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  1. Big Sam

    Depends how you measure it really. We're in the same division. Watching the football has definitely gone backwards from his first season.
  2. Big Sam

    No, just two people you don't agree with on this specific subject on the internet.
  3. Big Sam

    Well done.
  4. Big Sam

    None. And?
  5. Big Sam

    I pay a lot of money to watch Wednesday. The football is flipping dreadful. It's about time the players gave me something back.
  6. Big Sam

    He's had enough chances. More than any Wednesday manager has had in the last twenty years.
  7. Big Sam

  8. Big Sam

    Really. That second half.
  9. Big Sam

    Interesting. We flipping battered QPR in the second part of the second half. Lasted 10 minutes.
  10. Big Sam

    Are you? Wouldn't take Big Sam now?
  11. Big Sam

  12. Big Sam

    Was it that much better? I'm a Carlos lover. But he's got two games to turn this crap around. So disappointed with the performance tonight. Time to go.
  13. Big Sam

    Mate, it was crap. That's not football i pay to watch, players scared to touch the ball.
  14. Big Sam

    You thought that was good?
  15. Big Sam