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  1. Just a bad (awful) day at the office. We were fantastic last week. That’s the Championship for you. Was always going to be difficult at 0-1 after the dodgy red card. No point slitting our wrists or slaying the players. We go again next week
  2. Dawson 8- couple of great saves and no mistakes Osaze 8- won everything, warrior like Iorfa 7- good but quite a lot of dodgy touches that could have cost us Borner 8- organised everything and super cool under pressure. Did miss from a yard out though Fox 7- good except one bad error nearly let them in Bannan 10- absolutely wondrous performance. Can give him the ball in any situation and he makes something of it. Fantastic passing and dead ball delivery Lee 9- so much energy and quality on ball Luongo 6- didn’t think he did much tbh Murphy 8- never stopped running and great goal Reach 8- never stopped, assist Winnall 7- did ok considering the difficult role he had to play Nuhiu 9- goal and an assist- what more can u ask?
  3. Was that dirty Pig Kenny’s last ever appearance at Hillsborough? Some fond memories for him picking ball out the net ;)
  4. Not being able to keep the ball and negative attitudes are not helping but for me the main issue is that we totally lose our ability to focus on the process of defending as a team when under pressure. Everyone tries to rush around and defend everything themselves. diving into tackles, shanking clearances, getting out of position because they’re thinking about how much they don’t want to lose the game, rather than on actually how to defend... To be horribly honest they need to go watch how the pigs defend a lead and learn from that
  5. Bielsa will never ask them to do that. Decent bloke Yours is an awful suggestion but I wouldn’t be against taking Bannan off for the last 15 if we’re winning. He definitely didn’t help things diving in to stupid challenges at Stoke. Next to useless when we need to defend our own box
  6. I mean I'd be intending to recruit expensively and stupidly to be honest
  7. Can't believe anyone is seriously defending Jos as a manager or person. He was an absolutely dour c*nt and completely lacking in any awareness about how to manage people or set up a team. The guy literally changed our back line every week for about 20 games in a row... What on earth that was about i'll never know
  8. Didn't think it was a pen at the time from North stand but having seen the replay its pretty clear it's a foul in the box = penalty
  9. Except a few games ago vs. Boro where he was easily MOM
  10. Ridiculous situation we got ourselves into where we had to sell Joao who was bang in form and looking like scoring every time he played, because we'd signed so many strikers on big money that ended up sitting on the bench or loaned out... Whilst Chansiri and Carlos have to take a large portion of the blame for that, I think it's harsh to blame any one person, rather collectively we all got caught up in the desperation to get promoted right now and no one paid much thought to what would happen if it didn't work out. Most people were very enthusiastic about the Rhodes and Abdi signings at the time. If we'd not signed them when we had the chance and we hadn't gone up while teams like Wolves did, loads on here would have been complaining.
  11. “So far he’s show a really good attitude towards that , he understands that he needs to be doing the work”
  12. Would love him to somehow come good but it’s painfully obvious the lad is done at this level. Has been since the day he signed
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