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Alexa Quiz - Football Genius Trivia

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Morning all.


I previously posted on here a while ago about a skill I'd made for the Amazon Alexa called Football Genius.  I say a while ago, it was about 2 years ago probably.  It's random football facts and there's plenty of SWFC in there seeing as it's mine and I'll stack it full of Wednesday if I want to!


Anyway I had an e-mail from Amazon last week saying that it was one of the most engaged skills on Alexa last month so I thought i'd go one step further and build another one that is a multiple choice quiz.  Bit more fun, bit more engaging.


I've called this one 'Football Genius Trivia'.  It's free to install and it's a 5 multiple choice question quiz with (you guessed it) plenty of Wednesday related questions.  It's only a baby at the minute, 70 or so questions to randomly get thrown at you but it'll grow in the coming weeks and months... and years.


If you're in to your footy trivia and have an amazon device gee it a go and let me know what you think.







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A link to the thing might be useful...


Football Genius TRIVIA


(and it's big brother):

Football Genius


I've never made any money out of these btw.  That's not why i'm sharing.  It's just for the love of football geekery!



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