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  1. Who do we get if we finish 3rd?
  2. Went through which was good to see. All teams play better than us.
  3. Doesn't look good, does it. Wonder what the sticking point is? I know Levy is known to be a shrewd business man, so maybe little to no funds available?
  4. This is one reason the brackets shouldn't be announced. Should be more of a "draw" scenario to avoid this.
  5. McTominay.... Really? Bang average player at best in my opinion. Rice, Phillips and Henderson are all better than him and I'm not even a fan of Phillips, though admittedly he did play very well against Croatia.
  6. I can't believe now one has said it....! At least lawns don't need cutting at Christmas... So he can have Christmas off again.
  7. Also fancy Italy, had a few quid on them. That France team looks by far the strongest in the competition though. Had a look at the betting for top goal scorer and can't think who may get it. Kane and Lukaku both favourites. Benzema seems to have hit form this season though and could be a good contender if he plays regular.
  8. Wouldn't even know where to begin in retail. I played TBC through to WOTLK. I don't remember levelling being this slow though! But maybe as it was all new, it didn't seem as slow.
  9. If we actually paid players, no embargo and no complete bat poo crazy chairman. I'd class that as normal-ish for starters. Unfortunately, we are all those and we will be lucky to be in League One still after next season.
  10. Says it all really, if we were interested that is. We may be in a division lower, but under normal-ish circumstances, the pull of us in League 1 would be much higher than the pull of Blackpool in the Championship.
  11. I have gone from quite optimistic and excited, to thinking we're going to scrape through the group and then get knocked out. Southgate does not fill me with confidence one bit. We have some real attacking threat at our disposal at the moment and he's going to try setup defensive, sit back kind of attitude.
  12. Gone back to World of Warcraft. They just brought out The Burning Crusade out for WoW Classic - This expansion is when I really got into WoW any years ago, so playing for some nostalgia.
  13. Same with the other kid, Max Aarons I think? I read he will be leaving as he had an agreement with Norwich that'd he stay this season as long as he could leave if/when a transfer bid comes in for him. Shows the respect the players have for the club.
  14. Reach and Lees were said to be in talks over a new deal months ago, were they not?
  15. And to think we are taking players like Henderson who's injured, doubtful again for the next warm up game and not played since February.
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