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  1. I only open opened this to complain about your title grammar, but it turns out after reading your post everything is good here. Carry on.
  2. People will say it's too early. People will say it's premature. Losers. Let's keep this going.
  3. You know what? What a brilliant post to bring out the worst in everyone. Bye.
  4. Well no, people get annoyed when it's illegal
  5. As long as we can euthanise him and not euthanize him.
  6. You tell me what you think freedom of speech is, and I'll tell you why you're wrong.
  7. Would you rather be Steve Bruces nose for a year, or Steve Bruce's pants for life?
  8. Let's be right here, folk throwing random accusations around. However. Even if it wasn't our club, if it was another chairman standing up to that fghking oily c7nt of a person, I'd back them to the hilt. This is a man who employs people on zero hour contacts to work in his stores. I'm so proud that Chansiri is standing up to him.
  9. Maybe the invisibility shield is the new kit and it came out in May.
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