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  1. Reported in several media sources- albeit not that reputable ones. Deal has obviously been lined up for a while so they’ll have had huge orders from all over the world I imagine
  2. They've made $60m in 24 hours in shirt sales..
  3. robswfc

    Summer transfers :- the outgoings

    Lol, you are living in a fantasy land if you think we'll get transfer fees for that lot. Abdi we would probably pay someone £1m to take him off our wage bill
  4. Reid and Pack have an extra year option in their contracts, Brownhill signed until 2021
  5. robswfc

    Prepare Yourselves

    BB is good but if it came down to a choice of him or forestieri to leave then I would wave Barry goodbye with thanks. We simply can’t be selling forestieri if we want to get promoted.
  6. robswfc

    Player rating from today

    Funny how people see the game differently- after starring in quite a few games recently I thought Bannan was pretty terrible yesterday. At least 7 times he tried a lofted ball and just gave it straight to one of their defender's heads/out of play..
  7. robswfc

    The 1990's Forestieri

    More like 1990's Coutinho tbh. Brilliant as Forestieri is, Carbone was way better
  8. robswfc

    Let's take another look..

    Unbelievable goal, but their centre mid should be absolutely ashamed of himself watching that.. Gives it away with a lazy pass, wimps out of a tackle with Boyd, jogs/walks back slowly, makes possibly the most half-arsed tackle attempt I've ever seen on Forestieri, then stands still ball-watching whilst Forestieri beats one man, tackles another and then slams the ball in the net Outrageously bad..!
  9. robswfc

    Goal of the Season Competition

    Both of Reach’s were stunning but Atdhe shades it for me
  10. robswfc

    Player Ratings

    Jesus.. do you ever stop banging on about Forestieri being better out wide? Possibly true, but sooo f*cking bored of hearing it! Anyway, one of those l was a free kick, and he played centrally (albeit drifting all over the place) yesterday.
  11. robswfc

    A Tale Of Two Managers

    Neither has done a good job this season... 1.17 points per game is nowhere near good enough.
  12. robswfc

    Man of the match

    Cr@p- now when I’m in bed with my gf I’m gonna be thinking about Jordan Rhodes’ decent performance today..
  13. robswfc

    Man of the match

    Dunno, I usually just get a disappointed sigh..
  14. robswfc

    Man of the match

    Wait.. aren’t average and decent the same???
  15. robswfc

    Man of the match

    Wildsmith 8 Hunt 8 MOM Venancio 6 Lees 6 Thorniley 7 Boyd 7 Pessy 8 Bannan 8 Reach 6 Forestieri 6 Rhodes 7 Palmer 4 Matias 6 Nielsen 6