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I Love Dave Jones

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It made sense. It just wasn't grammatically correct. I'm with JTO on the sarcasm bit.


Deconstruct my post why don't you?

It was meant to be an amusing follow up to Jon's post.

I guess his point was proven


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Bless you Jon, you could start a row in an empty house.

You'll get nothing but peace and love from me today though.

Btw ill get to 5 games by the end of the season.

Not bad for a part timer.

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Deserves a huge amount of credit for turning the season around, I never thought it would be possible to get us in this position 4 months ago


We might have sat back too much in the 2nd half, but who the hell cares we won, thats all that matters at this stage

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Guest Distraught!

What's left of the 'Jones Out' lot are not popping up too much these days are they?




To be perfectly honest, yes they are. There are those that will still want Jones sacking even if we go unbeaten until the end of the season and finish in the top ten. We will still hear the same old, boring clichés churned out ad infinitum.

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