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  1. Think he'll have success in England personally. Swansea was a big ask to keep them up. He proved with us he's a good manager at championship level and I'm sure will have plenty of suitors
  2. robswfc

    Blame for their goals

    All three of Reach, Bannan, Pelupessy ball watching and let Ince drift in behind them right in middle of park and pick a pass.
  3. robswfc

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Think the problem is that he knew he had a long term injury when he signed for us
  4. robswfc

    RIP Oliver Rains

    Sorry to hear this. RIP
  5. Hope you enjoyed Coronation Street, but sorry I'm glad I didn't take your advice! What a fantastic game that was, such a pleasure to watch the lads play with passion, determination and skill
  6. robswfc

    Its Jos not working

    Also, McCarthy has 1.6 PPG over his total career in Championship- equates to 73.6 points over a season So Mick actually has a far better record in the championship than Jos https://www.transfermarkt.com/jos-luhukay/leistungsdatenLigenNational/trainer/684 https://www.transfermarkt.com/mick-mccarthy/leistungsdatenLigenNational/trainer/599
  7. robswfc

    Its Jos not working

    He's on 1.22 PPG in the Championship, equates to 56.1 points over a season. So yeah, that's a worse record than McCarthy
  8. robswfc

    Its Jos not working

    Brentford played like that yesterday. I’m not saying we need to be playing teams off the park- but i’d like to see us be able to get at least one cross or key pass right in a game, for the midfielders to be able to play it one touch sometimes. For our wide players to take on a man occasionally and our centre halves to not fall over their own feet when they get the ball
  9. Way worse than Carlos is Jos
  10. robswfc

    Its Jos not working

    Nah mate- folks want a team that can string more than 2 passes together, that fight for the ball and get on top in games for extended periods. Who work hard as a team to win the ball back and look like they have some kind of idea what formation and tactics they are playing. That attack with purpose and confidence. They want a manager that can instill those things and get the most out of the players at his disposal, who actually chooses the best players that are available to him..
  11. All of them have had inspiring managers that get their players to work bloody hard. They have leaders on the pitch that make sure everyone sticks to the game plan and works together as a team. They stick with a formation and sign players to play a particular role. They are dangerous from set pieces. They play the ball quickly to their forward players and get plenty of bodies into the box when attacking. They quickly get men behind the ball when defending. Their wide players can cross a ball. They play all of the best players that are available to them. They don't get loads of injuries. We don't do any of these things..
  12. robswfc

    Another formation thread : back to basics

    I'd like to see ........................Westwood Palmer.........Lees.........Hutch........Thorniley (I suppose) ..........Boyd.......Bannan........Reach .........Joao...........Nuhiu...........FF
  13. robswfc

    Almen ad thi pants down

    No wonder Carlos wanted our medical team at the time sacked..
  14. Agree with most of that. Defence is a huge worry though. The lack of pace especially. In a 352 the wide centre backs have to be able to get out to deal with quick wingers when the ball is played in the channel. Lees should never be playing that role, looked lost yesterday. Pudil did alright last season but to be honest we were playing 532 most of the time.. Hutch could be the answer at RCB but how long until he's injured? If we have any leeway at all to bring in one player, its got to be a right sided defender that has pace, and ability to cover both the RCB and RWB positions