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  1. On't radio the other day Carlos said he thought Fletch and Rhodes could play the lone striker role, but that Joao couldn't do this
  2. ffs paying $185 and staying up at 02.15am and they can't be arsed to turn the camera on?
  3. Still working for you Suzuki?
  4. got the watch live button now but still no stream...
  5. supposed to be on wasn't it? there was a message saying they had technical difficulties just before the commentary started..
  6. Anyone got live video working on ifollow??
  7. If you actually listen to the interview in full he explains exactly what he means..
  8. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    Interesting to see if he's straight back in for Butterfield. Butterfield deserves another start after the Villa game but Kieran Lee is just that good that can't see Carlos leaving him out if he really is 100%
  9. jeffers was far worse of a signing than either bothroyd or proudlock
  10. Great OMDT! To a Wednesday win today! UTO
  11. Recognition for Adam Reach

    Think he's been bloody excellent this season
  12. Dictates that over a long enough time period (e.g. >100 games), even a very good side will have a run of several bad results. The bad run is over now. Let's back the manager, back the team, and back the chairman. We'll kick on from here UTO WAWAW
  13. If not Carlos Carvalhal, Who?

    Still not seen any realistic names I prefer to keeping Carlos tbh..