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Get a grip

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Sorry but, having actually been to Reading, I'm getting absolutley SICK of people coming on here with threads like "Get a grip" or telling fans to stop moaning and support the club.

People ARE supporting the club.. that was another good following at Reading, completely beyond what this club and this team deserves right now, and they'll get more 20,000+ backings at home between now and the end of the season too.

When are the players going to stand up and be counted? When are people associated with SWFC going to start shouldering some responsibility.

flip the fans getting a grip or getting behind the club, let's see some fight from within first. The excuses have to stop.

Some of you are more concerned about the comedic value of your own sarcasm (which is usually repetitive and pathetic) than the plight of the team you purportedly support.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ although you are forgetting the " I want to run Wednesday" brigade .......... and the sad 10,000 plus posters with nothing else to do than wallow in there own self importance ........ truth is Im sick to death of all the politics poo on here all I want to do is get up on a Saturday morning get to Hillsborough corner have a few pints then walk through the park see that Owl on the south stand and convince myself for another few minutes were gonna play like fooookin Brazil today ...... and I know it always ends in tears but sod it Im a fan my mother went to the 66 cup final my grandfather left me his ticket stub from the 35 cup final and I will leave my son .... well nowt but thats not the point :-)

We might get stuffed Saturday we might win but I will be there whatever happens its what having the owls in your heart is all about ...... come on lads chill about the investment garbage the only thing you will ever effect is the lads in blue and white so get behind em , they need you now more than ever

Just like my grandad Wednesday till I die !


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