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  1. The 1990's Forestieri

    More like 1990's Coutinho tbh. Brilliant as Forestieri is, Carbone was way better
  2. Let's take another look..

    Unbelievable goal, but their centre mid should be absolutely ashamed of himself watching that.. Gives it away with a lazy pass, wimps out of a tackle with Boyd, jogs/walks back slowly, makes possibly the most half-arsed tackle attempt I've ever seen on Forestieri, then stands still ball-watching whilst Forestieri beats one man, tackles another and then slams the ball in the net Outrageously bad..!
  3. Goal of the Season Competition

    Both of Reach’s were stunning but Atdhe shades it for me
  4. Player Ratings

    Jesus.. do you ever stop banging on about Forestieri being better out wide? Possibly true, but sooo f*cking bored of hearing it! Anyway, one of those l was a free kick, and he played centrally (albeit drifting all over the place) yesterday.
  5. A Tale Of Two Managers

    Neither has done a good job this season... 1.17 points per game is nowhere near good enough.
  6. Man of the match

    Cr@p- now when I’m in bed with my gf I’m gonna be thinking about Jordan Rhodes’ decent performance today..
  7. Man of the match

    Dunno, I usually just get a disappointed sigh..
  8. Man of the match

    Wait.. aren’t average and decent the same???
  9. Man of the match

    Wildsmith 8 Hunt 8 MOM Venancio 6 Lees 6 Thorniley 7 Boyd 7 Pessy 8 Bannan 8 Reach 6 Forestieri 6 Rhodes 7 Palmer 4 Matias 6 Nielsen 6
  10. JOS OUT

    Seen nothing so far to suggest we'll mount a promotion challenge next season. Get Mick in now
  11. Complacency

    You would think Barnsley/Bolton might get 8 from 6 / 6 from 4 to get to 45 points by the last day. So we do need a couple more points by then IMO
  12. Out.. We look like, and we are a lower mid-table side at the moment. Not sure why the Carlos out brigade went so hysterical when we were in 15th, but are now prepared to put up with 16th..
  13. Points per game (over a decent length of time) is what matters to me- Under normal circumstances: 1.8+ per game I'll be ecstatic, 1.3-1.7 per game I'll be indifferent, 1.2 or less per game I'll want him out Perhaps we can be a bit more lenient with the injury situation, so maybe knock all of those down by 0.3 Jos is currently on 17pts from 14 games (1.21 PPG- just about acceptable). Before Leeds he was on 8pts from 11 games (0.73 PPG - not acceptable) Lot more work to do then! I'll be convinced that he's the man if we win at least 4 of the remaining 6
  14. Adam Reach

    That he neshes tackles is a good argument for having him out wide rather than in the middle for me. LWB obviously suits him and he’s a mile better than anyone else in our squad there