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Tactics Tactics tactics

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* Dont think Ive ever seen us line up so deep. Looked like we were trying to set up for a 0-0 draw. 2 banks   of four standing five yards apart. 

* Antonio is not a striker and was wasted especially in the second half.

* Sidibe?????? WTF. No mobility, no touch no pace no threat. Left isolated by awful tactics.

* DJ you can do one if you cant at least make us threaten to score against teams lime this. These are the     easier games.


Deflected goal and a stupid cast iron penalty made Burnley look better than they are.


DJ out


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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="pembo55" data-cid="4227964" data-time="1357061646"><p>

Two banks of 4? For 40 mins nearly we played 451 which how he hasn't worked out yet it dosnt work.</p></blockquote>

To my knowledge it looked like at 4-6-0.

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In our last home game we started with a positive 4-4-2 with both strikers pressurising the defence. When that had got us ahead we then reverted to a more defensive formation, but for some reason today we decided to start with a more negative and deep team line up.

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