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Only 3 Complaints About Today.....

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1) I wasn't allowed to take my can of pop into the ground

2) Kieran Lee's shooting is just shocking.. He needs to put some serious hours in to improve it

3) The seats, I've got a MASSIVE cutall up my shin after scraping it on the seat in front celebrating the winner, they need to be made more going mental friendly


Other that that top day!

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Course you weren't allowed to take your can of pop into the ground. It could injure someone or even kill someone.


so could me nob


I got it in..


I got it in the ground, what else did you reckon ffs

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1) You know why you aren't allowed your can of pop. It can be used as a missile etc

2) Lee is hardly a striker, cut the guy a bit of slack

3) They're football seats.

1) Of course I knew that I just thought i'd try to be a bit nawty ;)

2)Neither are Llera or Reda but they can finish, and I wasn't having a go just pointing out a flaw in his game

3) Exactly my point, they shouldn't be.. 'Safe standing' would prevent these kind of injuries or softer seats

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1) Could have been worse, could've been a flapjack (3 sided one)

2) Won't matter if he runs riot in the dressing room with a pump action then

3) According to some it's so quiet at Hillsborough and the football is so bad there is nothing to go mental about so no problem

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