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  1. Agree about Lee. Calming and creative. Always looked two moves ahead. Great to see him back. Odubajo had a bit of a mare at rb imho. Gave the ball away stupidly at times and miskicked the ball into the path of their striker for a soft late equaliser. Theres lots of reasons for optimism based on today but we still suffer from defensive lapses which may cost us.
  2. Still got mine in the wallet. Just checked phew
  3. Any idea if they will be posted out or if we use the same one as last season
  4. This. Resigning as far as I understand the law of contract does not allow him to sign with Newcastle (presuming it’s true and as of now there’s nothing on the OS). If it was as easy as that Bruce would be in China now with the toon squad. This simply means we can look for a new manager but Ashley cannot sign Bruce up until he comes to terms with DC. If true this is a gamble by Bruce as Newcastle May yet lose patience and move on leaving all thre of the management team unable to sign with someone else
  5. The unknown German lad aside our first players through the door are deffo upgrades. Kadeem Harris in particular was way out of our reach in Cardiff’s promotion season. Yes he’s dropped off recently but that’s Bruce’s speciality picking up former potential and developing them
  6. I think youre right there. Hes a good keeper but importantly he inspires confidence and defenders therefopre dont panic as much in front of him whereas they have yet to fully trust Dawson.
  7. Rhys McCabe Currently at Irish League Sligo Rovers Hes still only 26. Five clubs and has never moved for a single penny, yup no fees. Has a career stat (League) of 88 games in total over those five clubs and 28 of those were as a sub! Full details: https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=62491
  8. Westwood - 8 two super saves and never lost concentration Palmer - 7 solid as recently. Upped his game since Jos left Hector - 7 a few overhit passes but again a beast Thorniley - 7 impressive the entire game. Never put a foot wrong Fox - 5 dropped his recent standard. One really dangerous back pass Hutchinson - 7 all action but always a hairs breath from a sending off Bannan - 6 a bit lacklustre today but you can’t be a world beater every game Reach - 8 best game for ages. Shame about that late miss Boyd - 5 a little absent today. Didn’t impose himself on the game Forestieri - 6 tried and tried but just a bit rusty. It will come again for him Fletcher - 8 if only he was a regular goal scorer. Showed class all over the pitch today Aarons - 7 needed to replace Boyd earlier. Pace and trickery on show Joao - 6 ok but needed last weeks Joao not today’s version my MOM Westwood. We actually could have lost this from their quick attacks and was always reliable. On form and our number one keeper
  9. Absolutely agree. Fletcher was involved in everything again today.
  10. You obviously weren’t around when we signed Simon Coleman or even worse Larry May!
  11. Except for his assist for our first goal without which we would have lost.
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