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  1. Except many of our ‘under 23’ squad are 18 or 19
  2. BigOwl

    Player Ratings

    Wow, which game were you watching. OK its Sunderland but a few early wobbles aside (caused mostly by Jos's ridicul;ous play it out from the back policy) Neilsen was excellent, Van Aken was much much more solid than we have seen him and Palmer played far better than the 'usual stuff' you state. Sevens across the board for these three
  3. BigOwl

    Kirby for pelepusey

    To be fair to Hunt he was on the pitch when Sunderland were playing a high press and shading possession. The goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of Sunderland and young Hunt did manage to get into the game a little more. Whilst Kirby looks far more ready it has to be said that Sunderland were not the same as that first 25 mins. Penney also looked really solid once he came on and I thought Neilsen had a great game both in a three and then in a central two once Joost went off.
  4. BigOwl


    Didn’t have to make a save (except where he had been fouled and punched the ball out before he was bundled into the net)
  5. BigOwl

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Totally agree. Sky moving the game to Thursday to suit them has killed any chance of us using most first team choices. Because of the league game at Brentford less than 48 hours later Jos has to put out a second string team or players not expected to start Saturday.
  6. This by a country mile
  7. Dont know if you were at the match today but Hutch oozed class at CB with solid defending and some wonderful passes half the length of the pitch. Thorniley looked a class above once he came on, Bannan and Reach both looked bang on form. Ok the result and finishing in general were not what we wanted but theres no way on earth those players scored as low as a 6
  8. That was his last mistake. He’d given the ball away poorly a few times and never looked likely to cope with Hulls attack. When Thorniley came on we became much more solid in defence
  9. The good and ok Dawson 6.5/10 unlucky with the goal as he’d just made a superb save Pudil 6.5/10 steady Hutch 7.5/10 was solid and assured with some superb passing Tom Lees 6.5/10 looked so much better alongside Hutch Thorniley 7/10 improved the team when he came on Ash Baker 6.5/10 solid an improvement on Palmer. Got forward more today Fessi 6.5/10 quieter than last week. Plays better with Joao imho Reach 8/10 ran his socks off. My M.O.M. Bannan 7/10 some sublime passes but sat too deep Matias 6/10 looked lively and didn’t get sent off or injured The rest Fox 2/10 he was at times abysmal and did us a favour injuring himself Pelupessy 5/10 a bang average player and performance Fletcher 6/10 poor finishing but not his endeavour Jos’ starting lineup 3/10
  10. BigOwl


    Solid defender but not a wing back. Saying that we were so much more solid down that side once the fantastic Mr Fox did us a favour and injured himself. Fox should have his contract paid up and sent on his way
  11. Agree. Preston was an appalling performance but yesterday hopefully was just one forgettable day
  12. After the heightened emotions and disappointment of a second consecutive opening day defeat I thought better to leave it until the next day to pen my thoughts. We weren’t as bad as it seemed yesterday. We could have conceded more but we also could have scored more. Both keepers made crucial saves and we always looked like we could score. Joao for me is the key. Nando needs him alongside as Joao has the pace and skill to create chances for others. Yes Wigan showed us what we have known for ages, ie we can’t deal with pace but take away a wicked deflected first goal and an unusually bad pass from Bannan to give away the ball for their third and this game could have swung either way. No point in dissecting the obvious. If Jos doesn’t know what the difference is between the last ten games of last season and yesterdays ‘have we met each other’ defending then we need only say that it’s a settled defence playing a system that suits it with each player in their best position. It’s also that personnel wise we were stronger with Thorniley and Jack Hunt regardless of his detractors and although not a world beater Venancio was a round peg in a round hole. Yesterday’s defence was all over the place but hopefully Jos can now adjust things. Please accept my advice to chill. It’s just one match and we can take positives from it. UTO
  13. Ok just a decent warm up. My positives: Joao, Pudil, Fletcher, game time for the youngsters My concerns: Lees, Van Aken, Pelupessy, Reach and that Jones and Fox will play this season
  14. And his ability to stay on the pitch after two bookings