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I Love Dave Jones

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I believe Jones is finally comfortable at Hillsborough, which can only prove to benefit us in the long term.

He has a Chairman who clearly supports him, the coaches around him understand their roles and responsibilities, we have an academy that is being watched by top scouts, our fans are incredible and he never fails to praise us, and his players respect his decisions, but feel they can still have their say.

Listening to his interviews, he's very dry in his responses and speaks honestly about the game and the team. Obviously he never forgets to have a dig at Llera somewhere, but even this seems to lay the gauntlet down to keep on improving!! So his psychology is good also clearly!!!

It's this comfort that's helped get the last 7 points from 9, and as we know that should have been 9 from 9. By having the belief in what he was doing, it enabled his planning for last weekend to be excellent, as he was able to scout the opposition, and set us up with two teams. One of these was built around a tough local derby, the other for a team bottom of the league, but with not bad home form over recent games. The squad of players would have known this (Madine knew he was starting v Barnsley on the Wednesday before the game) and they could prepare appropriately both mentally and physically, which they clearly did.

Likewise looking at today's line-up, it was no surprise Pugh wasn't in the squad, as Jones clearly has his squad for L**ds in mind aswell as today and Pugh will be ineligible for that game, but will be vital v Millwall and Blackpool. Whilst people might look for the negatives in this as we should be taking 'each game as it comes' there's nothing wrong with preparation as long as the players remain focused on the job they have to do and the opposition in front of them at the time. We've finally developed a way of using our big squad to our advantage, and when it suits us, rather than just picking the same team week in week out, which is fine when were just playing on a Saturday, but will just burn the players out if we're playing two games a week for a long period.

Looking at today's subs, Maguire was excellent when he came on, and showed intelligence and composure when trying to kill the game. Howard offered double benefits, both marking Dann from corners as there only real threat, but also his ability to make the ball stick which Lita was struggling with. Finally Kieran Lee not only offered support in front of Buxton in an area they were looking dangerous, but he also was making their fullback defend when he'd been having a bit of joy going forward, therefore killing that threat also.

7 points from 9 gained, match that in our next 3 games and it should be job done pretty much. Everyone associated with the club deserves credit if that happens, and we build for next season, hopefully with a more open cheque book.

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Guest Warren Hobhead


If you like, yes. But at 2-2, I didn't (and doubt many did) think we'd go on to win the game. The JJ goal was out of the blue.


Yes but you always think the worst Jon. Thats your problem, you need a bit of positivity. I new we would get a winner, even after they scored.

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