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  1. It's literally like someone off the street walking in to a bank and demanding they get a say in how it's run because they pay £5 in a month. Demanding is not the way to go, especially in this situation. Why not ask, instead of being some kind of militant branch of Wednesday fans?
  2. Absolutely embarrassing. I don't know who these people are, but to have the gall to think they represent all Wednesday fans makes me hate them more than the current situation . Idiots.
  3. Just reading their demands on Twitter, but don't know who they are or who they're representing. Been retweeted by someone from the Sheffield Star though. Seems to be a call back to the Allen days.
  4. Have we won more than four games since Boxing Day 2019?
  5. The commentator gets mardy because the fans are ole'ing
  6. This was one of my first games, and I've found it on YouTube. The commentary on this is spectacular. Enjoy. (The Ferdinand he hasn't got the first name for is Les)
  7. Thank you. I'd shake you by the hand with my shrivelled little knuckles if I could.
  8. Absolutely! So next time you read anything from an inside source online, it's people like me generating that news story. Enjoy!
  9. I love this. I sent by Wednesday group on WhatsApp a complete lie that we're getting a six point reduction. Then days later people are reporting it as true on this website because it was from a reliable source.
  10. You're telling me not to drugs, then finish your post with: "96+ Flatbush Zombies Don T Do Drugs Kids Prod By The Architect. Don ..."
  11. I can't imagine how it must be on the very rare occasions Wednesday put in a performance, there are people who find reason to complain, and then moan about it being taken out of context. Enjoy it whilst it lasts.
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