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  1. robswfc


    Got to drop fletcher and try Joao upfront with Forestieri and Aarons either side. try and play some football for once
  2. robswfc

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Got to be starting Joao in majority of games. Top scorer already despite lack of minutes, and potentially worth a lot of money if he does even better than he is now.
  3. robswfc

    Our Penalty Decision

    Why would our players decide not to contest it? Unless they thought a different decision had been given. In which case the ref has not been clear in his officiating, so it’s still his fault
  4. robswfc

    Our Penalty Decision

    Surely the ref should be instructing the players its a contested drop ball?? No chance they would have got a pen 60 seconds later had he done that. Clearly he didn't know the rules. Pathetic
  5. robswfc

    Chelsea lack confidence

    Something tells me that if Eden Hazard plays as a striker against us, he’ll have a decent game
  6. robswfc

    Hooper and Lee

    Do those exist? Not sure either would go for this as they would probably have other offers
  7. robswfc

    Hooper and Lee

    If either of them can get fit and play 10 or more games before end of the season with no sign of breaking down again then I’d be tempted to offer them a year. Otherwise not
  8. Bruce, Chansiri, Clemence and Paixao??
  9. robswfc

    We got to sign Hector!!!

    Decent today, albeit against a side playing with 10 men that barely tried to attack. But I'm gonna need to see a fair few more decent performances from him before I'm convinced. He's made a lot of mistakes that led to goals, and been a major fixture in the worst defence (40 goals conceded in half a season) that we've put out for a long time. Hope he and others can get their act together under a better manager that doesn't mess around with the formation and personnel so much
  10. robswfc

    Onomah ?

    Shame he ballwatches for about 20seconds in the lead up to the first goal conceded, and lets their player receive the cutback on the edge of our box in about 10yards of space
  11. I wanted to give a longer view of our fortunes over the last years under several different managers, to give a different picture than the more common short term reactions that you get on OT So this graph shows the average points gained in past 6 games since start of 2013/14, calculated continuously throughout that period (46 league games only, no cup games or playoffs). Make of it what you will
  12. robswfc

    Players to Blame

    But the manager has ultimate responsibility
  13. Man I wish we had a right back as good as Lewis Buxton was right now
  14. robswfc

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    what part of them texting you back sarcastically twice made you think this was genuine??
  15. It’s still wrong. You’re counting cup games as points