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  1. just to say I predicted 0-3 after hearing the team selection. I’m really annoyed I didn’t put a tenner on it. Dawson - 6. Actually had little to do. Made one superb save. Not at fault for any of the goals despite comments in this thread. Beaten by a superb move and strike for the first, the second he must have seen very late and got a defective touch from puscas and the third was a dubious pen. Urrhoghide - 4. Was sadly out of his depth. The first booking for grabbing his players ankle was schoolboy, the second was always coming as he constantly dived in. Might be a player in there but not for a situation like this. Iorfa - 6. Saved a certain goal just after 1-0 when he sprinted back the length of the pitch to make a goal saving tackle. Inconsistent but not as bad as other comments suggest. Börner - 5. The German looks half a yard slower since the turn of the year. Palmer - 6. Decent going forward but nearly gave a goal away with a shocking pass across his own box. Da Cruz - 4. Made one significant run at the start of the second half where he beat three players. For most of the game looked like he had an inability to control or keep the ball. Pelupessy - 4. No worse than most of them. Boo boys favourite but like Lees absent at times although made the occasional tackle. Lee - 4. Not the Kieran Lee of old. Looked lost Harris - 6. Best chance of forward motion came through him. Nowhere near his best but better than the average today. Nuhiu - 3. The big lad did his best ambling carthorse impression today. Offered zero up front FF - 6.5. Hit the side netting with his best chance but at least worked for the shirt today. subs: Bannan - 4. No major improvement in his performance from last/midweek. What is going on in his head. Murphy - 6.5. Positive impact after coming on. Couldn’t make up for his teammates though. Wickham - 3.5. Outscoring Nuhiu by half a point because he ambled faster. No sign yet of the player he used to be. Monk - 2. WTF was that team selection about. If he can’t make up with or select the likes of Hutch, Reach, Westwood, for the teams benefit he needs to go.
  2. We won’t have that issue at the seasons end with the amount of out of contract players. Problem might be getting enough new ones in
  3. How is the young lad doing?not heard him mentioned
  4. Except that (as reported elsewhere) the lad is big mates with Casey Palmer already on loan at Brizzle and who has allegedly been given the cold shoulder by Lee Johnson. Negative expiences by one loanee often put others off
  5. Turned up with a stomach bug. Sent home. Back Boxing Day. Nothing to see here. Move on.
  6. Here’s the thing about Westwood. According to Sky him and Fletch are on around £30k per week(£1.4M pa). For that money he needs to be playing each week and clearly Dawson is moving towards being our permanent number one. As an aside big Dom is only on £560k pa which is around a third of the cost and imho he is far more important to our future than Westy.
  7. Agree about Lee. Calming and creative. Always looked two moves ahead. Great to see him back. Odubajo had a bit of a mare at rb imho. Gave the ball away stupidly at times and miskicked the ball into the path of their striker for a soft late equaliser. Theres lots of reasons for optimism based on today but we still suffer from defensive lapses which may cost us.
  8. Still got mine in the wallet. Just checked phew
  9. Any idea if they will be posted out or if we use the same one as last season
  10. This. Resigning as far as I understand the law of contract does not allow him to sign with Newcastle (presuming it’s true and as of now there’s nothing on the OS). If it was as easy as that Bruce would be in China now with the toon squad. This simply means we can look for a new manager but Ashley cannot sign Bruce up until he comes to terms with DC. If true this is a gamble by Bruce as Newcastle May yet lose patience and move on leaving all thre of the management team unable to sign with someone else
  11. The unknown German lad aside our first players through the door are deffo upgrades. Kadeem Harris in particular was way out of our reach in Cardiff’s promotion season. Yes he’s dropped off recently but that’s Bruce’s speciality picking up former potential and developing them
  12. I think youre right there. Hes a good keeper but importantly he inspires confidence and defenders therefopre dont panic as much in front of him whereas they have yet to fully trust Dawson.
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