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  1. Christ. Who's made you the guardian of all that is righteous for Wednesday fans?
  2. Can't mate. We've made a massive error with that shirt. Imagine getting a yellow, with blue shorts. Legendary. Instead, we've gone for pig pink.
  3. I can't work out if anyone on this website knows any United fans. <emoji>
  4. Agreed. What do people not understand about Wednesday shouldn't wear pink? The pigs wore it last season, and it's not about copying them that people dislike, it's because it's the colour of pigs. Remember the olden days when Wednesday had a poll on the official website to choose the colour of the kit, and it got taken down because all the pigs were voting for pink? Pink = pigs. I've taken loads today because of that shirt. Just keep replying it's salmon.
  5. I've not seen anyone mention on here that they don't like the away kit because it's a "girl colour", apart from those getting angry at the comments that don't actually exist. And for those that aren't concerned what United fans think, fair play, wish I could be the same. Seems pointless having a rivalry with them though.
  6. Guilty. Won't be long now until I start getting messages from them. Ffs.
  7. Devastated. Broken. Hurting. But we get up, and we carry on, and we take it on the chin and get ready for next season. We do have fans like this knocking around though. Makes me embarrassed they share the Wednesday tag.
  8. It's a regular reoccurring comment about the teamwork and lack of ego, and no doubt down to this guy: https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/football/world-game/96264196/england-football-team-developing-team-culture-with-help-from-all-blacks-mentor https://findingmastery.net/owen-eastwood/ https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/football/kiwi-leading-culture-change-within-england-football-team-ahead-euros
  9. Get in Owlstalkers This happens at best once in a lifetime. Where were you when England beat Germany in this tournament, smashed Ukraine, drew with Scotland (forget that one)? Sunday is going to be spectacular. Breathe it in. Enjoy it. Once in a lifetime.
  10. Lots of prayers and thanking God for his survival on this thread. Not the science and medical team who really saved him.
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