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  1. He'd sign Billy Sharp as his first transfer. Getting the band back together.
  2. Callum Robinson is in some fine form. Hattrick last night. They swapped him for Burke who has done nothing.
  3. Taking both defenders off at half time. Incredible unless they're both injured
  4. Didn't even realise he was still playing. Seems an age ago when he played for them. Had to Google him to check it was the same Quinn. Shows how long he's been a nobody.
  5. What mode you playing? I'm on Ultimate Team and not noticed her either.
  6. Awful news, my thoughts go out to him and his family. It's hard for any Wednesday fan to not like this guy. He loved the club and the fans loved him.
  7. Very similar to Arsenal in terms of having a great manager in charge for such a long time, when both left/retired the clubs have gone backwards and have struggled big time to climb back. Arsenal fans hounded Wenger out for "only finishing top 4" but you look back and look at them now, he did an incredible job keeping them in the top 4. Fergie winning the title in his last season, reaching almost 90 points with that squad he had was brilliant. Yes he had Rooney, Van Persie, De Gea in amazing form and an ageing Ferdinand etc. But he also had the likes of Tom Cleverley, Welbeck, Rafael, Phil Jones all playing regularly.
  8. Why can we never see a game out without it being nervy... Every time. Always expecting that 90+6 goal to dampen the night.
  9. Skyline


    Finished. He got outboxed from start to finish. No AJ v Fury now
  10. Skyline


    AJ is built well, can pack a punch but isn't a clever boxer imo. Lacks movement and speed. If him and Fury meet in the next year, my money is on Fury.
  11. Skyline


    So far seems possible. But needs to KO him before he starts to tire out.
  12. Cheers folks, will add them all to my list. STarted on Squid Game last night. 3 Episodes in. It is weirdly addictive. Also find it funny with the dubbed over voices and how some just don't seem to match the character Had a couple of ideas who the culprit may be, but they have since changed!
  13. Stop hoovering up all the youth, stop keeping hold of youth until they are 20/21/22 making only a handful of senior games. Get them loaned out, sold, released to fulfil their potential. Look at that Patrick Roberts for example... 24 year old now. Fair enough he has had his fair share of loans, but if he's not broken into their 1st team as of yet, he's hardly going to. Just get him sold and let him get settled at a club to develop.
  14. Did see that Squid Game Yesterday when browsing through. Will give these a try.
  15. The guy is a complete helmet. Wasted all his parachute payments and now likes to point the finger any anyone but himself.
  16. Anyone recommend me a TV Series to watch, that is also short? I'm not one for these series that have 5 seasons with 15 episodes each. I prefer the ones with a single or 2 seasons with about 4 or 5 episodes each. I have Netflix and Prime. Help!
  17. That Brunt goal against Leeds... I just remember the massive groan from all the away fans (Myself included) when he hit it... Followed by wild celebrations.
  18. Agree about career mode. They have literally scrapped that side of the game for years now. Obviously back in the day it was the only real mode to play and very year they made it better. But since online play and UT it became a dead horse. I can't remember the last time I even loaded up career mode tbh.
  19. I think I read/heard that he has scored in every Bayern league game for an incredible amount of games. Not sure how many it was, but I'm sure it was near enough a full season worth.
  20. Each to their own and I appreciate your opinion - It is not for everyone.
  21. UT although a massive cashcow, is by far the best concept on any football game. You don't have to buy packs, you can still build a pretty decent squad by just playing the game it is meant to be played. Also, you'll find most of the credit card warriors with amazing squads are really poor at the game and you can easily beat them with an average squad. If you play UT properly, it's really, really fun... and at times frustrating.
  22. Iorfa with 81 pace is BIG for a CB. For anyone that lays Untimate Team - Best for Silver Squads.
  23. If he wants full control of everything from transfers to contracts etc he will need to join a League 1 and below club. Can't think of many above that level that operate n that way these days. Can't think of many anyway.
  24. He should have jumped ship when they were high flying in the PL. His stock was quite high then. Surely he also knew about the boardroom changes/troubles at this time too. Funny how a manager can go from hero to zero so quickly.
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