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  1. If I was to subscribe to the iFollow in the UK and go overseas, would I be able to watch matches live? It doesn't seem to clarify that from what I can see
  2. Are you still needing an Ipswich ticket? I do have a spare as have been let down. Let me know ASAP. Cheers
  3. Just had another e-mail from Living Social about this deal - When I've checked the website, there's only 52 of these left. So use my link, and enter the code SEPT10UK to get it for £12.60 for the year!! https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1514438?rpi=199403634&rui=176121247 WAWAW
  4. Use my link below, and on the final payment screen, enter the discount code: SEPT10UK You'll get yourself an extra 10% off the deal also!! Offer ends Sunday https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1514438?rpi=199403634&rui=176121247
  5. He's still not got it, PM'd JoshTheOwl and not received any response as yet.
  6. Mate lost his wallet in South Stand, name of Mr Simon Pope, a regular Owlstalk poster (Holmes). If found please let me know. Contains cash, bank card, and most importantly his season ticket, WAWAW?!!
  7. A lot of people been saying the same on various Facebook groups - Not sure why Ticket Office staff are saying it though? Trust me we wont be
  8. Adds a bit of weight, albeit not of Steve Evans proportions to my point!! - If Derby can have it??
  9. A few points to be made on your original post - So I'll break them all down for you!! Firstly, good to see the Rotherham voyeur is back on a Wednesday forum. When it comes to ticket allocation, the away club is consulted in advance of potential ticket numbers available to them, so Rotherham would have been made aware of the lower tier being available at the time if indeed it was. Only then would Wednesday have confirmed this number with SYP to make fornicate ups, sorry plans!! Once this was agreed there would be no chance of this changing - Maybe Rotherham didn't choose to take up the full allocation in fear of not selling out?? Either way this would/should have been communicated by Rotherham to their fans. As for ticket pricing, with friends who go to watch Rotherham, some of whom went to Norwich on the Saturday before the tickets for this game went on sale, they paid..........Yep £30!! I'm not justifying the price, but it's the lack of moaning (likely due to lack of interest) about that day - Just an extension of the Wednesday obsession possibly??
  10. Football season's finished, season of lazy reporting begins!! SLAMMED???
  11. Exactly, if they look at the away followings they've had last season it wouldn't make any sense for them. They failed to sell out the home end for us, L**ds, Leicester, Wolves and Derby to name a few, whilst all those teams filled the away end with extra allocations made.
  12. Davies out of contract also, Weaver waiting for approval to be retired on medical grounds so he can get a payout on his insurance
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