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  1. Skyline

    Jose semedo

    And Wallace.
  2. Skyline

    This is AWFUL

    Thought I'd regret not getting a season ticket after having one for the past 15 years.... turns out I'm pretty happy and comfortable sat on my sofa with the heating on.
  3. We also do't know if there was some sort of sell on clause in the transfer with 'Boro. Example if they insisted we had a 20% sell on clause, it means we will lose a big chunk of the fee we receive.
  4. A team low on confidence, losing 4 on the bounce and conceding goals left, right and center coming up against a team who could go top and brimming with confidence, yet we manage to keep a clean sheet and taking a point away from goal... I'd take that every day of the week. Some of us need to realise the mess we're in due to bad management from the board. That was a solid point that I'd have taken all week! They are a team playing with confidence, luckily they lack quality up front. We're now in a rebuild stage, all clubs go through it and us fans need to realise that and back the team.
  5. Skyline

    penney may be off

    Very poor tonight. Looked totally uninterested at times. Players eased past him and Middlesboro seemed to target his side most of the game. Hopefully he'll bounce back, but anyone interested in him tonight may be thinking twice now.
  6. Penney looks disinterested to me? Not sure if it's just me.
  7. Skyline

    Midweek game pass?

    Anyone know any pubs round Hillsborough that will have it on, seeing as it's red button?
  8. Skyline


    Honestly don't remember it... And wouldn't wish major injury on any player. £10mil and out for 4months though... Ouch.
  9. Skyline

    What is the furthest out..

    Remember the Brunt goal like it was Yesterday. Myself and other around me just about to play hell at him for even trying it, only to then go mental. Reyt goal.
  10. Washington now been released by QPR - So will be a perm signing rather than Loan.
  11. Wonder if they will try get Hogan as well if the Abraham to Villa goes ahead, as that's whats stopped the deal going through so far.
  12. Was expecting him to leave if I'm honest. There has been a lot of hype about him recently not just from Wednesday fans, so expected someone a bit further up the table and chance of promotion coming in. No doubt we have offered him a fantastic deal, but for him to sign shows some loyalty too.
  13. Skyline

    Alex Lees

    Wayyyy too many Ego's in that Stoke dressing room, players who no doubt think they're too good for the Championship. Berahino, Shawcross, Ince, Williams, Joe Allen, Butland.
  14. Skyline


    Competitive games... I'd guess about 6 or 7, seeing as he came back towards the end of the season and started most of the last few. Plus hasn't he only missed Sunderland this season?
  15. Skyline

    Embargo and the new keeper

    They signed after their contracts had expired, which is allowed. I assume youth/development squads are not part of the FFP - A way of protecting the young players futures.