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  1. Tudgay and the derbies

    Wouldn't have him ahead of Hooper at the moment, true- but would be tough to choose between him and Fletch, and definitely worth a place on the bench, no?
  2. Tudgay and the derbies

    Top lad and quality player. Only one from that squad back in 2008/09 that would get in our side now
  3. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Bad defending to be honest. Which player is supposed to be organising the others in that situation? Lees? Way we conceded it makes me think we might have been better sticking 5 or 6 players in the 6 yard box/on the goal line. Is there a good reason why teams don't ever do that?
  4. IFollow quality

    works fine for me.. i'm guessing the problem is your internet connection speed Try this http://www.speedtest.net/ Anything over about 3Mbps should work ok for ifollow I would think
  5. Great win :)

    How did we ride our luck? They got a lucky goal. We were the better team
  6. Added time tonight

    to be fair bannan took about 2 minutes walking off
  7. Great win :)

    Dug deep to win that after an unfortunate keeper error. Thought we played well most of the game and Carlos got his team selection and tactics spot on again. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper have shown once again what important players they are for us this week. Reach was excellent at full back again and new signing Van Aken looks to have fit in really well already. Back up in the playoff positions and no reason why we can't go on to secure a top two spot on current form. Only positive signs at the moment, looking at the other teams no one seems particularly strong this year, let's do this lads!
  8. Jones the quiet man

    He came on before we conceded and lost against Preston
  9. Decent interview in my opinion. Youve chosen to highlight the only slightly odd things he says in 30 minutes. The tone of your 'article' is derogatory and obviously an attempt to stir things up further for the good of your site but not for the club...
  10. would help if you posted the link along with your critique
  11. Mate, stick to site development
  12. Joao - It's Time

    Championship only records for our strikers since signing for us: Forestieri: 27 goals, 11 assists in 6009 mins, 223 mins per goal Hooper: 20 goals, 8 assists in 4133 mins, 207 mins per goal Fletcher: 12 goals, 2 assists in 2310 mins, 193 mins per goal Rhodes: 3 goals, 1 assist in 1559 mins, 520 mins per goal Winnall: 4 goals, 1 assist in 1001 mins, 250 mins per goal Nuhiu: 19 goals, 13 assists in 7792 mins, 410 mins per goal Joao: 9 goals, 5 assists in 2942 mins, 327 mins per goal
  13. Joao - It's Time

    Plenty written the lad off due to a couple of bad misses, but he's also shown flashes of brilliance, and his scoring record since signing for us is not significantly worse than any of our other strikers, Forestieri excluded
  14. Well then you don't understand the meanings of the words talent or skill. Look them up
  15. Only player we've got except possibly for Hooper that can be relied upon consistently to produce quality in the final third. Top scorer last two seasons. Not sure where you're getting your assist/goal stats..