble on.
  5. Good player and young. Get him for a decent fee and we could be onto a winner in terms of a future fee. Injury free and a good run of games he could be a great player.
  6. They have Norwood playing in his position - And Norwood is the better player.
  7. I'd love to keep a fit and firing Fernando - But since his first season he's been very hit and miss. Problem is, I can't see many people coming in with a bid that we simply cannot refuse. I'm hoping, just like everyone, that next season with a new squad we can get him back to his best - He can win games by himself at times and that's what we need and have been missing for a while now. But if a decent offer was to come in and Bruce decided to sell, I'd understand it.
  8. Fantastic season in our first play off charge but started to slow down a little following that. All the best to him, great servant.
  9. Coming to the end of your career. Do you A) Take one last big pay day B) Stay where you are on a much lower wage through "loyalty" I know which one I'd go for... And it's not option B. Would love him to stay, but would understand if he was to leave.
  10. You think Abramavich will get so involved in such a low profile transfer?
  11. Example of how playing with your heart can sometimes mean more than ability. Played every game with 100% for us, wasn't the most talented of players but that effort made him a bit of a cult hero here.
  12. "They wouldn't have done this if it wasn't for our fly past - So well done Sheff Utd" A response I saw from one of their fans
  13. How did they ridicule SB? I briefly saw something on social media about a SB impersonator, but assumed it was just a coincidence that it may have been someone who looked like him?
  14. Ndumbu Nsungu I was young and he had a cool name, plus he was foreign so instant superstar. He actually looked decent in a few games then seemed to fall off the face of the earth.
  15. I think you've totally missed the point
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