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  1. Can’t see it. Wages surely 40k +
  2. Happy with this if confirmed. He’ll sort us out. We won’t be conceding 12-15 last last minute goals in a season like we did under Monk. Players will know exactly what’s expected of them and he’ll get good performances out of our poor squad.
  3. Let’s not go overboard with criticism of our attacking play. Millwall came for a 0-0 and Rotherham Wycombe etc did the same. We had enough chances to win yesterday despite that. We’ll score against teams that play a more open game. Individually, Windass has done ok in his time here, always looks lively, quick willing runner and gets shots in. Paterson looks like he’ll be useful if we can get crosses in the box. Kachunga/Marriott don’t look great so far admittedly but probably deserve more minutes before we judge them harshly.
  4. Jesus christ this is so infantile- like trying to have a reasonable argument with Trump. Just reactionary comments with no logical argument behind them
  5. alright but it’s pretty damn close to the edge. IMO we need to do slightly better than we’ve done so far. It’s been an ok start to the season
  6. Yeah I agree with that. If we improve our home form we should be ok. Would like at least 6 points from next 3
  7. Well except currently we’re got 8 from 6 games = 1.333 per game, which over a season would give us 61 points. 61-12 = 49 49 will likely not be enough to stay up
  8. Seems mad that we released Kieran Lee when we’re now playing Pelupessy and Dele-Bashiru regularly
  9. that's your evidence? a link to the bbc football website. ok then
  10. Does anyone know current status/ can provide a summary of injuries to Lees Iorfa Palmer Dunkley Cheers!
  11. What a block near the end. Worth 2 points to us that. Well done JVA
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