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Fred Spikesley Olive Grove Flyer

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Fred Spikesley first game for 'The Wednesday' January 1892 final game April 1903. 321 Appearances 114 Goals for The Owls.

'Flying' Fred Spikesley was the darling of Wednesday supporters in the Olive Grove Era and the early years at Owlerton,scoring many spectacular goals and thrilling spectators with his stunning speed. Scorer of Wednesdays 2 goals against Everton in thein1896 FA cup final victory at The Crystal Palace. Scored the first hat-trick at Owlerton.

The book ' Flying Over an Olive Grove' is well worth a read for an insight into his playing career , the ups and downs of Fred's life and the early days of 'The Wednesday'.


Fred is one of the 65 players included in my 150 years original painting available as a qualityprint  http://ow.ly/7TLm50h6AAs @wednesdaysing @Owlsonline @wednesdayite #WAWAW #SWFC  @SheffWedNewsOnly @Owlstalk

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Just bought the book on Kindle, halfway through it..Well worth a read....

Seems like Fred was "never ever offside"..according to himself lol

But theres some great old anecdotes and match reports...

My favourite up to now is The wednesday centre half who....

"Knowing there were only a few seconds left and The Wednesday were leading..promptly volleyed the ball into the Olive grove allotments...on the balls return, he immediately regained posession..and volleyed the ball onto the nearby railway lines....he regained posession yet again...and volleyed it even further..as the final whisle blew"


Good lad!!!!

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At the risk of being a pedant, it was Wolves that we beat in 1896, Everton was the 1907 Final!

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