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  1. Jesus. That reads like the most depressing pitch for a Disney movie ever.
  2. I love it when goalkeepers are described as natural shot stoppers. Has anyone ever seen a goalkeeper who was an unnatural shot stopper? Only one I can think of is Billy the Fish.
  3. I'd prefer Lee Trundle pumping balls up to Kennet Anderson flicking headers in to Dani . Glory days
  4. Me too. I'm gutted we didn't sell anyone.
  5. Two train tickets for sale, bit hidden in this section:
  6. Unforeseen circumstances and no refund possible means I've got two train tickets for Chelsea away for sale. Cost £168, will accept £150.
  7. He's brought us the most expensive football in the division. Someone needs to justify it.
  8. Ha! A woman! As a CEO! Imagine that Facts are this manager is absolute throw. We've got a keeper in the top three in the league, and Hutchinson doing nothing on the sidelines. Not kept a clean sheet all season, relegation battle, chairman arguing with fans, and we play the pigs next week. Sake. We're in so much poo.
  9. What springs to mind if you're a self righteous wee wee tail.
  10. Mugs. That's what we are at the minute. We're being exploited for the love of our club, and being made to pay an extortionate amount of money to watch absolute garbage. Don't give a fizz where he's from or what his traditions are, about time he stood up and started taking a bit of responsibility for this garbage
  11. It's football mate. He should know what he's getting in to, I'm sure he loved the prestige when we were in the play offs, so now he's got to reap the problems whilst we're doing poo. I don't feel sorry for him, I'm sure he doesn't feel sorry for us, if you're flipping provoking and pricing fans out the game game, then you better have a product for that.
  12. One black stripe on the arm is thicker than the other. Unless he's the new captain.
  13. If you are looking at Owlstalk on your phone, click on the picture to view full size, turn your phone around and you can see the back of the shirt. Looks smart.
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